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Nier Automata review. 2017 GOTY contender #1!!

4 posts in this topic

As I have promised, since I luckily got this game on PS4 because I have a singapore PSN account, I got Nier Automata's japanese version, which is in english anyway so thank God I got a japanese game that's in english compared to the Yakuza seriesessss that's not available in english yet.



This game's story takes place MAAAAAAANNNNNYYYYY years after the first Nier. So there's aliens from outer space attacking earth with their robots. People on earth can't survive against them so they all have to evacuate to the moon, and they have to combat these aliens by dispatching these androids. Many of them regular androids who's just like normal people, but they are not enough to fight. So these more advanced androids named YoRHa androids are sent in to help the androids fight. This game stars one of these androids, her name is 2B and she's a combat android capable of kicking tons of robots asses. Together with a recon robot named 9S, they fight the machines in order to take back earth from the evil hands, or tentacles of the aliens.



Then mind blowing and epic shit ensues, which doesn't. Freaking. Stop.



So I played the entire 29 hours of this game, completing every single part of this game, well except the sidequests which I'm going to do after finishing the game, and getting every ending to the bitter well fought end. And.........


well, here's the thing. Everytime the story progresses in this game, it always makes me go



And in some cases



And finally when the end happens, I do this



This game.... is fucking phenomenal. I..... I can't even...... zzuh...... HOW?? HOW CAN THIS GAME JUST GET BETTER AND BETTER EACH TIME I PLAY IT AND END IN SUCH A SATISFYING AND EPIC FASHION???


If I can compare Platinum games with something in relation to this game, I think of this game as AJ Styles' career.


So AJ Styles back when TNA doesn't fucking suck = Bayonetta + Madworld + Vanquish + Metal Gear Revengeance


AJ Styles when TNA slowly decends to hell but still has couple of good moments = Legend of Korra + Transformers Devastation


AJ Styles when TNA decided to suck hard = Mutants in Manhattan (because although Styles tries his best, TNA just hampers his potential)


AJ Styles in NJPW and afterwards WWE to become one of the best WWE champion of all time = Nier Automata




Platinum has returned in full fucking force. 



Or if I can compare Yoko Taro's previous games with something, I think of his game collections as Bray Wyatt's career.


Bray when he starts his "family" back when he was a threat: Drakengard 1


Bray when he's lost his credibility afterwards: Drakengard 2


Bray when he beat Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble 2014: Nier


Bray when he lost against Undertaker: Drakengard 3


Bray winning the WWE championship and becomes a threat: Nier Automata



I just watched WWE so......



In short, I didn't expect Nier Automata to be this fucking amazing. Like, Platinum did a much2 better job in making the gameplay actually fun and fucking awesome compared to when Cavia made Nier and Drakengard 1 & 2. I feel bad for Cavia since they make with what they could back then, but Platinum just trounces them like an elephant stepping down a rat and splatter it's guts all over the floor.


The gameplay is like what you have seen in the demo if you have played that. But overall, it doesn't feel like you're playing Bayonetta with Nier elements thrown in. It feels like you're playing the first Nier, but your character just so happens to move as smooth as Bayonetta.... if that makes any sense. And it's great. It's really jarring though that this game doesn't have any QTEs at all. Seriously. A Platinum game without this??


That's a first! 


The open world is, well, as you might expect from an apocalyptic wasteland, filled with ruins of civilization and other robots that are mostly harmless and don't attack you, except the ones that are fucking dicks. It's actually quite big and have many different areas, and you can explore these places either by running or taming animals with animal bait and then ride them to go fast as hell. No you don't get them by doing a quest like the first Nier where you have to beat an incredibly hard to kill boar that takes 10 minutes to kill, it's much easier in this game. Here's how you can ride them

And when you progress through the game, it comes to the point that you don't even need to use bait anymore, you can just ride them whenever you like. Neat!


There are these things scattered around the map that looks like vending machines, but they are actually save posts that you can use to enable saves.


