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IGF 2017 submission trailers, Metro 2035 release timeline adjusted, Watch Dogs 2 will patch out one case of particularly explicit genitalia, how games, piracy, and religion come together in Saudi Arabia, Total War Warhammer adding Bretonnia and getting a physical release, industry veterans help to build Pakistan's first game conference, the sound design of Battlefield 1, discussing the appeal of Abe with Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning, a look at 20 years of Tomb Raider, Battlefield 1 and Overwatch get big updates, This War of Mine adds new free content, 5 pillars & pitfalls of indie games PR, and more.




AJSA Youtube's Angry Army Weekly


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Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods)


Here's all the IGF 2017 trailers in one single playlist


The 19th annual Independent Games Festival has now closed its call for submissions—to which over 650 entries put their name down for. Set to run next March during GDC 2017, competition hopefuls include Blendo Games' hacking sim Quadrilateral Cowboy, watercolour puzzler Hue and gamified Tinder-a-like Reigns.


Standout titles from Melbourne International Games Week


Melbourne International Games Week lives up to the festival the name evokes, bringing together a welter of gaming events, and two major regional conferences into close proximity. Amidst the cicada chirps of the city’s crosswalk signals there were jangling lanyards, brightly colored hairdos, and geeky conversation interspersed with fun cosplay. It’s come a long way from a few years ago when the city wouldn’t even rate PAX highly enough to put extra trams on the tracks during the week.During my time in this southern star a few games stood out to me, which deserve special mention.


The First 33 Minutes of Dead Rising 4 - IGN First


See how Frank West gets back into the groove at Willamette Mall in Dead Rising 4.


Metro 2035 release date timeline adjusted, Deep Silver issues statement



A timeline on the Metro 2035 site no longer points to a 2017 launch for the next post-apocalyptic videogame instalment. Publisher Deep Silver has issued a statement which appears to rule out release next year entirely.


The Mandate: Dev Talk with Greg and Amelie


We had Amelie (User Experience Researcher and Writer) and Greg (3D Environment Artist) sit down to talk about The Mandate! They're going to tell you about how the art and the story influence each other in creating the universe of The Mandate! They also give a sneak peak at some of the newest features that the team has been working on.


New Walking Dead Game Is An Arcade Shooter


Some Walking Dead games are good! Others are poop. Who knows where this big arcade shooter will lie on that spectrum, but if anything we can at least revel in how expensive the whole thing looks.


Hellion Wants You To Die In Cold Space Next Year


You and your spacesuited friends will have to find asteroids to mine, salvage the innards from dead stations, and clip abandoned modules onto your home station or starship in order to survive.


The Last Guardian is getting PS4 Pro support


The Last Guardian will be supporting PlayStation 4 Pro, with the much awaited game upscaling to 4K and bringing minor performance improvements on Sony's new console when it launches this December.


Exclusive Look At The Kett, Mass Effect Andromeda's New Race



This feature aims to go even further in-depth than our cover story on BioWare's Mass Effect Andromeda in the grand reveal of BioWare's new alien race for the Andromeda galaxy called the Kett.


Hatsune Miku's Biggest Rhythm Game Comes West In January



With more than 200 songs and over 300 costumes to collect, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone is so big Sega had to split it into two rhythm games, and both are coming to North America and European PS4 on January 10.


Even The Ocean Is Being Released Next Week


I mean the videogame with the title Even The Ocean [official site] is being released. I’m not just making a general statement about the whole sea being unleashed in a torrent of human-hating rage some time next Wednesday.


Final Fantasy XV director on Judgment Disc bugs, amendment patch


The Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc demo released in Japan late last week is riddled with bugs, according to Twitter, which is causing concern among users as to the final state of the retail game. Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata took to Twitter today to address those worries.


Telltale reportedly making Guardians of the Galaxy game for Marvel



Telltale Games is reportedly working on a game based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, according to details released by actors union SAG-AFTRA and a report from ComicBookMovie.com.


