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Voice actor strike against video game companies, Valve adds new controller options, how consoles broke the 'play now' promise, EVE player offers $75,000 bounty on enemy corporation, are bullshots illegal (look at game advertisement), why game trailers never show the actual game, Sleeping Dogs' developer closes, short documentary on international video game development summer camps, fifth annual Game Boy Jam, Rockstar announces Red Dead Redemption 2, the life and achievements of Satoru Iwata, a look at some cancelled games, the subtlety of Thief, English voice cast of Final fantasy XV talks about working on the game, the 4X game that is right for you, and more.




AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly


Gaming News


Video Game Actors Once Again Threaten To Strike



Members of the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) are threatening to strike against eleven game industry employers in a protest seeking changes to their contracts.


Phil Spencer Wants Xbox One To Play Original Xbox Games


The Xbox One has very few advantages over its main rival the PS4, but one key area where Microsoft has outdone Sony is backwards compatibility. Slowly but surely Microsoft has been unlocking the Xbox 360’s huge library of games and allowing the original discs to play when inserted into the Xbox One.


Valve Is Adding Native DualShock 4 Support To Steam



The DualShock 4 makes for a lovely PC gaming controller, but it doesn’t usually get the support it deserves, especially the touch pad and gyroscopic features. An update coming to Steam’s controller API will have PS4 controller configurability baked right in.

Valve Is Making A New Vive Controller


Valve showed off a new, slicker controller for its HTC-backed Vive virtual reality system at the Steam Dev Days conference today in Seattle.


GOG is turning on two-step logins for everyone next week



Back in March, following the lead of Steam, Battle.net, and a great many other services, GOG incorporated a two-step login system to help keep its users' accounts from falling into the hands of unscrupulous jerks. Basically, anytime something "unusual" happens, like connecting from a new browser or location, GOG will send an email to confirm that you are who you claim to be—or notify you that a jerk is dicking around with your stuff, as the case may be.


Rockstar teases Red Dead artwork


After teasing a red company logo that subsequently sent the internet into meltdown yesterday, it seems Rockstar is gearing up for Red Dead news after all.

Red Dead Redemption 2 announced, but no PC confirmation for the time being


There you have it—after much speculation, teasing, and supposed domain registration, Red Dead Redemption 2 is happening. For console players.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Sell at Least 15 Million Copies, Analyst Says


Now, research firm Cowen & Company has released a statement in which it says the western stands to sell at least 15 million copies. In fact, 15 million in sales might be "conservative," the firm said in a release today. That's in part because the first Red Dead Redemption was received very well by critics and fans alike, with the game's reputation "grow[ing] in stature over the years."


The Civilization 6 launch trailer is an inspirational tale of Sean Bean's family

Civilization 6 will allow multiple leaders to represent the same civilizations


Although sort of teased by Civilization 6 lead designer Ed Beach a while back, it has now been officially confirmed that Firaxis' incoming 4X strategy game will allow multiple leaders to represent the same civilizations.


Battlefield 1's War Stories might be the best campaign DICE has made


I'm in the charred ruins of what was once a building. Enemy soldiers pour through windows and doors. I take plenty out, but more keep coming. Deadly jets of fire almost finish me off, but, with help from my few remaining squad mates, I'm able to bring down the heavily armoured flame trooper. Even as I do, more soldiers arrive. We're being overrun. Finally, inevitably, I'm killed. The screen shows a brief memorial card, and then we're off: onto the next doomed soul.

Battlefield 1's Tiny Gun Is Ineffective But Glorious


Youtuber jackfrags captured footage of the dainty Kolibri pistol in a new video. Just look at that reload animation! So elegant! A true gentleman’s weapon!

Battlefield 1 isn't out yet, but it already has hackers


Battlefield 1 is playable now for Origin Access subscribers, a week before its full release on October 21. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was greeted in my first match by a wallhacking aimbotter who went 65-0.




Every week for six months, the developers in charge of campaign design were tasked with bringing a new idea to the collective table. It could be a weapon, a puzzle, a mechanic, a small section of a level. Anything, really, as long as it was small, simple, and playable. These “action blocks” were discarded or set aside when they weren’t fun, but the ones that captured everyone’s attention or sparked their imaginations were dissected and explored. They’re only small ideas, sure, but six months of brainstorming is no small deal, and from what I saw, it seems to have paid off.

