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Horizon Zero Dawn Reviews

5 posts in this topic

Reviews are coming out for Horizon Zero Dawn, with most of them being extremely positive.

Jeff Gerstmann (5/5)
Kirk McKeand (5/5)
Reid McCarter (6/10)
Peter Brown (9/10)
Lucy O'Brian (9.3/10)
Chris Carter (7.5/10)
Jim Sterling (9.5/10)
Philip Kollar (9.5/10)
Julian Benson (No score, "Horizon Zero Dawn: the Good, the Bad, and the Boring")
Caty McCarthy (2.5/5)


Horizon Zero Dawn - A Spoiler Free Appraisal


Negative reviews or parts of reviews seem to focus on repetition and generic open world style busywork, while everyone seems to praise the visuals.

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Honestly, I was hopefull of course but that's a better reception then I was expecting.  Yacuza 0, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh and now Horizon Zero Dawn all geting a generally good reception Playstation is really rocking them out right now.

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Ho. So the reviewers already got their hands on this game and they already finished it, while we have to wait till 28 February.

Life can be so unfair.


PS. Must assassinate reviewers and retrieve game immediately.



2017 has the absolute best collection of games in January - February since...... I don't know since when. Yakuza 0, RE7, Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, ALL of them are in the top 10 best games of 2017. And now we have Horizon Zero Dawn. What is going on here?? If these awesome games are out this early, how will the rest of the year top this shit??

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I watched more than a few reviews and lets start over?

I watch the trailers and wasn't impressed thinking the robot-tribal-post death of Civilization thing a story used up and ridiculous.

Then the reviews changed my mind after watching more than one. This game is better than Witcher Wild hunt, in my opinion.

Ok the robots things are cool....just the post-death-of-blah-blah is used up...until this game?

This for sure raised the bar and puts big-devs to SHAME...esp Bethesda and all the rest of the just coast thru with crappy games, that

are bug-ridden...ooh did I forget to put-down Destiny?...lame game for sure....So we now have a proven example of a game-dev

making a great game. I rate this game a 12 out of 10 only because there is so much crap out there. And it is nice a game dev did great!!


Edited by Grundvigs
Dah?...I forget to re-read....aah this old man....

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14 hours ago, Grundvigs said:

This game is better than Witcher Wild hunt, in my opinion......

.......I rate this game a 12 out of 10.....



I wouldn't go quite that far but Horizon Zero Dawn is damn near flawless, easily the best new IP since Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.  It's mythos is fascinating, the characters are interesting (except for maybe the villain who is a little clichéd), the voice acting is top notch, the combat is engaging against a unique variety of enemies and it's all up against the backdrop of arguably the most beautifully crafted open world to ever exist.


After going Platinum and 100% completion only real complaint is the the rather "unrewarding" reward box system.

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