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Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews

3 posts in this topic

Arthur Gies' review:7.5/10

Chris Thursten's review: 8/10

Brett Makedonski's review: 6.5/10

Scott Butterworth's review: 6/10

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell's review: No score

Dan Stapleton's review: 7.7/10

Kirk McKeand's review: 8/10

Andy Hartup's review: 3.5/5

John Walker's review: No score

Joe Juba's review: 8/10

Keri Honea's review: 6.5/10

Brett Phipps' review: 7/10


Mass Effect Andromeda Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?": Sale or rent



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So...... it's the lowest rated game in Bioware's history overall. Still, it's not a complete piece of shit like the botched face lifts the game has, so that's a plus! 


After looking at the gameplay on youtube,

I have to say, this game is like a better Mass Effect 1. You're not restricted into the plot like 2 and 3 because there's no reapers to fight, you can explore planets with a sweet car, it still has that "Bioware" kind of wonder and exploration with plenty of missions and character interactions, now you don't have paragon and renegade system which makes your choices morally ambiguous like Witcher, and the combat is all around much2 better since it's not fucking Gears of "stick to cover 90% of the time". 


Dat fucked up boched face lift facial animations though..... UGHH. I thought it's only in the early parts of the game, but it happens way more often than I expected! Worse part is I heard that EA knows about this, and they don't even try to fix it with a patch. It's like "maybe if we feel like it." Wow. That and just.... some of the lamest line I have ever heard. This game has lines that's equal to the crappyness of that retarded Fantastic Four film in 2015. Especially this:


"no one's a pathfinder until they pathfound something."


Fuck you whoever wrote this shit. 


I can say this. It's a good game, definitely not a best top 10 game of 2017 material, but it's still good. Just get ready to expect humans with failed face surgery often in this game. And laughable script.

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Ya it's a good game but it to me is ME 1 in a new wrapper. Personally I liked 2 better than this, and once the community did away with Star Child ME3 was dern near perfect.


As with all Recent BW games the character creator is garbage, and since this game is built on the same engine as DA3 there will be only a few mods, no more using Ashley armor, or Jack armor. The weapon system reminds me of ME1, and again here we go with a million zillion hours of exploring to get materials for upgrades.


Yes I'll play it once with all the stuff I consider time consuming non essential game play and then will wait for the community, if they can, to give me the ability to start a game with all that stuff done. I doubt there will be a GIbbs save editor for Andromeda as there really isnt one for DA3

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