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Thanks for all the Cookies over the years

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When I found Angry Joe's channel in 2011 or 2012, I found it to be refreshing and entertaining on his opinion of reviews, calling out gaming industry bullshit and other gaming content but over the years (esp. late 2015/2016) I have noticed a change in the programming being provided, seeing more and more "filler" content such as reaction style videos which has no relevance (and bottom of the barrel effort) on what the channel was originally made for back in the day and what I have no entertainment value because of the larger and larger amounts of said material put on the channel.

What pains me to see such a great YouTube channel dilute down with irrelevant content bothered me to the point of unsubscribing not once but a second time to see if anything has changed. The community is a different beast which I have higher respect for at this point in time, especially those I've known on here since late 2013. I'd like to stay but I simply cannot continue to support Joe now unless he has a drastic change in the content on his YouTube channel.

For those who've known me for all of this time, I do thank you for conversing with me on all the topics that I have posted in over the years. For Joe's inner circle of friends, get Joe to change his course in content before the channel eventually goes into a downward spiral as I have seen numerous complaints on the discussion page on YouTube about what I have brought up multiple times in the AngryJoeShow subforum.

This might be the last time you see me on this forum unless there are major changes to the channel's quality of content.



AJSA member 2011/2012 - 2017

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I don't understand why you're not wanting to be involved in this community just because you aren't enjoying AJ's youtube content, but whatever.

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I tend to agree about the content being a lot more 'filler' these days, but it's ultimately AJ's choice because it's his channel so what he does with it, he does with it.

However... leaving the community because of that is -- and I mean no offence -- kinda dumb. There's plenty of people here that waste time flocking to each AJ video and criticize or defend it, sure but at it's core the AJSA is a gaming community... so who cares about that? Most of us are just here to play videogames while the 'men of learning' play with their quill pens anyways so... yeah.

But I get that it's your choice to leave and -- even if I don't get it -- I wish you all the best.


On a side note: Does anyone else miss the gaming controversies videos? Those were great.


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12 hours ago, Lazilot said:

On a side note: Does anyone else miss the gaming controversies videos? Those were great.

and those Rant Videos about hose Bullshit business practice of some Devs and Publisher (Marvel vs Capcom 3, etc...).

What i am still missing, is the 2nd year AJSA anniversary Contest Winner announcement.

But seems like that we (and this whole site) are dead for Joe.

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