More Titanfall Games Could Come After Titanfall 2


Titanfall 2 may not be the last game in Respawn's shooter series. Founder and CEO Vince Zampella told IGN that, while the studio may not have specific plans for a trilogy, the hope is that Respawn can work on more games in the series after Titanfall 2 and the mobile games.


The Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Is Out Now, And It's Worth Playing


Good news, 3DS owners. You can now go into the Nintendo eShop and download a small taste of the upcoming Pokémon games.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Appears to Accidentally Leak Most of The Pokedex


Pokémon Sun and Moon’s special 3DS demo may not be out in all regions yet, but data miners are already hard at work extracting as much information as they can from the uploaded eShop files.


Tyranny, the be-the-bad-guy fantasy RPG, is coming in November


Obsidian's fantasy RPG Tyranny is set in a world in which evil has won, something Chris described in his preview as feeling "like a sequel to a game we haven't played or a story we've never read."

Some of Tyranny's biggest decisions are in its first 10 minutes


10 minutes into Tyranny, I melt an entire city of medieval nerds with lava. They die, smoldering along with their precious books and ink, after I summon a volcano where their library was. A school of magic is destroyed, and a treasure trove of arcane knowledge goes up in flames. My boss, the overlord, seems pleased.


PS4/PS3/PS Vita『ベルセルク無双』オープニングムービー (Berserk Opening)


Prey – The History of TranStar


Discover more about the dark history of Talos I in the newly released alternate history video and when Prey releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.


Watch Dogs 2 is delayed on PC, system requirements are out



Ubisoft has revealed the Watch Dogs 2 system requirements, and with them a new release date for the PC version of the game. Spoiler: it's not coming out early.


‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ Is My Favourite Multiplayer VR Experience So Far



Fire's licking its way up the side of my console, and smoke is streaming from a number of small blazes that have broken out all around me. A crewmate is splayed out on the deck in front, having taken an explosion to the face. On the giant screen before us, stretched across the front of the room, a sun is threatening to go supernova and wipe out any living things in the vicinity – which means the entire local system, basically. Over the communications channel, a voice threatens to blow us out of the stars in just 20 seconds, long before the flaming sphere before us collapses. A siren is screaming a warning: get the hell out of here, now. But we've still got survivors of a shattered spaceship to rescue, six more of them, and we're going nowhere until they're safely aboard. I'm on transporter detail. I lock onto each of their signals: four, five... what feels like an hour passes and then... six. "Cargo transported," flashes my engineering station screen, barely operating with sparks flying everywhere. I charge the warp coils. The aggressive voice continues to count down.


Sci-fi strategy reboot Star Control: Origins is scheduled for a 2017 release


The reboot of the classic sci-fi strategy series Star Control that we first got wind of back in early 2014 is finally starting to come together. Developer Stardock today announced the official title, Star Control: Origins, released a gameplay teaser and some screens, and said that it's expected to be ready for liftoff in 2017.


The surreal, spooky adventure Rusty Lake: Roots comes out this week


Rusty Lake Hotel was a strange little game that came out of nowhere and really knocked me off my feet. It's a haunting, hand-drawn adventure-puzzler about tastefully murdering five animalistic guests of a stately hotel. I don't want to reveal much more than that about it because I really do think that it's the sort of game that's best enjoyed when you go into knowing as little as possible. So instead I'll just say that I really liked it, I think you should check it out, and a sequel, Rusty Lake: Roots, is coming later this week.

FINAL FANTASY XV: The English Voice Cast Pt. 3


In the final part to The English Voice Cast series, the cast of FINAL FANTASY XV share their fondest memories of recording the game as well as their thoughts on being part of Final Fantasy history.


Brexit Is Going To Make A Sports Game Awesome



This is very, very cool. You always hear shitheads saying “get your politics out of my video games”, but here’s an instance where it’s not only an interesting implementation, but one that should provide a unique challenge to managers.


Resident Evil 7 teaser videos reveal item boxes, inventory, shotgun


A busted front door means that I'm currently trapped in my flat, so I have something in common with the guy from the Resident Evil 7 demo. Hopefully that's all I have in common, as he was being chased by a killer and haunted by a spooky ghost, but what I'm saying is: I'm sure we're both looking forward to getting out. Another way we differ is that the star of Resident Evil 7, whomever that may be, will get a shotgun, green herbs and various other items to help their situation—items they'll be storing in a handy trunk.