RollerCoaster Tycoon World release date announced, and it's one day before Planet Coaster's launch


Atari has announced the date RollerCoaster Tycoon World will leave Early Access, and it just so happens it's November 16. For any theme park simulation fans who have been paying attention, you may notice that is precisely one day before Frontier Developments' Planet Coaster launch date on November 17th.


Sega hands over Total War: Arena to Wargaming under new publishing label



Wargaming Alliance to publish the upcoming free-to-play strategy venture.


Total War: Warhammer to add Bretonnia faction in physical Old World Edition next year



Alongside an exclusive novella named The Prince of Altdorf, penned by Total War writer Andy Hall, the repackaged strategy game will bring with it a new playable faction: the Bretonnia. Players who already own Total War: Warhammer in digital form will receive an update at the same time, whereby they can download the new race free-of-charge.

In their announcement they also mentioned more free and paid content due before the years end.


Is anymore DLC coming for Total War: WARHAMMER? Yes, our next major DLC expansion, and the next Free-LC is due before Christmas. It is growing now, there will be more news soon.


Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide to add free standalone VR level



Exclusive to the HTC Vive.


R6 Siege Gets Free Weekend Now, Update Next Week


Operation Red Crow will jet off to Japan, and you can hit this minisite to learn all about it. The new map is Skyscraper, smashing through a mansion atop a tower in the city of Nagoya. The Yakuza fellas who own it have a flair for dramatic architectural contrast.

Rainbow Six Siege will be supported with new content for another year


As far as I'm concerned, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best competitive shooters you can play at the moment, with its focused 5v5 tactical gameplay and methodical pace. So it's good news that Ubisoft plans to support the game for a second year, according to a tweet from the official account earlier today.


Overwatch's next patch might allow Pharah to fly forever


In the current PTR build Pharah can fly without ever needing to touch the ground. Have a look for yourself.

Overwatch's Sombra update is now live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


Update 1.5 adds the new map, Ecopoint: Antarctica, as well as the new Arcade mode, which introduces a rotation of alternate game modes that offer the chance to earn loot and extra experience.


This War Of Mine Adds New Ending In Birthday Update


To celebrate the Sims-y survival game’s impending birthday (it’s Monday), they’ve launched a new free content update. Expect a new ending, new NPCs, and more as your rag-tag group of civilians try to survive in the warzone. That’s a cheery little end to this laff riot of a week.


Firewatch's "free-roam" mode goes live today



The Firewatch free-roaming mode that Campo Santo talked about back in September is (almost) here. The studio said in a brief blog post that the new mode will be rolled out on Steam sometime today.


PS4 Pro gives Battlefield 1 gamers a multiplayer advantage


Battlefield 1 running on PlayStation 4 Pro offers a tangible performance advantage over standard PS4 owners, potentially offering a gameplay advantage to owners of Sony's upgraded console hardware. In our tests, there's anything up to a 47 per cent frame-rate advantage in scenarios where the Frostbite engine is under the greatest stress.

Battlefield 1 Fall Update Notes 11152016


We’re excited to share with you the Battlefield 1 Fall Update. The below changes are for all platforms unless specifically noted.


ARK: Survival Evolved TEK Tier reveal trailer


An early look at the new TEK Tier in ARK: Survival Evolved's crafting system.


Warframe gets huge new PC update The War Within


Warframe has just welcomed a huge update on PC called The War Within, adding a whole new chapter of content - and all the new enemies, weapons and armour that come with it - as well as an array of game improvements. It's a whopper.


Plague Inc: Evolved adds Brexit and vampires in latest update



Infectious disease simulator Plague Inc. has introduced Shadow Plague, a new update which makes surviving the viral pandemic even harder than before.


Heroes of the Storm designer invites the community to help design a Deckard Cain character



A new balance update is out, too.


Pakistan's First Games Conference is Coming in December



Designed to promote video game development and creative industry in Pakistan, GEC will run over three days and include industry talks, workshops, networking opportunities, and a two-day game jam.

