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the life of a gamer

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I've been part of the community for a few years now but never really introduced myself.  Prepare yourself for a long story.

I've been a gamer all my life, go by the gaming tag madtragg, I’m about 37 years old now. I joined the navy about 17 years ago,.  I grew up playing Nintendo, sega, pc and PlayStation.  I occasionally blog on the ign blog system.  I used to write a lot but it’s gone downhill because ign doesn't take care of it.  It gets spammed with ads and such.  There is a history with my gamer tag but maybe I’ll explain later on if anyone is interested.

Gaming life as a kid was great.  Nintendo was my first system.  I got it for xmas one year and was instantly hooked.  I used to go to the video rental store and rent games just about every weekend.  My family was poor so I couldn't always buy the game I wanted.  One of the most addicting games that I played on Nintendo, besides Mario, was River City Ransom.  I really wish they would do a remake on that game.  My friend and I had a blast playing that game.   After the snes came out, my grandpa gave me birthday money so I went out and bought one and sill continued to rent games.  I also had Zelda a link to the past.  I think I went through that game at least 5 or 6 times.  I even pretended to be sick so I could stay home from school and play it.  Also, another game I played was uncharted waters.  That game was amazing.  I rented that game so many times. 

I never owned the Sega genesis but my sister's ex-husband did.  He would stay at my parents’ house from time to time and he had it with him and all his games.  The most addicting game on Sega was dune which got me in to RTS's.  Which brings me to the PlayStation.  I got birthday money again sometime after the PlayStation came out.  My friend called me up and told me that the comic store had a used one for sale.  So, we went there and bought it.  It was gaming heaven from there.  I got hooked on a lot of famous games from there including command and conquer.  I spent a lot of time in that game.  I really wish they would bring that series back and not screw it up like they did with the 4th one.  When red alert came out for the PlayStation, my friend also ended up getting a PlayStation.  Well red alert was 2 players if you had a link cable. My friend lived right down the street so I would bring my tv over and my PlayStation and we hooked up and played against each other. It was so much fun.  Other games that I played were, twisted metal, xcom, metal gear, gameday 97, need for speed, civilization and so on.  

As I progressed through high school, I really needed a pc for doing homework on.  My grandma gave me money to buy one.  After I got one, I got the command and conquer series and played it nonstop.  After playing civilization on PlayStation, I had to get it for pc and I played every single one that came out.  Even the knock off ones, call to power.  Which were good too. I also got hooked in to StarCraft which was fun playing multiplayer.

My internet provider was AOL and there was a main gaming community called ANT.  For some reason, a disgruntled member of that group got mad and created a group called wasp.  They would just flood their chat rooms with spam and had these programs that messaged bomb them kicking them offline.  Was a total online war between the groups.  I got in to it, joined wasp, and had fun.  It kind of died down quick but it was a blast.  After that, we would play online games together such as StarCraft.  Wasp became popular and they started sending out gaming newsletters and reviews and such.  I did a little bit of the reviews but it wasn't much of my thing. 

After I graduated high school, about 6 months later I went to navy boot camp.  It was a complete life change from there.  I was on my own and my first tour was japan.  After I got to japan, we immediately deployed for 3 months on a carrier.  I was part of a squadron.  After I got back from deployment, I had quite bit of money saved up so I bought a laptop so I could play games.  My pc back at home was too big to bring with me anyway.  As for my PlayStation, I had to get my brother to mail it to me.  When PlayStation 2 got announced, I had to get one.  It was hard to get one being in japan, unless I bought a Japanese one which were overpriced.  So, I got on amazon which was sold out most of the time.  They had special times when they would sell it because they would get more in stocked.  I got lucky and was able to buy it.  I had a problem with amazon though, they didn't want to ship it overseas so I had to change my shipping address to my sister's address so she can mail it to me.  For some reason, my PlayStation 2 would just not ship.  I had to constantly bug amazon about it and finally they figured out the problem and shipped it.  One day I’m at work and I get it in the mail.  My coworkers freak out because I have one and it was the greatest thing ever because it was so hard to get one.  They had to come to my barracks room to play it too. 

As for games on ps2, I really enjoyed, twisted metal black, ffx, madden 2000, GTA 3, ff12, need for speed most wanted, gran turismo, and so on.   After I got married my gaming time slowed down a lot.  

When ps3 came out, I hesitated on getting one because it was $600 but I still wanted one.  I waited a few months and they were still kind hard to get.  I was in Walmart one day, and I saw one.  I went home and told my wife, that I want to get it.  I had to convince her but we went back to Walmart and got it.  After I purchased it, she still wanted to shop around, so I 'm walking around Walmart guarding my ps3.  Ps3 really changed console gaming. Making online player easier to get in to. The first game on ps3 that I got hooked too was War hawk.  I had so much fun playing that game.  Kind of like battlefield but different setting.  The next game I really enjoyed was Killzone 2.  The multiplayer was addicting.  The game had a class system you leveled up, with the snipers, you can turn invisible.  The engineers, you get different types of tech to use, such as turrets and drones.  The tactician had a spawn grenade which could change the outcome of a match.  Best pvp I played. I was somewhat disappointed with killzone 3 because it didn't have all the same things as killzone 2 did.  Call of duty modern warfare was good, I was amazed by the graphics and the multiplayer was addicting.  I started to lose interest in the game though after MW2 and black ops.  So many good games on ps3, it’s hard to talk about them all.

Next is my ps4.  I waited a year to get one because every time a new console comes out, not much games are released.  When I saw the white ps4 destiny bundle, I knew it was time to get one.  A lot of people were talking about how amazing destiny was going to be so I wanted to get it too.  After playing the destiny beta though, I knew it wasn't going to live up to the hype everyone was bragging about.  But since it came with the white ps4, I still got it.  Even though the game got average to bad reviews, I really enjoyed the game.  I spent 2 months playing it.  Took a break from it, and then go back when a dlc comes out for it.  I really enjoy the pvp.  A lot of people hate on it but I really think it’s fun because of the special abilities. 

Other ps4 games that I enjoy, there is a lot. BF1, battlefront, ffxv, uncharted 4 and the collection, witcher 3, fallout 4, gta 5, the last of us, overwatch and so on.  A lot of people love overwatch, and it is great game.  Unfortunately, I’m not addicted to it.  I still like it but I don't have an itch to play it all the time. 

As for battlefront, this game got a lot of hate because it was rushed and people had expectations of battlefront 2.  I never played battlefront 2, I wish I did because I heard it was amazing.  To be honest, battlefront is a fun multiplayer.  Dice did a good job on the details.  You'll hear rebels yelling out storm troopers in the area, or someone yelling for the rebellion.  It’s fun playing with the rebels and the imperials and I enjoy the game a lot.  I realize EA got greedy with the game with the dlcs and rushing it out the door but it’s still a good game. I love going back to it.  If you ever seen cloud city maps, the detail is just gorgeous.  Especially inside the carbon chambers. 

After I got my ps4, I decided to join with AJSA.  I saw how groups would get on and play together and that interested me a lot.  The community is ran pretty well and the game nights are pretty fun.  I recommend joining in and if you have the time.  They try to do a lot of free to play games too.  I participated every weekend in November and had a blast.  I would volunteer to be a game night host but having a fulltime job and a family doesn’t really mix in to well with being able to host. 

Thank you for your time.


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Quite the post, we're glad to have you with us :)

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