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COD Infinite Warfare. How is it?

27 posts in this topic

Just now, Kaz32 said:

So because that the game so far has been getting good reviews on campaign, and actually changes it up to a point where the whole "they don't change" criticism is now void, you assume I'm interested in the game? Here we are back to assumptions, you quickly assumed that I am trying to like a game you think is terrible, even though there was never a time when I said, "I'm getting the game" or bashing any other game. I'm not at all interested in IW, but from what I hear from individuals that played the game, they definitely struck gold with the campaign. That should be a good thing. I'm tired of all the blind hatred and the blind assumptions, we should be skeptical, but we should hope for the best.

Like I said it sounds like you had a bias, now I already apologized and realized I jumped to assumptions which is something we need to break out of. We can stop that part of the discussion right here, because now you are ignoring my realization that I jumped to conclusions and backed off from that. It's now water under the bridge.


3 minutes ago, Kaz32 said:

Well, the main conflict of the game happen because of Marchenko's organization. In the end of the game, the current conflict is resolved and they are stopped. So I'm not as pissed as a lot of people, and because during the game, there's a lot of cool side quests that I finished, so I at least complete the game satisfied by doing a lot. Order 1886 just ends midway even though it's very clear that there's a lot of loose threads that could have easily been fixed right there.


Most side quests do not in anyway directly affect the game's story. Marchenko's organization was barely hinted at, and it was very clear in that there was higher ups who have more power than Marchenko. Marchenko was a puppet, the game abruptly ended, with no closure and with a lot of loose ends that could have been easily fixed. Instead, Enix and Eidos Montreal decided "We're gonna cliffhang this shit for we get moar munee in the next one." Like I said, it is easily comparable to Order 1886. They both ended before it even began.

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I decided to order Titanfall 2 instead of COD although I was looking forward to the campaign.

Hope that this was a good decision as I have watched some of the COD multiplayer including Joe's and I wasn't impressed.

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