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This Week In Gaming 10-25-16

1 post in this topic

Steve Blum talks about why voice actors are going on strike, Nintendo Switch, The Last Guardian goes gold, why it's hard to make a video game, how Doom 2 helped Patrick Klepek understand technology, getting internet famous by leaking Toys "R" Us gaming information, lost SNES Rayman game discovered, Watchdogs 2 should be more humorous than the original, Bungie helps developer propose to boyfriend with custom Destiny content, a look at Overwatch and asymmetric level design, and more.




AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly

Gaming News


Game Actors For All


This is where you'll find info about what's going on with the strike, how to work (totally legally) during the strike and more!

The Biggest Video Games Don't Tell Voice Actors What Game They're Working On


Farley argues that keeping voice actors in the dark about what project they're working on gives video game companies an unfair advantage.

"This benefits producers because agents aren't able to negotiate when they know an actor is working on a huge game," he said.

Voice actors' union strike brings 250+ picketers to EA's front door


Over 250 people showed up at Electronic Arts' Playa Vista, CA office today to peacefully demonstrate in support of U.S. actors guild SAG-AFTRA after it went on strike against EA and 10 other game companies.

Game companies, industry members respond to voice actors strike


A response from the group representing publishers like Activision, EA and Take-Two Interactive has called out the voice actors union for its undemocratic approach to negotiation talks.


Chat service Discord gets enhanced security after vulnerabilities discovered



Security firm Symantec, makers of the popular line of Norton consumer software products, says that users of the Discord service could be at risk. It seems that malicious malware has been making the rounds, and the company is working with Discord to remove those files and better protect users going forward.


First Look at Nintendo Switch


Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.

How will the Nintendo Switch measure up to the PS4 and Xbox One?


You should take expectations of a Nintendo newly-named Switch console with the power of Sony’s current PlayStation 4 or even Microsoft’s Xbox One and let them go now, in all likelihood.

The Internet Reacts To The Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch looks pretty cool, actually, but that doesn’t mean the Internet won’t make fun of it.

Nintendo Mum On Switch's Battery Life, Whether It Has A Touchscreen


Nintendo has shown that its new gaming machine can be used as a portable but it’s not ready to say how long the machine can run in that mode without needing to be plugged in.

Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Wii U discs or 3DS cartridges


The Nintendo Switch will be the first home console since the Nintendo 64 to use cartridges, but it won’t support physical media from the company’s current console and handheld platforms.

A Breakdown Of The Nintendo Switch’s New Controllers


Nintendo’s 2017-slated Switch console will offer a competitive controller that seems to draw from Nintendo’s old GameCube controller as well as the Xbox’s. This is exciting for Wii U players who have long complained about the Wii U Pro controller’s layout. Here’s a breakdown of what’s interesting about the coming Switch pro controller

Switched off: out-of-touch Nintendo’s going at it arse-backwards again


Nintendo is still trying to shape the way you play instead of looking at how you play now and evolving from there. It’s going at everything arse-backwards; it’s tapping right into Field of Dreams and working on If You Build It, They Will Come.



Cue the establishing shot: a suburban home at night. Its window drapes are open. In the distance, a skyline looms over the horizon like a mountain peak. Inside, a man sits in the dim glow of a television. He’s slouched low, pushed back by the emanations. The marketing rhetoric leans into classic entertainment images: The first 10 seconds of your favorite syndicated situation comedy; The Maxell TV ad of a man getting blown backwards by the cassette tape’s hi-fidelity sound. He’s playing a game. Light strains of composer Koji Kondo’s classic Overworld Theme from The Legend of Zelda (1986) mix with discordant piano tinklings. The camera gets closer to the man’s stubbled face. He’s focused. On the television, Link is on horseback swiping his sword at goblins in a field.

Devs React: Nintendo unveils its hybrid-handheld console Switch


More than a year after formally announcing that yes, it was working on a new home console codenamed "NX", Nintendo published a brief video today hyping up the hardware and dubbing it with a proper name: Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo shares tumble following Switch reveal


Nintendo shares dropped this morning as investors chewed over the reveal of the company's new console-handheld hybrid, Switch.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer


Red Dead Redemption 2 will release worldwide in Fall 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.


