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Dark Templar

PC Special Operation #1 After Action Report

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Well ladies and gentleman of the Angry Army, we have graced the battlefields of Auraxis with our presence once again, starting off with an alert on Indar, and with a crash of lightning and the sound of thunder, we charged forth and conquered, both base and enemy fell before our might, starting with the capture of Mao Tech, we cut swiftly through the enemies, quickly capturing extremely difficult bases like Howling Pass Checkpoint, Ranshu Watchtower, and The Crown.


As the fighting continued and we started to push the Vanu off The Crown the alert ended with TR leading the other factions in territory, scoring us the three victory points we needed to capture Indar, securing our first Planetside victory in 2 years, with this we had a choice, take the fight to the snowy plains of Esamir, or the swamplands of Hossin, even though we have had some bad experiences with Hossin before, we chose to brave the muck, and assisted other outfits in need, more as defenders, quickly and efficiently, assisting in the defense and recapture of bases such as Nason’s Defiance, and Gourney Dam, and in a short time the Angry army saw its second continent capture in as many hours, and for some a personal victory, as we all remember the Angry Army’s first foray into those marshes….


Now, this day we have shown our strength, we have shown our resolve, and very soon our enemies shall know true fear!


      War calls….

       The Angry Army has returned….

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