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Any tips for Fallout 2?

5 posts in this topic

Ah, my favorite topic and game.


You can play through the vanilla game, but instead, I would suggest you download this mod: RESTORATION PROJECT 

It's easy to install. Basically download and just follow the installer.

*Have a fresh save though.


It is not a mod like it adds custom stuff. It's a mod that adds items, towns, cities, quests, NPCs, props etc and 100s of things that were cut away from the original game back then, to make space and for game to be take less resources. It's a good way to start the game. It doesn't just add stuff, it fixes tons of stuff too. I would recommend it. The game originally had like almost 40% of it's content cut before release and this brings it back.



As for tips: it's not a game that will hold your hand. You gotta learn it and feel it yourself. Many ways to play it and finish it. Hell, you can finish the game without even levelling combat skills or kill anyone. Take it slow, enjoy the game and it will come natural.


Here is a few "directions" you might find useful as you play the game: 

1. When you arrive in a city called NEW RENO, somewhere in that city and part of the map you will find a secret basement under a gunshop. You will need to sneak in it so that the guy on the cashier doesn't attack you and don't get spotted by the dogs. In the basement, you will find a crazy gun nut who will mod/upgrade your weapons for free.

2. Loot anywhere you can.

3. Navarro. You will eventually get there and when you do, you wanna loot the fuck out of that place. Best equipment for free in the whole game. 

4. Try not to buy too much, if your negotiation skills are too low at start. You will get scammed. 

5. Den. 2nd town you will probably come across, if you talk to folks around. It's a crime and fucked up city, but if you got good sneak and steal skills, you can steal from the gun sellers and get good guns and ammo for free. You can even kill them, if you can handle them and your karma won't drop, because they are criminals. All gun sellers there. Save before you do though and make sure your karma stays positive or neutral after.

6. Special NPCs and skills. Throughout the game you will sometimes meet special NPCs that can teach you skills that you only acquire from them. So talk to people.

7. Always find diplomatic solutions and explore. Try to as often put skill points into Intelligence, as it can be VERY useful. Explore the dialogue. Fallout 2 always has a peaceful solution to a bad problem. Not only guns and killing.



And pretty much few more, I will add them as you play. If you wish, keep active in this thread and I can give you tips as you play, but overall, just enjoy it and explore. Really, really good game. If you won't mind the graphics and turned based combat, you will probably love it.

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My S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats are: 

Strength: 2

Perception: 7

Endurance: 5

Charisma: 6 

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 6

Luck: 5

My tagged skills are: Smalls guns, speech and science.

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21 hours ago, Laserrifle125 said:

Strength: 2



I also got the game, after I asked for Apex's professional, qualified opinion on the matter :D , needless to say I was stuck twice at the tutorial, and I died once, erm uhh I'm kidding of course, I pwned everything O_O 

Apex Spartan likes this

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