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The Red Mark

YouTube Heroes Experiment

3 posts in this topic

Hello, Angry Army my name is Anthony Cruz and I have been in this army for 6 months. A little bit of information about myself is that I am a college student studying for a marketing degree and I love making videos (some of the videos I do post are on my channel The Red Mark) and playing video games . However during that time with every thing happening to youtube especially with youtube heroes program. I have been wondering since the program is still up and one of the benefits include mass flagging is there a way to undo it by another inside the program? I mean if the program can allow people to troll content creators is there a way to people in the system trying to counter act the mass flagging and keep the content creators from being victims. I am planning on doing this youtube heroes program and run an experiment and what it will include is try and set up a little bit of a defense for content creators from trolls that have too much power to begin with. throughout this experiment I will have weekly reports about my findings in the program loop holes for content creators to keep creating videos and earn a living in the process. However this is just myself going into the program and If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below also wish me luck in the experiment.

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Yeah i signed up for it too with similiar thoughts. 

I still cant believe YouTube is basically giving CHILDREN and also hateful people moderator tools. :fail:

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To be fair I don't think we know who is being granted these powers (I don't think you know for certain anyway), so we can't just up and assume it is children or 'hateful people'.. but... Yeah, I think it's a pretty darn safe guess that this will in fact be the case.

Plus mass flagging is just a stupid feature to begin with. There is absolutely no need for any community to have such a feature to a moderator. If something is a problem, you flag it, and you can't tell until you see it, so there's no need to 'mass' flag since you'll just be assuming something needs a flag without giving it a chance, which in of itself a judgmental jerkass thing to do, and is the kind of behaviour that would deserve flagging in of itself if it wasn't endorsed by youtube itself.

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