The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold


The Last Guardian has been in development a long time. How long? The development team has been working on it in various stages since 2007. But despite numerous delays, including one just last month, the game has finally gone gold.


Wolfenstein: The New Order sequel teased again, this time by B.J. voice actor



The rumors of a sequel to 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order continue to swirl.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 boss explains the delays: it needs "planet exploration, space travel, cities"



Those old snippets of gameplay we saw for Beyond Good & Evil 2 were legit, Michel Ancel says, but there were just too many technical issues to keep pursuing them at the time.


Watch Dogs 2 Trailer - Welcome to San Francisco Gameplay [US]

Killing in Watch Dogs 2 "wouldn't be Marcus" - so what's it like to play non-lethally?


Watch Dogs 2 represents a shift in tone for Ubisoft’s open-world tech-thriller series. It’s a new city - the San Francisco Bay area - and a fresh protagonist, Marcus Holloway, who’s a hacker with a wider range of... pretty much everything when compared to Watch Dogs’ Aiden Pearce. He has a more varied music taste, his pockets hold more gadgets, exhibits a wider range of emotions, and he even has the imagination to buy more than one style of jacket.

Watch Dogs 2 parodies Trump, Martin Shkreli, Kinect


Share this: Facebook7 Twitter Google+ Reddit4By Tom Phillips Published 24/10/2016The first Watch Dogs didn't have a lot of humour. With an angry main character, a dark and moody setting and a pretty monotonous plot, there wasn't much time for scripts and giggles.

Happily, Watch Dogs 2 changes all of that, with a newfound sense of humour that delights in parodying the real world.

Watch Dogs 2, revenge of the nerds


DedSec aren't cool, they're adorkable.

When Ubisoft released the Watch Dogs 2 reveal trailer I spent a few moments considering it before deciding the new faces of DedSec were a bunch of wanks I was going to have no truck with. Further trailers cemented this feeling. There are a lot of jump cuts of them doing mad cool stuff like crashing cars and shooting guns and throwing a lit cigarette right down on the street. That bit where Marcus Holloway slides into cover under gunfire, and grabs a laptop to hack his way out of trouble. The earnest cool of it all. I felt like Ubisoft was sitting on a backwards turned chair going "Hey, aren't these guys totally badass?" No, substitute English lit teacher, they are not.


The Creators of Pokémon Explain Why Sun and Moon Has Ridiculous Monster Designs



Haunted sandcastle Pokémon. Dugtrio with luscious hair. Garfield’s shitty blue cousin. Maybe you’ve noticed, but Sun and Moon’s creature design is actively absurd, sometimes bordering on troll-like. All of that is intentional, according to the creators.


From Darkness is a single-player interactive documentary about African refugees


Three years in the making, From Darkness is an interactive documentary research project, created by Austrian artist group Gold Extra, that allows players to "encounter the turmoils and conflicts that have plagued eastern Africa [for decades]." I's still in alpha, however its version 0.6 is now available to download for free.


Watch 40 beautiful minutes of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on a Wii U


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the confirmed Nintendo Switch game we’ve seen most extensively at this point — albeit never running on the upcoming hybrid. In large part, that’s because Nintendo only introduced us to the Switch last week, months after confirming that Breath of the Wild would be launching alongside it in March 2017. Still, those clamoring for more Switch — and Zelda — time can’t seem to have it both ways just yet: Nintendo uploaded a lengthy new video yesterday of the game’s less exciting Wii U version.


Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer - Take Back What's Yours


Titanfall 2 goes live-action for a launch trailer


Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) is probably best known among those of us who weren't around to fully enjoy the 1966 hit parade as the opening track of the Quentin Tarantino flick Kill Bill Vol. 1. But it fits the Titanfall 2 launch trailer quite well too. There are plenty of bang bangs, lots of folks getting shot down, and even a "baby"—although which half of this duo is the subject of that affectionate sweet nothing is maybe a matter of debate.

Titanfall 2 on PS4 Pro runs at higher resolution, more stable frame rate


Titanfall 2 will benefit from a smoother frame rate and a higher resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro, reports Stevivor.

Titanfall 2 has something special for Battlefield 1 players


With the release of Titanfall 2 just days away, EA has announced an exclusive skin available only to players of Battlefield 1.