Hitman heads to Hokkaido on Halloween, for Episode 6


"The Hokkaido location is set within the grounds of the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort. This secluded facility is a fusion of Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology, featuring its own Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant and traditional Japanese hot spring."


Friday the 13th: The Game delayed so developer can add single-player modes



I bring good news about Friday the 13th: The Game, the survival-horror summer camp thriller that successfully ran the Kickstarter gauntlet back in late 2015. It was initially intended to purely be an asynchronous multiplayer game, kind of like Evolve except that the monster is also the hunter, but developer Gun Media announced today that it is adding a "single-player experience" as well. Unfortunately, with the good comes a spot of bad, and the expansion of the game means it's not going to make it out this year.


Meet Silvally, Kommo-o, and Other Stunning Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!


King's Quest finale to launch this month



Retail release to coincide on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


Inside the hardcore fanbase keeping the Star Citizen dream alive



The Star Citizen faithful have spilled into the streets. It’s a brisk, neon Friday night in Santa Monica, and The Arsenal—a bougie watering hole lit solely by the blazing primary colors of ESPN shows—can barely hold the men and women talking about comm-links, spaceships, scanning animations, and Alpha 2.6. You have not lived until you have watched eager youths tenderly step into a club, order a vodka soda, and slowly realize that for one night only, those without theoretical interstellar asteroid mining organizations are not invited.




At last, several months after first revealing concept art and screenshots for its dreampunk game Figment, Danish studio Bedtime Digital has more to show. It comes in the form of a three-minute long video, which features not only the game in action for the first time, but also lead designer Jonas Byrresen talking about where the idea for Figment came from.


Dark Souls 3 is getting a dedicated PvP arena, here's a trailer about it


The first DLC pack for Dark Souls 3 will mostly take place in a new, icy world called Ariandel, but that's not the only locale to feature.

The latest Dark Souls 3 update aims to make poise matter


This Friday, Dark Souls 3 is getting updated to version 1.08 just before the Ashes of Ariandel DLC arrives next week. Besides the usual slew of bug fixes, 1.08 is the first patch to take a big swing at Dark Souls 3's controversial poise stat.


StarCraft II's Next Announcer Is Overwatch's D.Va



D.Va is coming to StarCraft II as an announcer. She’s the first from outside StarCraft lore, and she’ll be available to folks who attend BlizzCon.


Riot has begun work on a League of Legends "practice tool"



Last summer, Riot declared that bringing a sandbox mode to League of Legends, so players could practice their skills outside the confines of a game, was "not the way to go." The studio said that playing the game "should be the unequivocal best way for a player to improve," and that while some skills can be developed in a standalone practice mode, "we never want that to be an expectation added onto an already high barrier to entry."


Total War: Warhammer's second Lords pack shores up the Greenkins and Dwarfs


Total War: Warhammer's first 'Lords' pack bolstered both the Empire and the Vampire Lords with a couple of new champions—the Empire’s Volkmar the Grim, and the Vampire Counts’ Helman Ghorst—while the second will do the same for the Greenkins and the Dwarfs.

Total War: WARHAMMER - Belegar Ironhammer Quest Battle Let's Play


In this video we take a look at a new Quest Battle in The King and the Warlord DLC; "Shield of Defiance". The greenskins sought to use the ancient halls of Belegar's ancestors as a means to wreak havoc in the Karaz Ankor, but instead it is they who are undone - caught within the realms of the Dwarfs and trapped. Allies from Karak Azul will take the urks from behind. It is Belegar's job to face the urks head on and crush them.

Total War: WARHAMMER - Introducing... Squigs

Free DLC

Free DLC will also release, Wurrzag, adding a new Legendary Lord for the Greenskins as well as adding three new units for the Chaos faction.


Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide | Quests & Contracts DLC


Quests & Contracts is the new FREE DLC for Vermintide, which introduces a new way for you to acquire epic loot. All you have to do is complete the objectives and collect your reward!


Stellaris' Leviathans story pack explored in feature spotlight


Announced last week, Stellaris' Leviathans story pack—the first story pack heading to the 4X-meets-grand strategy game—is due on Thursday. To mark the occasion, it's dropped a feature spotlight trailer which explores the intricacies of its Enclaves, economics, and, gulp, massive space creatures. 


Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood is slated for a summer 2017 release


The coming 4.0 expansion will make major changes to the game.

