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For Honor review. Like it or not, depends on you.

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The premise of this game is that one day, a giant earthquake happened that fucked up earth's resources. Only a few of them are left, and 3 factions, the Knights, Vikings, and Samurais are all fighting one another for that resources. They went to war with one another, ironically forgetting what they fought for the first time since thousands of years have passed and they seem to live long just fine. So they give up fighting and settle for peace. Until this badass woman of war Apollyon comes down to make them fight among each other once again. The intro sums it up perfectly.


I can bet that most people know about this game already. It's a hybrid of hack and slash + fighting game with a multiplayer heavy gameplay. The matches in multiplayer are divided into 3 categories: Dominion which is basically "capture a teritory to accumulate points until 1 side gets the most points, in which case it becomes a sudden death of eliminating the opposition"; team deathmatch; and one on one duel. When you complete a match, you can get loots for your characters which gives them different stat boosts. And this game has 12


Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you're a beginner at this game, I suggest playing using Vanguard characters like Raider, Kensei and Warden because they all have simple to use combos and are pretty durable. But if you're used to the game, Orochi is my next recommendation. Because that class is perhaps the best class in the game if you know how to avoid getting attacked as it can decimate enemies in an instant with his flashy Ninja + nimble Kenshin Himura moves.


All of multiplayer and singleplayer are played using the in game fighting mechanic. Which can either be one of the most awesome combat mechanic for a one on one sword fight, or the most difficult thing to master and therefore too hard to play, depending on which person play it of course. The way it works is you lock on to an enemy, and then there's 3 directions that you can align your attacks or defense on: up, left and right. If you want to block or attack from above, you align your cursor up, and for other directions as well. You can do a guard break attack which negate blocking by enemies and give you room to attack, or you can do a guard break and then guard break enemies into a cliff or a spiked wall or other hazards which can deal heavy damage or outright kill them instantly. It really is one of those things that you have to try yourself to figure out. 


I personally love this game's fighting mechanic. Duels with everyone, whether it is ai or other players feels great and intense, and the winner is determined purely by your own skill on mastering it just like mastering fighting games. I got so good at this game that I'm pretty much almost invincible in one on one duel matches with other players. Which makes this game one of the only multiplayer games that I'm really good at. HAHAHAHA!


Sorry. I usually get my ass kicked in multiplayer.


So I talked about multiplayer, but what about singleplayer? Well I can say that for most people singleplayer is alright. It has 18 missions, which has 6 missions for each of the 3 factions which lets you play as the Vanguard classes the most, like the Warden and the Raider, while having 1 stages for other 2 classes in between. With the exception of the Samurai which lets you play the majority of the campaign as the Orochi. It can take you around 6 - 8 hours to complete the singleplayer depending on how fast and good you are at the game's combat and whether you collect the collectibles in this game or not. Think of the singleplayer as a beat em up game similar to Streets of Rage or Final Fight where you fight normal enemies along the way until you get to the end level bosses, only with a much more complex combat mechanic. The purpose of the singleplayer is to prepare you for the multiplayer battles ahead, so if you play the singleplayer, you are ready for the multiplayer. 


Oho, but for me personally, I played the betas of this game's multiplayer before, and because I'm already pretty good at the game's combat against other players, singleplayer is where the real challenge lies. It has 4 difficulty settings. Easy, medium, hard and realistic which removes the indicators of where enemies will attack you, there is no checkpoint except very few missions so if you die you have to restart from the beginning of the stage, and the ai is generally much more aggressive and have much more varied moves. So you bet your ass that I play the singleplayer on Realistic difficulty, and FUCK ME, it is fucking hard. Like, it's so hard that if these ais are in multiplayer matches, they will whoop everyone's ass in an instant kind of hard. But at the same time it's also an intense and awesome way to play the game, especially when fighting the game's bosses which will kick your ass. The final boss for each factions are all really fun to fight. The last boss of the last faction is the absolute best of them all, and it gets even more fantastic once you put this song in for that fight.

Trust me, it fits so damn well with the fight that you will feel incredible fighting the boss with this song.


Only try the Realistic mode when you are truly ready, or if you find multiplayer to not be that challenging.




One thing to note about the singleplayer is even though the story overall is alright and nothing special, the villain Apollyon is awesome. Sure she's pretty much a complete bitch who hates peace and wants the 3 factions to fight each other, but man can she back up her ego. She kicks ass at fighting, but she is also a cunning strategist as well that makes everyone her bitch in this game, and I want to see a villainous character like her in future games. A female villain who's both strong and smart as hell? That's pretty rare these days where female villains are either high school bitches, or women which manipulates things from the shadows but can't fight as well as the heroes.


The negative of this game is pretty much depended on whether you like this game's combat mechanic or not. If you have played this game's beta before and you find the combat to be not to your liking, then you will not like this game. Simple as that. The soundtrack is also pretty lacking. Nothing epic even though the set pieces this game has is pretty damn awesome which lead me to put my own epic soundtrack that fits into the game. Oh and for some reason, 4 vs 4 matches that are not dominion doesn't work right now. Like, I tried many times and I still can't get a 4 vs 4 deathmatch. WTF??



Overall, this is a really fun game for me personally because I like the game's combat mechanic and am pretty good at it, and I find the singleplayer to be a really awesome challenge to play through. But because of how divisive this game is, if you people want to buy this game, I suggest getting it when it's much2 cheaper. Unless you saw how this game is played on youtube and want to play this game based on it which if that's the case, get the game now! Just be ready to master the combat first before entering the battlefield. I give this game my rating of "so awesome I will play it again and again". 

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