Stand by: Titanfall 2 day one patch requires 88... megabytes


Clear space on your hard drive. Uninstall everything unessential. Titanfall 2's day one patch has been announced as a whopping 88 megabytes.





A man in black, little more than an extension of the flat shadow of the umbrella he carries, rides across an open desert. On his saddle sits a naked boy—a wide brimmed hat his only protection against the burning sun. The pair stop at a post, a marker, and the man places the boy on the sand. “You are seven today. You are a man now,” he tells his son. “Bury your first toy and the portrait of your mother.”


JRPG Xanadu Next and cooking rhythm game Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! coming in November



The "exploration-centric action RPG" Xanadu Next, originally released in Japan in 2005, is coming to worldwide audiences via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store on November 3. Developed by Nihon Falcom, the studio behind the Ys and The Legend of Heroes series, Xanadu Next "puts the player in the shoes of a gravely injured knight" who must embark upon a quest for the legendary sword Dragon Slayer in order to ensure his survival. As with both of those series, Xseed is handling the English localizations.


Nintendo Shows Off New Splatoon Footage, Unclear If It's A New Game



Today’s trailer for the Nintendo Switch, coming in 2017, showed off some new Splatoon footage that looks a little different from the ink-painting squid game we know and love. Never-before-seen features indicate that Splatoon is due for some fun new additions or a sequel on the Switch. Nintendo has not publicly confirmed either yet.


Battlefield 1 server rental prices revealed



Last week, EA revealed it is handling Battlefield 1's server rental process exclusively without help from third-party companies. "Since the servers come from the same provider, it will give everyone the same uniform experience," said EA, and while this doesn't really affect users logistically, the publisher failed to mention how much server rentals will cost.

Top 10 UK Sales Chart: Battlefield 1 Outperforms Battlefield 4 and Hardline's First Week Sales


EA's Battlefield 1 debuts at the top of the UK sales chart for the week ending October 22. According to sales monitor Chart-Track, the latest entry's week one sales are more than those of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline combined.

Battlefield 1 patch 1.02 fixes crashes, freezing, and controller bugs


The latest update to Battlefield 1 fixes a number of freeze and crash issues, clears up a button problem with Xbox One controllers on the PC, takes care of some graphical issues, and also eliminates a problem that would occasionally cause the game to crash upon exit. The full patch notes are posted on the Battlefield forums, but for your convenience you can just give 'em a look down below.


Shadow Warrior 2 getting free updates that add new missions, modes, and weapons


The free update will bring the Nobitsura Kage, the famed katana that caused so much trouble in the original game, into the sequel. Future updates "will include new missions and an ultra-hard challenge mode alongside new weapons, items, and co-op ninja characters," the studio said.  


Gal*Gun DLC Lets You See Through Clothes For Just $90



Gal*Gun: Double Peace is basically House Of The Dead, except anime boobs. It is in all ways shameless, a policy that extends to its DLC.


Dead Rising 4 DLC brings back timer-based missions, adds mini golf



When he's not going to the mall, having lunch, and slaughtering the undead, it appears Dead Rising 4's head honcho Frank West enjoys a spot of mini golf—that's if the incoming open world zombie survival game's proposed DLC is anything to by.


The Division 1.4 update is scheduled for release next week



The launch date of the massive 1.4 update to The Division was revealed during today's State of the Game broadcast as October 25. Servers will be offline for a three-hour maintenance window beginning at 12:30 am PT/3:30 am ET, and while the size of the patch on PC isn't known, it will weigh in at around 11GB on the PS4 and 5.7GB on the Xbox One.


Total War: Warhammer teases brilliantly bearded Grombrindal


Otherwise known as the White Dwarf, the "hero from the time of legends" will come packing a series of unique quests—which, like the game's other Legendary Lords, will unlock as he levels up—when he arrives free-of-charge universally at some point in 2017.


Dark Souls 3 DLC Released Early on Xbox One by Accident



Bandai Namco responded to GameSpot's request for comment and provided the following statement.


Hearthstone patch adds more player-friendly quests, tweaks murlocs



In what's been a bumper week for Hearthstone news, Blizzard has released a new patch that slightly changes how the game's fishy murloc minions function and introduces 35 new quests.


