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[XB1] Destiny - Age of Triumph Event Plans & Raid Notes

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AJSA Xbox One - Destiny - Our Age of Triumph Plans & Notes [April 2017]


Since we rebooted our AJSA Destiny operations here on Xbox One in October 2015, Destiny has grown to be one of our most prominent games within the community. You, the ‘Angry Guardians’, ventured across the Galaxy and overcame every challenge that was put in your way. Destiny’s latest Age of Triumph content update will be the next, and final, chapter of our adventure within this game’s universe. It will be our own ‘Age of Triumph’!

I’m pleased to share with you our plans and goals going forward with concerns to events, Raid groups, and squad activities. The new content drop will bring back several revised and improved Raids, a new Record Book, Daybreak Strikes, and more.

Event Activities

During events, on top of our current activities, we will be able to

- Run daybreak strikes
- Run new max level Challenge of Elders (PoE)
- Work on completion of new record book challenges

For members who don’t have Rise of Iron/Age of Triumph, they as always will be welcome to participate even though main focus will be on AoT activities. Just like how we do now, separate squads will be designated by the host to accommodate those without any DLC.

With the new activities being added for Age of Triumph, main content focus will be shifted over to PvE for events to try and complete as much of the new content as possible as a group.

I hope we can have a great time running all this new content and that it will keep us busy for a good couple months at least!

All Destiny event information on the Xbox One, including event times and dates, are in this thread:



- Let us aim to get as many members as possible leveled up to light level 400
- As a group, cover all the new content each event besides Raids
- Establish an official Raid Event Night towards the end of the month
- For members who want to do the Raids: getting them ready to do raids, gearing up, learning mechanics, running old raids for practice etc
- Completing Raid challenge modes (a boss will have a special challenge to complete on them for a substantial extra reward)
- Establishing a regular Raid team to run new content and reduce the need for LFG


One of, if not the, central highlight of the Age of Triumph is the revamped Raids. Destiny is bringing back all the old Raids and bringing them up to current light levels. New gear, equipment, and other goodies will be awarded to Guardians who now complete these Raids (such as Vault of Glass).

While the revised Raids will be exciting, they will be very difficult. Members who wish to participate during any official Raid Night or squads during non-event hours must know that there will be certain requirements you have to achieve before attempting to do a Raid.

For instance, Crota and VoG will require at all times a sniper rifle for all Raid participants. Requirements like this were standard for groups to have back when these Raids were current content. Maintaining certain standards like this will help us complete the Raid in a smoother fashion.

A date for an official Raid Event will be announced later. Outside of events I do plan to try and run the new 390 recommend light raids on a regular basis. I’ll be asking around at the events for members who are interested in participating. Don’t hesitate to contact me yourself!

Contact Information

Contact me with any questions regarding anything I outlined above and/or if you have an inquiry about any of the upcoming events.

Xbox Live Gamertag: MasterfulJoe101

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cant wait for this update. It's going to be one hell of a month.

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Is the AJSA team on Bungie still around? I'd like to rejoin it, it's been too long since I played with the AJSA on something.

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2 hours ago, Morgan249 said:

Is the AJSA team on Bungie still around? I'd like to rejoin it, it's been too long since I played with the AJSA on something.

Hey there :)

We still do have an AJSA team/clan on Destiny specific to the Xbox One. To get the tags and to see the clan roster when you're online, you can apply here. Either Joe and I will take care of your request to rejoin:

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