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Gears of War Ending... Really?

2 posts in this topic

Hey guys just beat Gears of War and I....

Oh spoilers  Beware!!!!!

So I just finished #4 of this series and the ending kind of bummed me out man.

there was a lot I liked about the game, the familiar mechanics, character designs, reopening the wounds of seeing Dom die.  

Ok tangent here the whole game I missed Dom call me sentimental.

Then I got to the ending... so the whole ending after fighting this super grub you watch the girl (don't remember her name... actually don't remember any of the main characters names except original characters). And they bond and then kill the mom and I was like I get I'm supposed to feel for the girl but honestly did anyone care about the mom dying.

I felt more killing nameless Grunts in Halo.

Then they are like look at this completely not obvious camera angle pointed towards a object that will save the world. then cut, that's it really that's it.

At the end of the campaign I was like wait this cannot be the end but it was.

Props to whoever created the ending made me wish I could chose a ending with different colors like green, red and blue maybe.

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It's most likely a cliffhanger ending for the eventual next Gears game, so of course the ending would be unsatisfying, because players have not really "ended" anything yet, as the story continues onwards in the next game(s).

It's the same with Halo 2's ending

Actually, Halo 2 is the prime example of how annoying cliffhangers are. 


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