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The Fastest Route (Leveling) to 70

1 post in this topic

1) Starter planet, do purple quests only & ignore everything else till lvl 11.

2) Fleet to combat section & get intro pvp+the weekly/daily & finish it. You'll get 7-8 levels from 1 or 2 matches.

3) Find the Crafting Intro mission & talk to every crafting trainer so you level once.

4) Go to the fleet's stronghold section, talk to the holostatue. Go to your stronghold, & gain around 1 level.

5) Now you are level 19-20, go to the fleet's middle ring, find Heroic 2 terminal for starter planet Heroic 2 missions.

6) Use Heroics quick travel, finish remaining starting planet purple missions+2 Heroic missions you picked up.

7) Return to fleet for the 1st companion.

8) Queue for tactical flashpoints while doing Heroic2 missions to kill time as you wait for queue.

9) At level 34, head to the Alderaan's Ruur Kilik Burrows. Go into the cave & massacre the Kiliks. Each mob grants you 7-10k exp.

10) At level 55, go to Rishi & start the planetary quest by talking to the bird man (no need for Revan Prequel stuff). That+ 1 daily for challenging gangs gets you about 2 levels in 10-15mins (more with double exp event). Do FPs or heroics to level 60.

11) At level 60 go do the first chapter (the hunt) 4 times. That will take you from 60 to 66.

12) Do FPs or heroics to 70.

In general: use exp armor, major exp boost, guild boost, legacy unlock boost and companion from level 1 for faster kills.

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