NYU Game Center Announces New Scholarship for Women Game Designers



The NYU Game Center, the Game Design program of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, today announced the creation of a new scholarship designed to support women who wish to pursue a graduate degree in game design. The Barlovento Scholarship for Women in Games is funded by the Barlovento Foundation; Vanessa Briceño, the Foundation’s President, earned her MFA in game design at the Center in 2015.


Blizzard won't talk WoW legacy servers at Blizzcon, despite Nostalrius campaigns



The studio is still discussing the possibility, though.


Overwatch director says "troll pick" heroes are sometimes inevitable



Balancing a team-based online shooter, in case there was any doubt, is a tricky bit of business. In fact, as Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan explained in this Battle.net forum post on the topic, it's effectively impossible. Attitudes change, playstyles evolve, and players slowly but surely figure out strategies for maximizing character strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. But "we will absolutely do our best to make sure all of our heroes are viable," he wrote, and that none of them end up left behind as "troll picks."

Overwatch Skill Ratings are changing again and Competitive Play should feel nicer


How Overwatch Skill Ratings are calculated will change again for Competitive Play Season 3 which, incidentally, begins a bit earlier than expected on 1st December - there will only be one week of downtime following the 24th November end of Season 2.





Video Game Industry analyst firm DFC Intelligence has issued its latest forecast for the global video game market indicating that growth in the game industry is being driven by digital sales of games and high-end hardware. In 2016 overall game software sales are expected to be up 8% to $79 billion. This is despite a slowdown in sales of packaged game software. By 2020, global video game software sales is expected to reach $98 billion with a CAGR of over 5%.


Watch what happens when Michael gains Superman's powers in this GTA 5 mod


Flight, heat-vision, invulnerability, and more makes fighting gangs an explosive experience.


Esports News


The Weekend In Esports: Fakest Of Them All



“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion,” wrote David Thoreau in Walden. This weekend is kind of similar. There might be a lull before BlizzCon 2016, and less action than usual in the fighting game community, but the final act of Worlds 2016 is just about to be written.


Civilization 6 makes big push into esports as major organization starts new team



Major esports organization Team Liquid announced today that it's making a push for the professional Civilization 6 scene with the creation of a new team. It was revealed that well known strategy game player Stephen "MrGameTheory" Takowsky is set to be the team's captain.


Activision Blizzard will support a professional Overwatch league


Overwatch's Upcoming Esports League May Struggle Against Disruptive Patches


Yesterday, Blizzard announced that an official Overwatch League is in the works. It’s an exciting moment for a game that, only six months post-release, already offers million-dollar tournament prize pools.


Major League Gaming announces major esports event MLG Vegas



Major League Gaming will hold a three-day “festival and fan experience,” MLG Vegas, in December, the esports organization announced today. Held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, MLG Vegas will host the North American Call of Duty World League and an Overwatch invitational tournament from December 16 to December 18.


Big Risks Don't Pay Off In Last Night's League Semifinals



It turns out Josh “Jatt” Leesman was right when he trolled the League of Legends World Championship audience with his prediction for the semifinal series between Samsung Galaxy and H2K Gaming.


When An Unstoppable Force Meets An Immovable Object, SK Telecom T1 Wins



Despite an impressive first game from the two-time winners of the League of Legends World Championship, ROX Tigers looked set to beat their more senior South Korean rivals in the best-of-five semifinals against SK Telecom T1. It wasn’t until game four that SKT was able to claw their way back into things and tie the series up at 2-2. And then, in the final game, SKT showed that they weren’t going to just step-aside and let the Tigers barrel on toward the Grand Finals.


Crowdfunding News


Gamers for Good Presents: Undertale Charity Fanart Book


Gamers for Good unites Undertale fans across the world to battle for mental health.


Other content I found interesting this week


Why It’s So Hard to Make a Video Game



It doesn't have to be hard to make a video game. It doesn't have to take years of labor, months of overtime and a team of hundreds to make a dot on a screen move and jump towards a goal. But stacked against games like Rockstar's expansive Grand Theft Auto V and new technologies like virtual reality, that's what it usually takes to remain cutting edge, and to make something that'll keep your publishers and players happy.


