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BDO Guild status update

6 posts in this topic

I am probably not the only one curious but how active is the current BDO guild? What buffs has the guild unlocked? Is there any schedule for scroll runs/field bosses/etc? Does the guild participate in node wars?

I am currently in an active guild that does all of these things and if the AJSA is active enough or has the people to move up then I will be willing to join and help out if you will have me.

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You know I was wondering the same thing.


I have no idea who or if anyone is in charge of the guild.


It's probably like every other MMO the guild has played, meaning, about 6 people are left in what was once a 50-100 person guild.


Like yourself I am in another guild at the moment

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Well my family name in game is Seph on the NA server. Feel free to add me if anyone wants to meet up in game.

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dont quote me on it, but i believe it has been disbanded and anything in the guild warehouse was liquidated and distributed to those still in it at the time as my nub character has a payout that she cant even carry from when i joined around launch.

if a sister guild was created i have no knowlege.

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That's unfortunate. Well as I previously stated, my family name is Seph. Feel free to add me if you wanna do stuff in game.

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I am Currently on EU but i Would Play on NA ,i started recently since GW2 is very slow to rebuild but we trying

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