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Trying a New Engine? The Next TES

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Game Byro

So as we know Bethesda studios is using the same old engine over these days when critics and fans persisted Heins answered that they're doing it for the fans that care for the gameplay the most but that's not true i mean there are other games that prove this theory wrong such as the witcher OK true the witcher is different from their games but we've all seen fallout 4 and the game was not really well in terms of graphics dont get me wrong i love their games but come on when you see the other rpgs in the E3 you kinda wish like "damn i wish fallout was like this" i really want them to improve their graphics and as a fan i wanna see them keep up with the other devs but that's my opinion what do you think guys ? How much do you care for the graphics? I personally think it is an essential improvement for the next game TES has a special place in all of our hearts

tmp_25401-Fallout 4_20161029213501-1797245313.jpg

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Your lack of commas and punctuation really bothers me...

As for what I think, I'm fine with Fallout 4's graphics, and that has to do with perspective. Almost all the fans crying salty tears about Fallout 4's graphics has the perspective of the 'standard' of graphics at the time of its release, while I have the perspective of improvement over the graphics of previous games.

My point is, Fallout 4 has FAR better graphics than Fallout 3, and that's the only thing I think matters. Sure, if you look at some generic screenshots you might think otherwise, but Fallout 3 honestly looked dull. Sure, some models might have had some decent quality, along with textures, but if you look at things like the landscapes, colour filters, lighting and shading, reflections, there's definitely a big difference. Not to mention the completely rigid and stiff animations literally everywhere in Fallout 3.

But we do need a new engine. Not for graphics, no, that could be an added bonus. But we need a new engine that can actually handle indoor environments together with the outside world, so we don't have to sit through a minute of loading every time we enter a shop! The new engine should also optimize loading times as well, for consoles at least. The other thing is, it needs to be stable. It shouldn't be unplayable at release, it shouldn't crash randomly that often, and it shouldn't be littered with progression-stopping bugs.

That's why TES:VI needs a new engine, not because of 'greeephix'.

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