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So...this is a thing now

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For almost two years now I've been switching back and forth between a Shadowrun campaign that I am running and a RIFTS campaign that one of my friends and fellow players is running.

Over Christmas last year one of my friends introduced me to Critical Role. If you aren't familiar with it, check it out, it is awesome! ( http://geekandsundry.com/shows/critical-role/ )

For the longest time I only had one set of polyhedron dice and realized I should probably purchase some more. Once I found a nice 42 piece (6 sets) bundle I liked, what should Amazon show in the "People Also Bought" section at the bottom but the Fifth Edition DM Guide and Players Handbook.

So I bought them...and the Monster Manual.

Just what I didn't need, another game system to learn! LOL!

Any general advice for a new player out there? Last time I played D&D was 3.5.

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Any general advice for a new player out there?

Out of all the systems I've seen used or read, 5th is one of the simplest. It's a good beginner game for people new to roleplaying games. This is a very useful site to look up spells and what spells are available to each class. If you were playing Shadowrun correctly, assuming it is the more recent version, then just about every other game in existence should be very easy for you to learn.


What kind of advice are you looking for?

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Nothing specific, I just haven't played D&D for a while.

And I'm currently running a 2nd Edition Shadowrun campaign, so this is a breath of fresh on on how simple it is. Not that I don't love Shadowrun's setting but...so many dice!

Right now I'm just hoping my friends will let me incorporate the homebrew Catfolk Pirate I made just for grins (been playing way too much Skyrim and can't let go of my Khajiit! :D )

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