Final Fantasy 14 will end PlayStation 3 support with its next expansion


Players who want to check out Stormblood will have to move to PS4 or PC


Lord of the Rings Online Adding Mordor Expansion Next Year


The Lord of the Rings Online players that dream of exploring the land of Mordor will be happy to hear that developer Turbine is working on the iconic region. As reported by MassivelyOP, Mordor will be released to the MMO next year.


FIFA 17 title update gives much-needed buff to AI players



FIFA 17's first title update should deliver welcome news to users who felt AI players were too passive and the shooting command was not as responsive as it should be.


Overwatch Players Calling for a Tweak to Mercy's Halloween Skin Get Their Wish



Overwatch's Halloween update introduced an excellent witch skin for Mercy. Sadly, it doesn't cause her to use a new voice line that's present in the new Brawl mode. Some 490-plus posts later, players petitioning for its inclusion have received a simple answer: "OK."


The Studio Behind Sleeping Dogs Has Shut Down



United Front Games, the studio best known for developing Sleeping Dogs, has today closed its doors. And it seems the move was sudden.


Many skin gambling sites still violating Valve’s terms of service



19 of the 23 skin gambling sites named in Valve Corporation’s cease-and-desist order are still using Steam “in connection with commercial gaming or gambling,” says a report from Esports Betting Report.

Faced With Criminal Charges, Valve Denies Facilitating Illegal Counter-Strike Gambling


A few months ago, Valve finally got around to cracking down on Counter-Strike skin gambling, a sketchy secondary market potentially worth billions of dollars. The saga, however, is far from over. Valve is now facing potential criminal charges from the Washington State Gambling Commission.


World of Warcraft game director is moving to another Blizzard project



World of Warcraft game director Tom Chilton has announced he's leaving the MMO team, after 12 years working on it in varying roles.


Xbox Exec Celebrates Xbox One's Win Streak -- "Don't Call It a Comeback"


Microsoft's Xbox One outsold Sony's PlayStation 4 in the United States in September, marking the third straight month that Microsoft's console came out on top. The Xbox One has outsold the PS4 in the past, but this is the first time this generation that the console claimed the No. 1 spot for three months in a row.


Esports News


The End Of An Era For StarCraft and South Korea



Today, the Korean Esports Association announced that the StarCraft ProLeague was ending. The league began in 2003, but this year, its last, brings a fourteen-year run to a close.


South Korea Still The Best At League Of Legends According To World Championships



There were three teams representing South Korea when the League of Legends World Championships began late last month. Now, a few weeks and many matches later, all three teams have made it through to the semifinals. SK Telecom T1, ROX Tigers, and Samsung Galaxy even did so without seeming to break a sweat, showing just how dominant South Korea remains in the pro League scene.


Daigo Uses Sixth Sense To Block Sonic Booms, Wins Tournament


Daigo Umehara is a legend when it comes to fighting games. Referred to sometimes as Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, the pro Street Fighter V player didn’t exactly need to win the European Regional Finals to qualify for Capcom’s Pro Tour.


Esports Exchange: Kim Rom on “The Next Phase of Esports: Audience”


On September 27, TEO hosted its first Esports Exchange in Berlin. The event brought together esports industry professionals to discuss and exchange ideas and was framed by keynotes about influencer marketing, nutrition supplements, engaging with the audience, and more. Kim Rom, CEO and co-founder of Level99, opened the event with his presentation on “The Next Phase of Esports: Audience.”


Pro Overwatch Player Fined For 'Lewd Comment' About Interviewer



Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen, a member of competitive Overwatch’s Team EnVyUs, was fined by the South Korean esports network OGN for making “a lewd comment” in a Twitch chat about one of its interviewers.


Brand new gaming center opening on University of British Columbia campus



Canada’s University of British Columbia is unveiling its brand new esports space next week, the university has announced.


Crowdfunding News




Explore the remains of a fallen empire from a wolf's perspective! Control every animal you encounter to uncover your destiny.


Wasteland 3: Let’s Talk Multiplayer



Chris here. You might remember me from Wasteland 2, where I served as game director, and I am continuing that role on to Wasteland 3. As you may have picked up from our initial pitch, Wasteland 3 will have synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer. We've talked about this in the campaign and in interviews, but I'd like to go a little deeper here and lay out some of our high-level design.