Other PGA leaders include Irrational Games co-founders Ken Levine and Jonathan Chey, former Ubisoft Montreal AI programmer Brie Code, and noted speaker, traveller, and Vlambeer Games co-founder Rami Ismail.


Hideo Kojima is Heading to RTX Sydney 2017



Rooster Teeth, Hanabee Entertainment, and Supanova Pop Culture Industries announced today via press release that veteran game designer and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima would be a guest at RTX Sydney in 2017.


Ubisoft Executives Accused Of Insider Trading



French stock market regulators have accused five Ubisoft executives of selling stock based on inside knowledge, an accusation that the video game publisher steadfastly denies.


Blizzard On Overwatch's Sombra, Roadhog's Hook, And Gay Characters



Between hacker hero (and boop monster) Sombra, Overwatch League, and a new selection of Arcade modes, Overwatch is about to change a lot. At BlizzCon, I spoke to lead hero designer Geoff Goodman and artist Rachel Day about what the future holds and also Roadhog’s goddamn hook, damn it.


FBI Says Alleged Hackers Used FIFA To Steal Millions From EA



The FBI believes that a group of hackers made millions off a scam to defraud the publisher Electronic Arts, and today the government is going to court to try to take them down.


Sharing pics of Watch Dogs 2’s genitals could get you kicked off PSN


Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 offers a “fresh approach to world and objective design,” according to Polygon’s review of the open-world game. It also features fully modeled and textured male and female genitalia, one player who got the game early discovered this week. Unfortunately, that same player also found out that sharing screenshots of the game’s full-frontal nudity can get your PlayStation account suspended.

Watch Dogs 2 Will Patch Out 'Particularly Explicit' Genitalia


In an e-mail, Ubisoft told Kotaku that they’re aware that “one” of the NPC models in Watch Dogs 2 is “rendered in a way that is particularly explicit.” It seems like maybe more than one model is hiding some detailed nether-parts, but sure, Goron2000's viral screenshot was the most explicit I’ve seen. Ubisoft added:

Watch Dogs 2’s ‘seamless online multiplayer’ is broken at launch


Ubisoft waiting to roll out a patch before activating it


Alienware manager on Steam Machines lull: Windows 10 changed everything



Frank Azor discusses the future of living room gaming PCs, and whether there even is one.


Dishonored 2 launch sales down 38% on Dishonored



Dishonored 2 has failed to match the UK launch sales of its predecessor.


CD Projekt denies hostile takeover rumor



The company is just looking for a little "insurance."

Strong The Witcher 3 sales free up CD Projekt Red to focus on game dev


It’s been a year and a half since CD Projekt Red first released The Witcher 3, but the game and its two expansion packs continue to bring in money for the Polish game developer.


The HTC Vive Is Getting An Official Wireless Add-on


Huh. The smart money was on the Vive (and indeed Oculus Rift) not embracing the wireless future is so desperately needs until a full second generation of the hardware, but seems like we might get to cut the cord a whole lot sooner than that.


The best XCOM 2 mods



Tweak, change, and enhance one of the best strategy games out there.


Esports News


The Weekend In Esports: Rocket League Regional Championships Are Here



With the world championships for Blizzard and Riot’s biggest games behind us, a number of others are here this week to pick up the slack, including Rocket League and Dota 2. Details on when and where to catch all of the action are below.

Shaq's Rocket League Team Wins North American Championship


Yesterday evening, NRG eSports took a best-of-seven series 4-2 against rivals Orbit eSports to become the North American Rocket League champions.


League Of Legends Teams Call For Changes In New Letter To Riot



A rift between the developers at Riot Games and the competitive scene around their game, League of Legends, has been growing for some time. A new letter addressed to the company and signed by 18 different professional League teams shows it’s only getting worse.


Crowdfunding News


Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King


Follow the Wanderer on his journey to find memories of his past, and crack the secrets of Hypnos...


Get The Heart of Gaming beating again!


The continued resurrection of Londons destination gaming scene!