"It's not the game, it's the gun"



Doom designer John Romero reflects on recurring patterns when it comes to video game violence, multiplayer, and what counts as a game


Virtual Reality Gaming Isn’t so Great if You’re Disabled



Being a person who uses a wheelchair to get around, video games have always provided me with a place I can turn to where I can be on par with everyone else. Since most games only require a person to have working hands, the limitations I face in daily life aren’t an issue in a game. When I play — especially online with friends — I’m on equal footing (pardon the pun). This is something I have always appreciated about video games.


How 'Doom 2' Helped Me Understand Technology


This is less of a story about Doom 2 as a game, though it's certainly an excellent one, than a story about what happened to me after Doom 2 came into my life.


I Got Internet Famous Leaking Gaming Info From Toys "R" Us



In the 15 years I worked at Toys “R” Us, I sometimes leaked information about video game sales and posted them on message boards. I even took games home early to try them and then post impressions, which was very much against the rules. I did this because I’ve always been excited about video games and because, frankly, when your job is a grind, you will take chances if you know it’ll get your fellow gamers online to like you.


EVE Online player fakes suicide attempt as part of an elaborate scheme for revenge and money



Using multiple personas, one player attempted to exploit the community for personal gain.


‘Eternal Champions’ Is the Game That Quenched a Teenage Thirst for Gore



In the early 1990s, you were one of two things in the playgrounds of Britain's primary and secondary schools: Sega, or Nintendo. Yes, there were several people who banged on about the Amiga, and a few who thought a Game Boy was sufficient to satisfy their growing gaming needs. There were always rumours that the new kid, recently moved to the neighbourhood, had a Neo-Geo – but if you never got to go to someone's house to see for sure what was under their handed-down 14" CRT, balanced on a chest that once stored soft toys and Transformers, chances are they were probably bullshitting.


A BDSM Game That Let Me Explore A New Type Of Sexual Experience



Ladykiller in a Bind is a visual novel by Christine Love. It’s about affection, sex, consent, manipulation, and expression. Video games can often be a vector for experimentation and escapism. Playing Ladykiller in a Bind has taught me a surprising amount about myself.





It was December 31, 1958. In Rapture, the underwater city in BioShock (2007), the most affluent residents gathered at a masquerade ball in the Kashmir Restaurant for a night of dinner and dance. However, a sudden explosion marked the end of the celebration—and the beginning of a ceaseless civil war.

People started abusing a wonder drug known as ADAM out of fear and desperation which, in exchange for superhuman abilities, caused severe disfigurement. To hide their facial deformities, the denizens of Rapture decided that they would not be seen without the Venetian masks from the New Year’s Eve party.



Errant Signal - Anatomy (Spoilers)


This week we look at Kitty Horrorshow's games and at Anatomy in particular. Anatomy is a haunted house game. It's also kind of more than that? Watch and find out! This video is basically a paean to one of my favorite interactive horror creators right now, so check it out!


Overwatch and Asymmetric Level Design - What Makes the Maps Fun? - Extra Credits


Overwatch has the most wildly asymmetric levels we've seen in a multiplayer FPS. And yet, each level is meant to funnel players through a perfectly crafted interest curve. Does it work?


Long Lost SNES Rayman Game Discovered After 24 Years



When Michel Ancel isn’t teasing fans with concept art for a Beyond Good & Evil sequel that was announced eight years ago, he’s apparently searching for a long lost build of Rayman for the SNES. His efforts seem to have paid off earlier today when he discovered an EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) of the ancient, never released game.


Mafia III is just a game, but it shines a spotlight on the reality of racism



Officers walking by Lincoln question what he’s doing there. A white woman clutches a bag to her chest when Lincoln passes by. As you progress through the game, the Italian mob becomes flustered, wavering between disbelief and anger at how “some nigger” could be tearing apart their empire.

This is a game about how a person of colour destroys white supremacy.

As someone who’s frequently the target of racist hate, it’s somewhat cathartic to be able to play a game that not only features racism but doesn’t let racism stand – Lincoln tackles it head on, dismantles “supremacy”, says: no more.


Bungie Helps Two Game Devs Get Engaged With Custom Destiny Content


Vlambeer's Rami Ismail (Nuclear Throne) and Adriel Wallick (who formerly worked at Fire Hose Games and helped put together the Indie Megabooth) shared the news on Twitter today. Wallick proposed in Destiny using several pieces of custom content put together by Bungie. This included a special emote that let her go down on one knee, an Artifact called Ring of Eternity, and a letter at the postmaster that popped the question.