Other content I found interesting this week


PC Game Developers Say Anti-Piracy Tech Would Make Their Game Worse



“We don’t believe in DRM, and we don’t like DRM,” two of the developers behind the new game Shadow Warrior 2 recently told Kotaku in an e-mail, when we asked them about their game’s lack of anti-piracy protection. DRM, of course, refers to digital rights management or anti-piracy systems that are widely used to keep people from stealing games and other software. “We don’t believe it works,” they said. “Nor that it’s good for the players.”


GAMEPLAY ANIMATION - Showreel Review: Aidan Connolly -- October 2016


This is the first in a series of Gameplay Animation Showreel reviews where I select aspiring animators looking to understand the needs of the games industry a little better and show what we look for in an animation showreel.

As an animator in the video games industry for 16 years I wanted to start sharing what we look for when hiring gameplay animators.

Thanks to Aiden Connolly for being allowing me to review his latest gameplay showreel, some great work that I wanted to highlight and expand upon, showing the thought process when creating a killer gameplay animation showreel.


Guest Column: Accepting the Suck



Guest columnist Mike Drucker discusses his long-standing anxieties about online multiplayer games, and how Overwatch helped him embrace being terrible.


Enraged EVE Online Player Offers $75,000 Bounty On Enemy Corporation



EVE Online can get pretty intense. From battles that cost $300,000 in damages to histories so complex that a book was written about them, the long running MMO can get very serious. Now, a personal disagreement has led to a hefty bounty.


Thief's brilliant subtlety is still unmatched 18 years later



At the end of Thief: The Dark Project, one of its characters muses on the future. “Beware the dawn of the Metal Age,” he says, looking out over the steampunk city. That line was contributed by Terri Brosius, one of the game's writers and designers as well as the voice of Viktoria (she also provided the memorable voice of System Shock 2's villain Shodan). The dialogue was a spur-of-the-moment addition, but it helped shape the series. Thief II would eventually be given The Metal Age as its subtitle, and the story of an industrial revolution overtaking the city would become its plot.

That's how committed the original trilogy of Thief games are to their foreshadowing, and it's part of what makes them unique among immersive sims.


I'd Ship It: Ladykiller in a Bind's use of BDSM


I’ve long tried to answer, in broad and abstract terms, a rather pressing question: “how do you fuck in games?” At last, I have a concrete example to point to, one that is a masterclass of writing and design.


Errant Signal - Oxenfree


Ever wanted to know what would happen if John Green decided to write a Goosebumps book? Well stay tuned!

That... that's a little bit more sarcastic than I meant to it to be. But it's not that far off - Oxenfree is a sort of young adult novel meets ghost story that manages to be a nice story about dealing with trauma in your past.


The Overwatch kid who challenged ageist stereotypes



"The first time I ever felt 'harassed' was when I made a simple callout about someone switching to a hitscan DPS so that we could help counter a Pharah, and the person got so mad at me they said they would track me down and kill me."




Shabir is the founder of Girls Make Games, a series of international summer camps put on by educational company LearnDistrict aimed at teaching girls the skills needed to make videogames. Camps were first introduced in the United States and later went global. Shabir discussed the organization in Girls Level Up, a recent short documentary made as part of Critical Path’s videogame culture documentary project. “It was interesting watching these American girls because they’re getting the same messages that I got as a girl growing up in the East,” Shabir said, “except the messages here are more subliminal.” Videogames are part of that.


Game Boy Jam Shows Everything That Made The Handheld Special



The fifth annual Game Boy Jam just wrapped up last weekend after receiving over four hundreds of entries. The rules were simple: all assets had to be created during the jam, the screen resolution had to match the original Game Boy, and each game could only include up to four colors. You can currently find all of them hosted on Itch.io.


Satoru Iwata: CEO, Game Developer, Gamer - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Furst


This video is dedicated to the life and achievements of Satoru Iwata.


Inside A Nintendo Storage Room, Where They Keep Their Old Stuff



Nintendo Japan have today given fans a brief glimpse at what must be one of the most sought-after areas of the entire company: one of their storage rooms, where old consoles and peripherals are kept.


Are Bullshots Illegal?


Why don't games ever look like their ads anymore? Because nothing looks like their ads anymore.


Why Game Trailers Never Show the Actual Game



This is business as usual for the games industry. Because games tend to be in development right up to release, trailers have to be made long before the coding is completed. Joseph Kosinski, who directed the spot, didn’t work with the game’s software at all. “For me it’s not important that the game is done,” he said, “because I’m just using that as a starting point to kind of create a customized world that tells the story in the trailer. Personally I find the concept art to be usually more inspiring than the games themselves.”