Yes, this game purposefully doesn't do autosaving so you have to manually save. Don't worry, it's actually really easy to do and really fast. Now in the first couple of hours playing this game, it can get annoying that this game doesn't have fast travel, especially when the place for the next quest is pretty far away. But after a few hours you'll unlock fast travel and you can travel to any of the vending machines you have found in the world map, so it's all good!


Also this game is surprisingly influenced by Dark Souls a bit, because it has that "if you die you have to recover items from your dead body or else you will lose everything" stuff. HAHAHA, but if you have just saved your game before you die, you can pretty much just load your game easily and you don't have to recover your dead body in the first place. :) 


You can stumble into other dead player's bodies in this game, especially in boss fight areas because man, there's a lot of dead bodies there, and you can interact with these bodies in 2 ways: either take what they have which will heal your health as well, or have them fight alongside you, which is especially useful in boss fights. Well not really because their defenses are weaker than a wet paperbag, but they can help you in combat if you want.



Upgrading your character is pretty interesting here. Upgrading weapons is like the first Nier, you go to a weapons specialist and then either buy weapons or upgrade weapons as long as you have the right parts. Upgrading yourself though requires these chips that you can assign to the slot as long as you have enough storage.


You buy more storage from the shopkeeper, and there's a lot of chips with their stat boosts, like "increase health", "auto heal", "increased damage" etc. It's up to you to decide which chips you want to use. And yes just like in the demo, if you remove the OS chip, you're basically killing yourself and you'll get a false ending.



In the first Nier, you get Grimoire Weiss to help you shoot magic bullets and special attacks. Here you get support pods which helps you attack, and you can get more than 1 pods as long as you found them in the open world, which comes with their own weapons. You got the one that fires a machine gun just like in the demo, and I found a pod that fires a missile launcher. Plus remember in previous Nier Grimoire Weiss have special attacks like firing lancers, summoning giant fists and other cool stuff? The pods here can do that as well.


And as expected from Nier, there's areas in the game where the camera will switch from 3D to side scrolling 2D or even top down. But unlike the first Nier which is annoying and kind of clunky, here it's much smoother and better. Because Platinum knows their shit. And then there's other surprises thrown in that change the game completely, like the flying shooter segments, which are hmmmm, SWEET AS CANDY. It pretty much feels like playing Astebreed without the score multiplier, or bullet hell shooters

There's more stuff this game has, but I can't spoil any of it. So you'll just have to trust me that they're in the game, and they're awesome. ;)


Not only is the gameplay a major improvement, everything else is great too! It's has everything that makes the first Nier great, this time even better, which surprises me because I don't think it's even possible to top the first game's story, but it did! The characters are all great. 2B, 9S, Adam, Eve, the pod companion 042, the pacifist robot Pascal who's the sweetest robot you will ever see in this game, hell, even the enemies later in the game have great characterization that you care about all of them, and you feel sorry when they are subjected to racism in the game. Yes, racism. By the androids. Even though they're both robots. Even robots can be racist to each other, who knew?



The story is fucking phenomenal. How can a game that features androids fighting against robots that looks like this


be phenomenal? I don't know but this game fucking did it. And nope, I will not spoil anything about this game's story because it is a tale filled with so many twists and turns that has to be experienced. 


Do you have to play the first Nier to understand the story? Well no actually! It's perfectly accessible even to newcomers. There are MANY references to the original Nier which will send nostalgia up your spine if you have played the first game, but overall this game tells its own tale and you don't have to play the first game to enjoy it. Playing the first game enriches this game, but not necessary, which is sweet! 


Lastly the music, OHOHOHO THE MUSIC. If you think the first Nier have great songs, this game just up the ante. These are some examples. I can't put more because the titles of the songs will spoil stuff.


The only issue I have with this game is that at first, traveling can be a drag because the fast travel isn't unlocked yet. And then there's quite often framedrops happening in the city area of this game. It will fall from 60 to 30 ish, especially when there's dozens of enemies in the screen at once. Maybe by the time this game comes out in March 7 and 10 this won't be an issue.