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc)


How Games, Piracy, and Religion Come Together in Saudi Arabia



At school, before the first class of the day, my friends and I would talk about the games we bought over the weekend. Even as young kids of 10 or 11, we would talk about some awesome thing we did in a Grand Theft Auto game, or that weird scene in Metal Gear Solid 2 were Raiden is naked. I remember one of my friends coming in early to use the school's photocopier to print out GTA cheat codes and handing them out to everyone in our class. We bonded over games, letting each other borrow our favorites (sometimes with regrettable consequences).

Some of my happiest memories revolve around playing Counter-Strike together after school.  (I don't know how it ran on our really crappy computers, or who installed it on the school machines, which used dialup connections). Our group was diverse, some were from respected families or even part of the royal family, some were from poorer families, and then there was me at the bottom of the school's social hierarchy. As we matured as people, things got better, and people started to accept me.


20 Years of Tomb Raider: Starring Lara Croft



In 1996, three groundbreaking games turned heads by adding a Z-axis to the field of play. Released in June, id Software's Quake evolved antecedents like Doom by mashing together a true 3D engine and online multiplayer. The September launch of Super Mario 64 alongside the Nintendo 64 dropped players into expansive worlds made from polygons and gave them total control over Mario and a camera able to be manipulated separately.

That October, a small British developer did more than innovate in a three-dimensional space. It changed the way people perceived virtual characters.

The novelty of Tomb Raider's success wore off quickly at Core. The team that had crafted the first two games were burnt out on Lara and craving new challenges. Not done milking their cash cow, Eidos ordered Core to assign another internal team to Tomb Raider III. Ahead of that game's debut in November 1998, the team transitioned onto Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, released in October 1999. There were even plans to kill Lara, leaving no room for interpretation on where Core stood on the subject of more sequels.


Kazuma Kaneko x Tomomi Kobayashi – Designer Interview originally featured in Game Hihyou magazine in 1996



This candid, wide-ranging interview between lauded designers Tomomi Kobayashi and Kazuma Kaneko first appeared in Game Hihyou magazine in 1996. Although very different designers, the conversation finds common ground in their mutual influences from childhood and their ongoing love of fashion design. I’ve also appended a smaller interview at the bottom with Tomomi Kobyashi, which offers some additional remarks about Romancing SaGa in particular.


It’s Time To Relive Waypoint’s 72-Hour Livestream



Remember when we played 72 games over 72 hours?! Watch these videos to relive the magic. And anime.

I mentioned the livestream that launched Waypoint two weeks ago and the guests they had on from many other gaming sites, roll20, crunchyroll, musicians, etc at the time they had some highlights being shown but now they are uploading the entire thing for people to watch.

A Note on Trump, Waypoint, and Why We Play


I believe, firmly, that the way to encourage inclusivity, compassion, and equality is by shining a light on the ways that the world is already diverse and on the people who struggle in order to make it better. Whether you're reading this as a game maker, a journalist, or a player and fan, we can all contribute in that cause.

Those of us here at Waypoint cover games in this way not only because we love and understand them, but also because we believe that games are both a reflection of and a participator in human culture. Playing is as old as people are, and games offer us ways to laugh, think, collaborate, escape, and even to give ourselves to despondency and failure, when appropriate.





Just as there is the language of movement, there is also the language of play. The act of playing a game with someone you can’t communicate with verbally creates a conversation that takes on a different form. There’s an implied understanding of what is going on. There will be a winner and a loser. The process from A to B can be completed without uttering a single word. A game that has embodied this well would be chess. Chess has been around for 1500 years, originating in India and spreading to Southern Europe. It’s when chess arrived in Europe that the modern developments we see in the game happened. The pieces were changed, tournaments became a thing, and people began establishing chess theory. After being picked up by Buddhist pilgrims and traders on the Silk Road, it spread to the countries of East Asia. Of course, there are variants of chess such as Xiangqi and Shogi (from China and Japan, respectively). Without even sharing the same language, people have picked up the game and made it their own or carried it back to their country to share.


