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Titanfall 2 Angry Review

5 posts in this topic

Respawn's second installment in it's Titanfall franchise comes packed with a campaign, a revised multiplayer and is even brave enough to release alongside the FPS giants of COD and Battlefield. Will this endeavour prove to be a giant steel stomp on the competition or a foolish Titanfail. 


Angry Joe.....  Stand by for Titanfall.....



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Well, seems me and Joe think the same way about this game. Great game this is. Such a shame that Joe didn't have the time to make a skit, that would be lovely. Damn helmet, come earlier next time!

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Respawn really did a great job here by adding the campaign, no season passes and improved their MP in some areas.

It's a game I'm aiming to get right after BF1, might even just get them both at the same time and just play one MP when I get bored of the other. I had COD in mind too, but with all the PC shit that happened with it, I'm skipping it and just might get it in far future for  the giggles. I'm interested in TF2's campaign tho.

Glad TF2 recieved such good feedback!



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Pretty surprised that the helmet is actually big enough to wear. Haven't seen a lot of collector editions with helmets or masks big enough to be worn.

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Somehow, something is telling me that EA hated that Respawn listen to their Fanbase and community and giving them a game like they wanted without season pass or DLC or a sluggish SP Campaign etc... so EA sabotaged their "loyality" to the Customer and set a release date that made Titanfall 2 being sandwhiched between BF1 and CoD IW, with a smaller marketing campaign than those 2, hoping that Titanfall dies quickly and get forgotten.

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