BUT those things are just minor inconveniences compared to the amazing stuff this game has. Unlike the first Nier where I actually hated playing the game but I keep onwards because I like the story, in this game I love everything about this game except for the issues above. In fact I like this game so much, that out of all the great games that has come out this year so far that deserve to be in the top 10 games list like Nioh, Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7 and Yakuza 0, this is the first game that deserve to be GOTY. And I am dead. Fucking. Serious.


Ah yes, and the game also lets you play any part of the game that you want through a chapter select! Which is so unlike the first Nier where the game makes sidequests incomplete if you missed them after a key moment so you have to play the game from the beginning and makes sure to complete those sidequests or else you won't be able to complete them, and makes you repeat the same parts just to get through the endings other than A. Of course you have to get through 29 hours for that to happen but it's awesome that it's there, especially for completionists that wants to complete every single sidequests but doesn't want to replay the entire game from the beginning all over again.


And I think this is the first game I have ever seen that lets you unlock trophies, and later on Steam achievements by buying them. You read correctly. And all it takes is  you to actually complete the entire game's story and a fuckload of in game money! Want to get that delicious platinum trophy but don't want to sink in 100+ hours to do every single trophy requirements? Just buy them. I won't do it though because I am not even close to finding every single thing this game has to offer, and I will get them with my own determination damn it!


I give this game the rating of "so awesome that my mind is blown, I'm very happy, and I will play this game ALL over again! Well, before Horizon Zero Dawn comes out and I'll play the crap out of that game. But after playing that game, I'll return to Nier Automata to play the game all over again!" And of course this game gets the Badass seal of Approval!



Too bad Joe won't review this game. Or will he???



Oh I feel sympathy for you people that have to wait till 7 or 10 March for this game. But you know, anxiously waiting for the game and then playing it only to be blown away by how awesome it is is more satisfying, I think. Be prepared to have buckets ready near you when you play this game, because your mind will be blown and fall into pieces, and you'll have to reassemble your fallen mind chunks piece by piece!



Let's see if Horizon Zero Dawn is as great as the reviews said. Man, 2017 is probably the best gaming year since..... I don't know since when!



Update after playing Horizon. Looks like Horizon is ALMOST a GOTY contender, but that game is now one of the top 10 games of 2017 list, which is still great. Oh well, back to playing Nier again then, because I don't have a Wii U or Switch so I can't play Zelda. Damn you Nintendo, just make your first party games without motion controls multi platform already!

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I'm going to be busy with Horizon Zero Dawn for a while but based on your impression I'll certainly consider Nier further down the line.

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So. After 29 hours of this game. I can certainly make this statement.


Games this year so far that are worthy of a top 10 best games list: 


Gravity Rush 2

Yakuza 0

Resident Evil 7



Games this year so far that is worthy of game of the year:

Nier Automata



Holy fucking shit. This game is absolutely phenomenal. A gigantic improvement over the first Nier while still having the same thought provoking and depressing as fuck story and incredible soundtrack that makes Nier memorable. Just when you think ending A is all there is to this game, the game says "fuck that shit, we're not stopping now bitches, here's some more stuff to blow your fucking brains out" And it just keeps getting better. And better. And better. And better.


This is the complete opposite of Phantom Pain where in that game after you complete the first half, afterwards it's just a rehash of the first half with stupid cut content. In this game, the first half is NOTHING compared to the second half. It is just a non stop roller coaster ride from beginning to the freaking end, and even the end credits for the absolute final part of this game is fucking amazing. THE END CREDITS FOR GOD'S SAKES! The only other end credits that I can think of that's also this amazing is Undertale, but that is nothing compared to this game.


I'm going to update my first impression and upgrade it to full review, without spoiling anything of course. But bottom line, I don't know how Horizon Zero Dawn will top this game. It can try with its mechanical dinosaurs and tribes with fancy futuristic gadgets and...... oh...... so........ beautiful........graphics........



Ok I think Horizon will be a GOTY contender too. But Nier Automata set the bar first damn it!


19 hours ago, DemonsColt said:


Aw come on, you watch it too.


On 1/6/2017 at 3:10 AM, DemonsColt said:

well I watch mostly WWE, some TNA, and mostly some NJPW reruns on AXS tv.


This was the first LIVE WK I've seen, but I did see WK10 on AXS.



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