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Final Fantasy XV: Coop DLC?

4 posts in this topic


LINK: Kotaku


Yeah it's Paris games week and right of the back Sqaure Enix came out the gate with a new Oman Trailer:  COOL!


But more importantly they announced some details about the DLC that is included in the season pass and........  I'm not quite sure how to feel about this.


Those who have been following it will know this already but I'll briefly explain.  In Final Fantasy XV you play as Noctis (the one sitting on his arse) but you travel throughout the game with three companions (from the left Gladiolus, Promto and Ignis).  They help you out in combat and perform various other functions like cooking, driving and so on, but it has been marketed as a single player experience where you play as Noctis only.  Now it seems that not only will these character will be playable through paid DLC but there will even be an online co-op mode added to the game!


We have known that there is a season pass with 6 listed DLC Items for some time now, but now with some more details:


  1. Booster Pack:  Which appears some bonus in game items.
  2. Episode Gladio:  The first of three side story DLC where you play as each of the characters.
  3. Holiday Pack:  This one is still a bit unclear but likely seasonal bonus content of some kind.
  4. Episode Ignis:  The second side story.
  5. Episode Prompto:  The third side story.
  6. Comrades:  The online co-op mode


These DLC packs for the most part don't bother me except for Comrades.  Paying extra for a co-op mode while we are also paying for XBox Live Gold or PS+ in order to play it?  Then again this game was designed as a single player game so you could argue that like everything else up there that is an optional extra not connected to the main game.


I honestly not sure how I feel about this, I feel like don't know enough to adequately pass judgment,  what are your thoughts?


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I'm not really a fan of the game and only played a few of the games, but releasing COOP as DLC is kind of pointless. It's like releasing Left 4 Dead which you can play a campaign with 3 of the characters as well, but you gotta pay extra so your friends or anyone can assume control of those 3 characters instead.

I would only justify it if COOP will be playable only in the new stories, but if it will be playable in the original campaign, then let it be free.


I really don't put much thought to DLCs. If the  base game will be good and the campaign will be long enough, then DLCs rarely bother me, no matter how stupid they seem, but if the original campaign with Noctis is gonna be short so they put 3 additional story DLCs just to add extra length: that's really, really bad.


But as you said, too early to drop judgement, but it's worth keeping an eye out on it.

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Just as long as the Comrades DLC isn't required to play cooperatively, then I may consider it, if not, I'll just stick with the main game (+ the other content, maybe...).

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Co-op should not be DLC. Period.

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