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Mass Effect Andromeda Angry review.

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On 3/21/2017 at 0:59 AM, Kaz32 said:

What score do you think Joe will give this game? And will he say "YOU DONE FUCKED IT UP!"? 


My guess is he's most likely going to give the game..... either a 6 or a 7. He'll certainly say that this game is a disappointment and a low point in the series. As for the "YOU DONE FUCKED IT UP", that depends on if he considers poor performance, dat fucked up botched face lifts of human faces and the lame as all hell dialogue as "FUCKED IT UP". Maybe he'll also mention how the story is weak and just a re thread of the first Mass Effect game and factor that as too, if the plot is as bland as I heard from other people that played the game already. But most likely yes, he will say those delicious words.




It's a shame that Joe's costume didn't come twice in a row, first power rangers and then this. Otherwise it'll be even more hilarious. Well, at least the in game glitches makes me laugh hard.

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Maybe it's just me, but considering there's rarely a game that genuinely impresses me I usually end up rating most of them 4-5/10 because either everything is the same (With slight tweaks -- like those wonderful microtransactions :D --) or just broken as all hell as evidenced by...

Beyond that I don't really have much else to say other than I think this game sucks, but if you like it that's fine.


Also the facial animations kinda remind me of this...


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I still don't get how he can give this game a 6 when there were soo many bugs and the game clearly was rushed. What I watched from the review this game should barely even hit a 4. Joe has been preaching about games being released finished and not being rushed but goes ahead and gives a game that clearly has these problems a 6? I think his fan boyism showed in his review. 

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A six seems about right for this game. It's above mediocre at best. 

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Kinda like the more laid back casual style of the review but I'm guessing I would be in the minority with that opinion.

As for the review itself, While I agree with most of the points given I would of given it a 7/10, Even with the bad animation and writing the gameplay itself is still rather solid and the visuals of some of the planets are breathtaking.

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:D AngryJoe really does not like "horde mode"!

As someone who has played ME3 MP to death, I have to say that I loved it. Every single player that i respect tells me that the ME:A MP is frustrating and a disappointment compared to ME3.

Maybe ME:A has the potential to be better, but wow - I can't imagine buying this game for £55 or even more and getting this as the product. I get the feeling a lot of faithful fans have been stung with a half baked game that cost way too much money.

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Hate to say it but I'm surprised it was even playable, this is what happens to EVERY company that EA murders and eats. Bioware is it's people and they jumped ship anywhere between 2014 and 2016. This included the Founders of Bioware, and the Creators of all of their best works including the Creator of MASS EFFECT. How is anyone still surprised by this EA buys out a company some say in a hostile manner some say not, then proceeds to go Corporate Commando on the Staff pushing out anyone that isn't willing to put making money first, second, and third priority. They then take what they were really after the Rights to various titles and series and proceed to destroy them with half assed, pay for pieces, rush jobs. Oh yeah and Dragon Age from what I've heard the guys behind that left after the last game but I can't confirm that one.


So yeah fuck EA and stop buying their shit before they have enough money to buy out Red Project. :P As for proof of at least some of what I've said.


If Bioware was honest

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