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AJSA LoL Club Update

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Happy Anniversary AJSA! To celebrate the 3 year anniversary the AJSA League of Legends club hosted the second AJSA League of Legends 1v1 tournament. Ayy Memer convincingly took first place winning by first blood in every game. Second place was taken by the defending champion IceSoul (Senpai Corea). He also made Blitzcrank the highest win rate champion who has been played multiple times in the 1v1 series with a 100% win rate. Yes, I am surprised too.

Third place was taken by AphoticAngel beating out gpawshaft02 and finishing in the money. He also was the only person who came close to taking a game off Ayy Memer in the tournament. The highlight is definitely worth watching https://clips.twitch.tv/thetitan18/BlushingGrasshopperPuppeyFace. The final winner of the night was NamelessPric who scored highest in the prediction game by a lot. Now we all know who to go to for Powerball numbers.


Overall we saw the competitors favoring to kill each other this time instead of trying to CS their way to a victory which made for quite a show. I would like to that all the competitors who showed up and gave it their all, and SONY Showtime who stepped up into the second caster spot when Kronosfighter couldn’t make it.


Moving Forward: The next iteration of this will definitely not be until around spring of next year. There have been ideas thrown around like restricting classes, ranks and changing the format to a 2v2. This is where we need your feedback. What do you want to see?


On the topic of moving forward, there are a few more things to address. The AJSA ranked team. I am sure more info will be posted by Titan, but 1st string positions will be on the line soon. The current idea is to shuffle teams together in custom matches of those who want to apply and we will observe their games and take notes. We will then vote on who will make the 1st string spots based on quite a few criteria. I would love have a sign up soon so we can start spectating people’s regular matches.


We still want to make the mentor program happen. Originally, it was trying to be implemented at a time that would be tricky for a lot of players. Expect more info about the mentor system after the holidays, and school is back in full swing.


There is also a team tournament currently being talked about. We are still talking about it, but when there is more info, it will be shared. Expect it to be run early next year unless it ends up being axed.

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