The PS4 Pro - Changing the Console Market - Extra Credits


Sony's announcement of the PS4 Pro is the next step in their gamble on PlayStation VR, but it also seems poised to end the console "generation gap" and make upgrades in the console market more like those in the PC gaming world. But is this a good thing?


Why ‘Skyrim’ Forever Remains in the Shadow of ‘Morrowind’



It's difficult to place where Bethesda sits in the public consciousness. The RPG studio turned publisher has a great deal to be proud of – in recent years, it has bankrolled the beloved Dishonored franchise, overseen the resurrection of DOOM, and perhaps most impressively has built Fallout, a niche series largely thought deceased at the turn of the millennium, into a blockbuster property that makes a ridiculous amount of money across its mobile and triple-A iterations.


Less Than Human: Why More Games Should Humanize the “Bad Guys”



With a roller coaster of bodily trauma and desperation, the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider turned Lara Croft into a killer. As an origin story, it had no choice but to remake the young archaeologist into a survivalist who could hold her own in a firefight against the scruffy castaways she’s marooned with on an uncharted island. That meant numbing her to death. Mostly, the game succeeded, but not without overusing morality shortcuts.

When Lara kills a person for the first time, her “victim” is the psychotic mercenary and scavenger Vladimir. The guy is completely despicable. He shoots escaping prisoners and reaches to grope Lara when he catches her. Driving a bullet into his brains raises no ethical questions. Sure, it leaves Lara a traumatized mess, but her reaction feels hollow—especially when she goes on to rack up a ludicrous body count soon afterwards, piercing skulls with arrows and breaking necks. The castaways’ excessive brutality completely validates Lara’s warpath. They plunder and torture without reservations. They’re monsters, not men.


#GLG26: Diversity in #Mafia3 pt2 #GamingLooksGood


Finally, after 4 hours of gameplay we get some women in the game. Shareef talks about the intro to Cassandra and Alma, two women that show the complexity and nuance that reflects the brilliance of this game.


Mafia III Review: Following Mafia II Ain't Easy - Writing on Games


Designing for One to One Million: The Choice Chamber Postmortem


In this GDC 2016 Postmortem, Choice Chamber creator Michael Molinari explains the development of the first game developed to interact with a livestream chat. Molinari explains how Studio Bean figured out how to work around video delay, how to improve readability of a flowing chat, and how to provide a dynamic viewer-set difficulty.

How Consoles Broke The 'Play Now' Promise (The Jimquisition)


After spending almost an entire day downloading Mafia III on the PS4, I'm compelled to reflect on how consoles are lying inferior machines that properly fucked up.

A harsh reflection, perhaps, but a bloody true one. Their makers consider themselves in competition with PC, so they're asking for some harsh home truths.


First Look At The Cancelled Metallica Video Game In Action


Reminder: over a decade ago there was a proper Metallica video game in development. It never got very far—all we ever saw was a short trailer and some excellent concept art—but recently some footage of the game in action has been uncovered.

6 Abandoned Games From Nintendo, Marvel, EA, FOX, Warner Bros. & Factor 5 - Unseen64


This video details 6 abandoned games from various publishers. First up is an Electra game from Marvel which would have been a spin-off of the cancelled Daredevil game previously features on Unseen64. The second title was a potential first person Command and Conquer game from EA and Criterion. The third game was contemplated during the earliest stages of development for Kid Icarus Uprising. Masahiro Sakurai had plans to create a Star Fox game on the Nintendo 3DS, but the project eventually developed into a revival of Kid Icarus after Sakurai came to the conclusion that his desired gameplay mechanics didn't suit Star Fox. The fourth game is again from Criterion. It would have been based on the Mad Max franchise, and published by 20th Century Fox. The fifth game is yet another Dirty Harry title. This game would have been an open-world crime game published by Warner Bros. The last game in this list is connected to Factor 5's PlayStation 3 title, Lair. Early in Lair's development, Factor 5 wished to use to the Dungeons and Dragons license.

Liam Robertson is a video game researcher and archiver. In his spare time, Liam creates videos and articles for Unseen64, but will also be contributing to the DidYouKnowGaming channel.


PlayStation VR Turns Rez Infinite Into a Science-Fiction Epiphany



I never thought I’d be one of those people who’d prefer virtual reality over the real world. But then I played Rez Infinite.


