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"The Problems With Games Media & Why I Started Noclip"

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I posted his work in recent This Week In Gaming articles but thought I'd post it in the forums as well for any who missed it and might have an interest in what he's doing. I used to be a member at Gamespot with Danny, I later joined the site he created, Citizen Game, followed his work after he started working at Gamespot (where he worked on another excellent video series The Point and had some good talks with others on The Lobby). I expect to see a lot of great content from him as he's always had great production values on his work, has been an excellent entertainer, journalist, interviewer, great at getting interesting people to talk to, talking about entertaining or serious topics and how gaming related to them, good series on video games and companies, etc, and now he's joining the best gaming video content producers (Noah Caldwell-Gervais, Joseph Anderson, hbomberguy, Innuendo Studios, Errant Signal, Mark Brown, Writing on Games, Extra Credits, History Respawned) by having his content self funded through Patreon. Only he has two things most of the others don't have, he's making significantly more (just under $20,000 a month currently, Extra Credits and Jim Sterling being the only two others I've seen to get over $10,000 without having an entire group of people) and he has the knowledge and contacts made from working in the gaming industry, rather than always being on the outside of that, that will allow him to travel and work with the people that he wants to. Right now he is making documentaries with developers to help tell their stories. His first was on Rocket League where they talk about the game, their history, marketing, sounds and music, etc and his upcoming series of videos will be on DOOM. If you enjoy either game or hearing developers talk about their work his new channel is worth following.


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(A little off topic, but...) This is one of the reasons I want Danny O'Dwyer to win the Trending Gamer award at this weeks Game Awards, because I think he deserves it a little more than the other nominees. I know he's up against the likes of Angry Joe, Boogie2988, and even one of the YouTube giants; JackSepticEye, but these personalities all do something a little too samey, yet Danny, he's doing something we don't see very often, with his documentaries, which, with his first was fantastic. If he wins, it really will be an underdog victory. I've been a fan of his work for a while now, and when I heard he left GameSpot, I stopped watching/reading and continued to follow Danny's new project, because I knew it'd be worth my time. He is great talent and hope he goes on to do greater things. 

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This is one of the reasons I want Danny O'Dwyer to win the Trending Gamer award at this weeks Game Awards, because I think he deserves it a little more than the other nominees.

I don't think he's even in the same league both in what he does or quality wise. Danny's work is important, in depth, can help the industry in how it operates, people in it, and how it is perceived both by people that aren't gamers and by people that are (same goes for a lot of the other people I linked to). I would have said that even before he even started his new show. He's given excellent interviews, had great conversations with a wide variety of interesting people with different outlooks on the industry, has the highest quality shows both in terms of the ideas behind it and how his work is filmed and edited, done great reviews, done good in depth looks at game systems (in how they are build not like consoles), talked about how games can effect people and help with depression, looking into and talked about the histories of historically important but almost forgot game developers, etc and the people who watch work like that should become smarter and better from it. Everyone else in the award category is easily replaceable at the end of the day, anyone can review a game or sit in front of a webcam and give an opinion on a current event that they rarely even have anything to do with or inside knowledge of, and worse, a lot of their content can have negative effects on people and how people view gaming. I'd put Joe above the other people, just because he puts more effort into it and he can do some decent interviews and talk to a few people but even that is just the usual questions about an upcoming game it's not particularly interesting and it's not something of lasting importance.

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Wow. That's very awesome. I'm surprised you know him.

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