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EON description and resources

1 post in this topic

What is EON?

In short:

One instance you're attending a classy party, something goes wrong and the next thing you know you find yourself mentally scarred and fighting for your life

EON is a Swedish roleplaying game in the fantasy world of Mundana. There's a heavy dose of "realism" in the system, while it will sound like a simulator in most things, it however offer a lot of roleplaying stuff. Due to the realism aspect of the game, there's a slightly higher mortality rate of characters than D&D. The core rule system can feel difficult to learn and remember, and it in some aspects are, on the bright side, there are tons of different skills you can negotiate with the DM how to use them in certain situations where you think they'd fit, outside of their obvious use, or for a fun story.

I'd place EON in medium fantasy. There's magic, other "Peoples" ( EON uses "Peoples" instead of "Races" ) than humans, religious miracles, different kinds of monsters and so forth.
However Mages are not that common, and there are downsides to being a mage, aside from failing a spell and then failing to dissipate the out of control spell.
The other peoples aren't that different to humans, though from other fantasy games it is, no Orcs or Gnomes, basically they go by a different names though.
True "monsters" are also rarer.

Non-combat events are grouped into two groups, Challenges and Conflicts.

Challenges are events in which there's no direct opponent but a special goal. Another person or monster may be a part of that challenge, but not as a direct opponent and not the end goal.
Conflicts are when one part is trying to win over the other part about something, there's an active opponent.

Combat can be very fun, damage tables and hit tables really help in the story telling of what's happening and bring the fight more to life. As well as there being no health, but your character gets exhausted instead, and may or may not drop down when taking damage, because that is also a check you do with a dice pool.

Another aspect is Mental Trauma from events. Your character may be exposed to mentally disturbing challenges that can affect him/her in some way.

Unfortunately they've recently updated the game in the newest version and a lot of the old material isn't usable anymore in terms of gameplay, as fluff it works well. Magic is one of those things that weren't worked on so proper magic is for the time being out of bounds.

The characters have some random elements in their creation, important things in your backstory and what kind of bonuses or not-so-good things you carried with you from it.
You usually get points to spend on skills. Character improvement isn't as drastic as a "level up". As your story progress you'll be awarded with points, these points can be spent to have a chance of becoming better at a certain skill, learning a new specific skill, new religious stuff, a new language or as we house ruled, have a chance of increasing an attribute. As such, character progression is infinite and there's really no end to your character unless it dies or you retire it. Though improving your skills and attributes get more and more difficult the better you get.

From an earlier version of EON, my best kept memory was spending about one hour creating a new character, only to spend five minutes into the game and turn to sand. Mage using Earth magic turned my character to sand, a mage I didn't see after I exited a tavern brawl.

As for this newest version, I've only been DM, however last time we played, the party of three players came upon two "toad-people mummies". The mummies beat down the party's tank by round 2, then the ranger got one down in round 5 but went down himself in round 6. After that, the little Missel, gnomish / halflingish, character spent 10 to 15 rounds dodging and hitting the remaining mummy only to utterly destroy the mummy's ribcage and spine so hard it fell apart, how did he do it? He crushed it with a short sword.

A fun little thing is that EON uses "infinite dice pools", so to speak. Your skills and attributes are measured in a dice pool, as you may have noticed in the character sheet. When you then do checks you use the pool connected to the specific skill against a numeric value, difficulty. Any 6 you get on your throw is not added to the sum of all throws, instead you get two more dices to the pool. Example, you have 3D6 in Jumping, thus you roll three die, with the results 2, 5 and 6. You add 2 and 5 together and then roll two more die, 1 and 3, adding those to the total sum of 11. Had you gotten another 6, you'd have continued untill you didn't roll any more sixes.

Characters also have something called "Focus" which is a resource players can use to increase the size of their dice pool in situations they feel they need the extra power. It however recharge slowly and can be hazardous to ones health if all focus is gone and you start acquring disturbances that affect focus and well being. The latter is the max amount of focus your character can have. To recharge focus, you have to wait to a new game meeting, provided it's justifiable yo regain focus between meetings. Alternatively you can complete a task from your Character Trait, which is basically an incentive to roleplay your character more. You can complete one step of it as many times as you like, but only once per meeting will you get rewards for it.


Seeing as I'm hoping to get enough players together to DM EON, I thought I'd start off dropping some resources.

Mind you, these are translations from the real game, not something I've made up on my own. The real game is written in Swedish so I took the liberty of translating.

It needs work, especially the text heavy ones. I will put my mind to it when I get another project done. Character creation is at this point possible.

Will also translate more stuff so there's more content in English. Pleasd do provide feedback so I can improve it.


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