Blood in the gutter



What players bring to the games they play


The Hero's Journey of Journey



The Hero’s Journey is a narrative structure first described by Joseph Campbell in The Hero With A Thousand Faces, and later refined for modern age by Christopher Vogler in The Writer’s Journey. Campbell noticed and described patterns in our myths and stories, of the hero/heroine leaving their ordinary world to go onto adventure, and after going through trials and crises, coming back home a transformed person.


Titanfall Dev Recalls Pitching Its Star Wars Game to EA


We still don't know much about Titanfall developer Respawn's new third-person Star Wars game, but now the founder of the developer has revealed it almost didn't happen.


‘Lego Dimensions’ Is a Gaming Dad’s Best Friend



I'll keep this brief because I know, this being VICE, that a lot of you don't have kids, won't have them soon, and frankly, the very idea of pushing another living thing out of your body, or purposefully playing a part in making that happen, is as far away from your immediate concerns as can be. But it's something that I, as a dad, want to get out there: Lego Dimensions has helped me bond with my boys.


How to pick the 4X game that's right for you



Ever since the term '4X' was coined for the original Master of Orion, we’ve been Exploring, Expanding, Exploiting, and Exterminating our way through fantasy, history, and the depths of space. The genre has seen something of a renaissance in the last half decade, and while it’s great to have options, there’s also a lot to sort through.

Not every 4X game is for everyone, so we’ve taken a look at all the major players to enter the stage in recent years and why you might, or might not, want to play them.





Heterotopias is a series of visual investigations into virtual spaces performed by artist and writer Gareth Damian Martin.

There is no such thing as a total vision of a city. Statistics, guidebooks, politicians, newspapers, tourists, maps, and surveys like to suggest otherwise, but theirs is a constricted world, an incomplete image. Those of us who live in cities know very well of their tendency to conceal and reveal themselves with unexpected rhythms, as if at random—surprising us with new configurations and revelations, shifting prism-like with the passing of time or the changing of the light. Perhaps that’s why the most alluring virtual cities are those that remain tellingly incomplete. The ones that don’t allow us to endlessly scramble across every rooftop and spire, every alley and basement, from outskirts to heartland and back again. The ones that don’t get hollowed out through the ceaseless pursuit of side missions and collectibles, trinkets and trash.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's dungeon design | Boss Keys


Boss Keys is an on-going research project to analyse the level design of the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. This time, it's the turn of GameCube game The Wind Waker.


Why We Remember Bioshock's Fort Frolic | Game Maker's Toolkit


The level "Fort Frolic" is often cited as one of the best parts of the original Bioshock - if not the entire Bioshock series. In this episode I return to the domain of Sander Cohen with a critical eye, to figure out what made this part of the game so interesting and beloved.





On the Level is a series that closely analyzes individual videogame sections, examining how small moments in games can resonate throughout—and beyond—the games themselves.


Alex Hunter, You Are My Son



My Alex Hunter plays for Crystal Palace and is locked in a fearsome anti-banter contest with the club's latest signing, Harry Kane. Your Alex Hunter is almost certainly different. Such is the nature of Alex Hunter. Alex Hunter is all things to all people. Alex Hunter catches and refracts light in a thousand different ways.


15 of Gamasutra's best articles over the last quarter



The 15 pieces below include 10 blogs and articles written by game developers, and five articles from Gamasutra writers and contributors. The list is a mix of our highest-trafficked articles, and some lower-trafficked-but-still-excellent articles. Bookmark this blog post or add it to your lists for later reading, or just go freaking nuts and read all of these articles right now.


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games


Keep It Portable

Deus Ex Developers Confused By Mafia 3: “I Didn’t Realise You Could Use Race To Make A Political Statement”



“Now I realise that when I said ‘we’re not trying to make a statement’, that in itself was making a statement,” groaned the PR manager.


WWE 2K17 Glitches Are A Good Time



WWE 2K’s physics may not misbehave quite so perfectly as FIFA’s when they go wrong, but when it goes wrong, it can still be pretty great.


The 2 Most Popular Gaming Sites Go to War in Battlefield 1


IGN and GameSpot went head to head with each other in Battlefield 1 multiplayer - and the winner was Twitter.


Welcome to Hanamura: An Overwatch Cartoon


A Kill with the Smallest Gun in Battlefield 1


Is it even possible to kill someone with the Kolibri in Battlefield 1? Let's find out.


Battlefield 1 Death

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