Animal Crossing Helps Me Cope On A Day Like Today



It seems absurd to say, but I have appreciated more things the way my father does because of Animal Crossing. When I was a child it helped me realize that small moments of joy are always around me, even as an outsider looking in, and today I need to remember this.





Since its release, 1979 Revolution has caught more positive attention too, not just from critics and players, but also the UNESCO MGIEP-commissioned Paul Darvasi of York University in Toronto. Later this month, he will be presenting the game to the United Nations in view of its work towards peace education and conflict resolution, with a paper titled “Empathy, Perspective and Complicity: How Digital Games can Support Peace Education and Conflict Resolution.”


How Crusader Kings 2 Makes People Out Of Opinions



This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the inner workings of their games. This time, Crusader Kings 2 [official site].

Meet Domnall, Earl of Osraige. He’s a pretty affable guy. He’s friends with his neighbouring rulers, and all seems peaceful. But he’s also ambitious and a just little crazy, and he’s about to make a big mess of the Emerald Isle.


Tyranny Makes It Fun To Be Evil



I usually play good characters in RPGs, but in Tyranny, I’ve found myself drifting toward the most diabolical path possible.




Interfectorem’s impressive young designers were participants in a Girls Make Games camp in San Francisco, CA. As I recently discussed, the world of videogames can be a difficult place for women and girls. Girls Make Games is determined to address that gender disparity. With help from their growing list of partners (including Google Play, Double Fine, and the Computer History Museum in Mountain View), Girls Make Games runs global summer camps, workshops, and game jams designed to inspire young women in middle and high school to become engineers, designers, and creators.

Mentioned an article about the Girls Make Games camps back on the 18th.





Blame! (1998) is getting everywhere these days. The dark, vast architectural spaces of Tsutomu Nihei’s manga series seem to be steadily rising in popularity, like sentient tower blocks growing stories at a time, casting a deeper and deeper shadow over popular culture. Next year it’ll likely hit the mainstream as an anime film adaptation is coming to Netflix. But perhaps Blame!‘s best utilization isn’t in film but in videogames. There are number of game makers who seem to think so.


Making 100 Games in 5 Years: The Final Year



For the past four years, I’ve been working towards creating and releasing 100 games in 5 years. My current count is 80, and as of writing this, I have a little under a year left. The challenge began in June 2012 and will end June 2017. At my current pace, I will need to make 2.5 games a month to reach this goal. Of the 80 games I’ve made and released, about 10 of them are hidden around the web as experiments, games I can’t attribute authorship to without spoiling the experience. 9 of them are non-digital games, and 3 of them are released class projects.


Some Game Devs Took Nine Days To Make A Bunch of 'Endless' Games



The Procedural Generation Jam 2016 ended today, giving amateur and professional designers a chance to create some organized chaos. From endless shooters to infinite meadows, ‘Proc Jam’ offers plenty of variety.





Instead of dwelling on other poor examples, let’s consider one of my favorite examples of a nuanced take on heroic themes: Metro 2033. While at first glance it may seem just like the dozens of other story-driven shooters we’ve all played where the hero demonstrates their tenacity and skill repeatedly until they vanquish the threat and save the world, upon closer examination the game subverts that trend. While ultimately still the story of a remarkably gifted hero whose commitment triumphs over impossible odds, the game goes out of its way to cultivate a sense of vulnerability in everything the player does, offering modes that remove the HUD and make ammo and survival gear extremely rare. The higher difficulties especially place you in situations where your ability to advance is highly restricted by foes more powerful than you are, and success comes from understanding your limitations and coming into contact with them only when necessary.


Discussing the Enduring Appeal of Abe with Oddworld Creator Lorne Lanning



We meet up with the designer and director to discuss the series’ 20th anniversary, and the reboot of an old favorite.





Orchestrating this epic audio undertaking is Bence Pajor, the audio director on Battlefield 1. He’s joined by Lead Sound Designers Andreas Almström and Mari Saastamoinen Minto. And because it really does take an army to make a AAA war game of this caliber, the DICE sound team was also supported by outside studios like Pole Position Production, and other contracted game audio pros, such as the team at Criterion Games in the UK. Here, Pajor, Almström, and Minto discuss just what it took to create the complex, realistic, and emotive sound of Battlefield 1.


