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For Honor (MMO)

5 posts in this topic

There shouldn't be any reviews since it doesn't release for a month. I've played it in different alpha tests and so have some other members and admin. I preordered it last month when it was under $45. The game is not an MMO though and is designed in a similar way to Rainbow Six Siege but it also has a campaign.

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The game will have the standard single player campaign (something I am curious about) and multiplayer which is what you probably saw over the beta weekend. The only down side is the multiplayer servers are being handle the same way Siege is. Some servers are dedicated while others are P2P. 



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I've read and watched some previews/beta reviews on the game and it sounds very positive. So much that I infact pre-ordered it a couple of days ago. The negative side of the game that people are mentioning is that it's Peer2Peer which interupts gameplay when a host disconnects or leaves. Some people are even comparing the game to Chivalry and Mount & Blade which is so wrong because they're judging it on the basis that it's similar to those games which isn't true at all.

My tip for you is try the open beta on the 9 - 12 of Feb and make your decision then. I've already created a post on the forums looking for AJSA members to play the game with, so tune in there.

Here are 2 links on the best previews/beta reviews of the game that you may be interested in:


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I was in the Beta...I'll wait to post my thoughts when we get to test more options.

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