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2 posts in this topic

A look into Brash Games' business practices, the drunken email that lead to Peter Molyneux’s leaving Bullfrog, details on Mount and Blade 2, Extra Credits on the auteur myth, a scammer takes on a cruel corporation in Eve Online, the making of Samurai Shodown, Writing On Games on the problem with Steam and shortfalls of pro-consumer focused Youtubers, PC gaming's rise in Japan, Darkest Dungeon gets mod support, Bayonetta gets PC release, Gearbox backs out of G2A deal, Peter Moore talks about his time at Sega and EA and about the time he told Sonic creator to fuck off, Double Fine announces winners of Amnesia Fortnight game jam, EA to invest $500 million in Quebec's game industry over the next ten years, how Mad Catz changed the fighting game scene, and more.




Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods)



EGX has uploaded videos to their Youtube account on the making of games, game development, funding, getting into journalism, return of WWII shooters, and ones on other topics, similar to GDC videos, just click the above link to go to their Youtube if you are interested.


Mount and Blade 2 is on a mission to be 2017's best RPG



This exciting sandbox sequel builds on everything the series has done so far.


Dawn of War 3 open beta coming this month, sign ups open now



The multiplayer beta will include access to all three factions and the Masters of War skin pack.

Dawn of War Weekly Episode 1: What is Dawn of War 3?


Welcome to Dawn of War Weekly, powered by PC Gamer, produced in collaboration with Sega. This six-part series explores Relic Entertainment's upcoming Warhammer 40,000 RTS.

In episode one Simon and Chris introduce the series, touching on the factions, singleplayer, multiplayer and more.

Dawn of War 3 unit and army customisation detailed


The army painter function has been part of the Dawn of War series since the beginning. It's a nice nod to the game's tabletop wargame origins. In Dawn of War 3 you can customise each faction with one of a collection of preset schemes that represent the various chapters and orders of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Or you can set colours individually and create the bright purple metallic Ork army of your dreams.

Dawn of War 3 drops explosive Imperial campaign cinematic


It's Orks versus Blood Ravens in this stylish opening short.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd is coming in May, Trails of Cold Steel to follow


Trails of Cold Steel 2 is on the way, too.


See Creative Assembly talk Total War: Warhammer at the PC Gamer Weekender


Creative Assembly discusses the direction of Total War: Warhammer on the PC Gamer stage, powered by Omen by HP.

Total War: Warhammer 2 dev diary video talks new races and the Great Vortex


But a mysterious fourth race remains unrevealed.


GI Show – Hellblade, Drawn To Death, Yooka-Laylee Interview


4:15 - Our impressions of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
19:45 - Yooka-Laylee
26:00 - Our reaction to the "Yooka-Laylee Rap"
28:05 - Blaster Master Zero
31:00 - Early impressions of Drawn to Death
39:00 - Community emails
1:29:50 - Playtonic's Gavin Price on Yooka-Laylee's development


Serious Sam Bogus Detour is a retro top-down take on the classic series


Adding to its ever-eclectic catalogue of games, outlandish publisher Devolver Digital has announced a partnership with indie outfit Crackshell and veteran studio Croteam to launch a new Serious Sam game. Named Bogus Detour, this one is a retro-styled action shooter that's due "early this summer."


Injustice 2 Official Shattered Alliances: Part 4 Trailer


Grodd and the Society believe their time has come.

Injustice 2 - Captain Cold Official Trailer


He's ready to freeze his foes and get vengeance for the death of his sister.

The Flash shows off some flashy moves in his full Injustice 2 gameplay trailer


'I have no idea who this is'

Injustice 2: Your Battles Your Way


With every clash comes change and the opportunity for evolution. The Gear System brings a new level of depth to the game, allowing players to evolve their play style and achieve their goals. Gear opens up vast possibilities for personalization by enabling combatants of all levels to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters to fit their fighting style.


Steel Division: Normandy 44 'Briefing' trailer reveals May launch date


Preorders are live now, and will get you access to the beta and a pair of "historical aces."


State of Decay 2 will launch with three open world maps



Play Anywhere title is due to release sometime this year.


Dawn of War 3 puts us through our paces at the PC Gamer Weekender


We still don't have a concrete launch date for Relic Entertainment and Sega's incoming Warhammer 40k-inspired RTS Dawn of War 3, however if Tom and Fraser Brown's early impressions are anything to go by it's shaping up well.