How Civilization 6 changes war for the better



Computer opponents in 4X are usually pretty dumb. When a game like Civilization tries to make them think and act like humans, they’re about as convincing as two kids in a big coat trying to pass as Queen Victoria. Civ 6 has avoided this problem by instead focusing on making each AI leader an interesting challenge for a human player to unravel using clever systems like Agendas and the new casus belli civics, creating the most intricate and enjoyable diplomatic climate we’ve ever been treated to in single-player Civ.


Something in the Direction of Exhibition



The Dark Souls franchise may have put Japanese game developer FromSoftware on the map, but the company spent years refining the artistic sensibilities that made those games what they are. Nowhere is that clearer than in Echo Night, an unsung horror/adventure game from the company’s PlayStation days. On the one hand, the game demonstrates FromSoftware’s talent for building richly detailed worlds. But it’s what the game does with that world that catches my attention. Despite how strongly your surroundings code for horror, Echo Night is more interested in moving past horror than it is in reveling in it. Terror gives way to healing; to breaking the chains that tie us to the past.


Masks, Identity, and the Horror of Our Own Reflection



While staring into a mirror in the first-person, you are introduced to the character that you will be playing as in Virginia, a black female FBI agent named Anne Tarver. The first thing that you will do as Tarver is click on your bag in order to get out a tube of lipstick, which Tarver will then apply to her lips. This is the first of many indicators that one of the central themes of Virginia is identity and especially how we mask and reveal it.


The making of The Witcher 3's greatest villain



His smile fair as spring, as towards him he draws you. His tongue sharp and silvery, as he implores you

Your wishes he grants, as he swears to adore you. Gold, silver, jewels - he lies riches before you

Dues need be repaid, and he will come for you. All to reclaim, no smile to console you

He'll snare you in bonds, eyes glowin' afire. To gore and torment you, till the stars expire

~ A folklore song about Gaunter O'Dimm


Probability Problems in Game Design


Recently, I spoke with Mark Venturelli who designed the game Star Vikings. We're going to dedicate a cast to the game soon, but there was a really good topic we talked about that I wanted to bring up. Probability is a major part of many game designs throughout the years, but comes with its own set of hurdles to deal with. For today's post, I want to explore the trouble of balancing probability in your game.


Music Game Plan: Tactics for the Video Game Composer (Part Two)



Welcome back to my four-part article series presenting videos and helpful references to aid aspiring game music composers in understanding how interactive music works. In Part One of this series, we took a look at a simple example demonstrating the Horizontal Re-Sequencing model of musical interactivity, as it was used in the music I composed for the Speed Racer Videogame from Warner Bros. Interactive. Now let's turn our attention to a more complex example of horizontal re-sequencing as demonstrated by the interactive music of the Spore Hero game from Electronic Arts.


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games


Guy Plays Overwatch Using Bow As Controller



Rudeism likes to play video games with weird controllers. So yeah, here he is playing Overwatch—as Hanzo—using a nerf bow.


Overwatch Player Shoutcasts During His Own Matches


Plenty of Overwatch players do commentary over matches they’re streaming, but TheUnsteady has the voice of an angel... who ate an eSports commentator. He’s become notorious for suddenly shoutcasting in the middle of matches he’s playing. Funny thing is, he’s so good that people tend to stop talking and just listen.


The Real Reinhardt Meets A Giant Reinhardt


The opening moments of this video star Darin De Paul, the voice actor behind Overwatch’s Reinhardt. Standing in front of a giant Reinhardt cosplay outfit, screaming Reinhardt quotes into a megaphone. It’s awesome.


Battlefield 1 Players Are Encountering A Spectacular Airship Glitch


Cody Wiggins also found some weird shit happening in they skies over World War I. Phantom blimps exploding and re-exploding in an endless cycle of death and destruction; a perfect metaphor for the historical moment the game takes place in.


Cities Skylines Player Spends Hundreds Of Hours Building A Near-Perfect San Francisco



A Cities Skylines player just debuted his crowning achievement: a spot-on 1:1 recreation of San Francisco. It’s just like the real thing, all the way down to individual neighborhood and building placements. There’s just one teensy little problem: massive death tolls.


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