When Play Embraces the Nihilist: The Power of Console Commands



The console serves a myriad of purposes. Accessing it from within the game allows a player to modify properties of their own character or of other entities in the gameworld. One can warp their avatar to any area in the game, gain supernaturally enhanced abilities, or skip entire sections of the world. It is, in a sense, the nihilist’s dream: a simple, easy-to-access method to completely circumvent the designers’ intended usage for the gameworld.


The Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda of Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade



Eternal Crusade could’ve been an awesome Warhammer MMO, but Games Workshop keeps making terrible decisions.


Red Alert 2 looks great in VR


Seeing Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 by way of an HTC Vive headset reminds of virtual reality's wider worth—that we could experience games both new and old in ways that transcend the norm.


'Dear Esther' Offers A Different, Romantic Sort of Apocalypse



The debut game by The Chinese Room makes us confront our cosmic smallness. Also you walk a lot.

Postscript is Cameron Kunzelman's weekly column about endings, apocalypses, deaths, bosses, and all sorts of other finalities.


A Critique of SOMA


The script for this video has been posted if you'd like to read along, or want to review what I say afterwards


A Thorough Look at Mafia


This is a video retrospective and critique of the three open-world crime dramas on the Mafia game series. It follows Tommy, Vito, and Lincoln as well the narrative themes and mechanical features that tell their stories. This video has total spoilers for all three games.

Age restricted on account of brief nudity.

Mafia 1-- 0:13

Mafia 2-- 18:24

Mafia 3-- 55:49


Game Length & Mafia III (Spoilers?)


A brief lament about game length and game pacing as I try to wrap up Mafia 3 for a video about it.


Best Portrayals of Death - Video Games


In this video we look at some of my favorite portrayals of death and the afterlife in video games and what potentially inspired these choices.


Nintendo - Putting Play First | Game Maker's Toolkit


In this episode I talk about Nintendo's method of making games, which helps this Japanese developer stand out from most other studios.


Review: Owlboy


I still love you.


Games You Might Not Have Tried #11 - Find New Games - Extra Credits


If you want to try games that feel different, that always feel new and ambitious even if they're not necessarily the most polished experiences, then check out this list of Games You Might Not Have Tried. We review and recommend interesting but under appreciated games on a variety of genres and platforms for you to discover and enjoy.


Fans Race To See Who Can Beat NES Classic Games The Fastest



The Best of NES routinely gets some of the most veteran speedrunners of old NES games together to have them compete against one another and share their love of old games. At the end of October, it hosted a three day marathon, and before that, a back-to-back race through 20 different NES games. Last night, the organization hosted a special event in honor of the recent release of Nintendo’s NES Classic.


The Original ‘Deus Ex’ Design Document Is Fascinating Reading



If you want to see what designers are thinking before they actually build a game, read this 64-page vision for Deus Ex.


The 5 Pillars & Pitfalls of Indie Games PR


In this GDC 2016 session, ICO Partners' Thomas Reisenegger shows the 5 PR pillars indie studios doing their own PR should prioritize in order to get their games in front of press, YouTubers and Twitch streamers.


Choice, Consequence and Complicity


In this 2016 GDC session, former Failbetter Games CEO Alexis Kennedy shares practical writing tricks for interactive stories and explains which narrative traps you can easily avoid avoid using examples from Fallen London and Sunless Sea.


The challenges of porting XCOM 2 to consoles



XCOM 2's recent release on Xbox One and PS4 manages to bust this cliché with impressive style and finesse given some of the technical gremlins that plagued the PC version, and the challenges of implementing a control scheme that was completely absent from the PC version. (Gamepad controls have since been added to the PC version in an update).


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games


Dishonored 2

Watch Dishonored 2 Speedrunner Beat Game in 32 Minutes


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