Disgaea 5 Complete first character trailer


NIS America has released the first in a series of character trailers for Disgaea 5 Complete.


Tokyo 42 explains the makeup of its gorgeous world


Latest dev diary talks traditionalism, brutalism and urban metabolism.


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom trailer introduces party members


Including a fiery mage, a master of wind, and others.


Double Fine announces winners of Amnesia Fortnight game-jam


Fans vote for four new prototypes, including a brawler where you craft your fighter from clay.


Outlast 2’s first two hours: religion, bloodshed and death in the cornfields


Red Barrels’ tense horror follow-up succeeds in upping the ante


11 bit coined the term 'society survival' to describe its new game Frostpunk


It's adventure time and you're the Ice King


Brian Blessed gets excited about voice acting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance cutscene teaser


The script, he says, is "brilliant."


Cosmic Star Heroine, the RPG inspired by Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star, is now on Steam


It took a lot longer than expected for the turn-based sci-fi JRPG Cosmic Star Heroine to arrive. The 2013 Kickstarter listed a 2014 launch date, which eventually became 2015, and then in 2016 we got an E3 trailer. But now it's 2017, and the day is finally here: The tale of an outer-space super-spy on the run is live on Steam.


Rumor: A new KOTOR game is in the works at BioWare Austin


Here's a rumor, courtesy of industry insider guy Liam Robertson, that BioWare Austin, which was originally created to develop the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, is now in the early stages of work on a new Knights of the Old Republic game. Robertson revealed the info, based on his anonymous sources, as part of his Patreon-exclusive podcast last week, the good bits of which were then shared with the rest of us by The Star Wars Game Outpost.




The following is a rough translation; a more official translation will be posted once it becomes available


New Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay footage shows Minas Ithil under siege


Middle-earth: Shadow of War sure looks exactly like Shadow of Mordor. One of the main differences here, though, are the environments. This latest gameplay trailer shows off Minas Ithil, a sprawling city under attack from ugly orcs.


Sine Mora EX slated for Switch via Brazilian ratings board



The listing is for Sine Mora EX, suggesting a re-release with some EXtra content. Additional platforms listed include PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android.


PC finally gets Bayonetta, runs at locked 60 fps on a GTX 1060


We’ve only been waiting seven years for Platinum’s most beloved game, and now Sega have finally made it happen: Bayonetta makes its surprise arrival on PC today. The 2010 original, previously only available for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, can now be bought from Steam.


Strafe Gameplay - New Levels from the Near-Final Build


We're exploring the near-final build of Strafe, the FPS inspired by mid-90s shooters.




KOEI TECMO Europe is excited to reveal today the upcoming western release of developer Omega Force’s latest one-versus-thousand action title and celebration of everything KOEI TECMO, Warriors All-Stars. Bringing together many of KOEI TECMO Games’ most beloved characters for an all-new Warriors style experience, Warriors All-Stars is headed to PS4 and digitally on PC via Steam on 1st September 2017.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Launching August 22


We’ve been hard at work since revealing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at PSX building a story and an experience that joins a new protagonist, fan favorite Chloe Frazer, with all of the hallmarks of an Uncharted adventure. Today, we’re excited to share new footage and additional details about the game you’ve been eagerly waiting for—beginning with our release date. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will launch on August 22, 2017 in North America for $39.99 USD, $49.99 CAD. The Lost Legacy will arrive on August 23 in Europe.


The Entire Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Saga Gets Bundled Up This Fall



Naruto Shippuden has ended and the Boruto spin-off series has begun. Seems like a good time for Bandai Namco to bundle together four video games covering the entire saga, which is exactly what’s happening with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy and Trilogy for Xbox One, Ps4 and PC.


Guerrilla: Horizon’s Sequel Would Have To Have An Equally Deep Story & More Machines



A few developers of Guerrilla Games have been interviewed by Game Informer (May 2017, issue 298) after the release of the highly acclaimed open world action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn, launched last month exclusively on PlayStation 4.


Westworld actress joins cast of The Last of Us: Part 2


Actress Shannon Woodward, best known for her role as Elsie Hughes in Westworld, has joined the cast of The Last of Us: Part 2.


BioWare apologizes for Mass Effect: Andromeda's Hainly Abrams character


Abrams "was not included in a caring or thoughtful way."

Mass Effect: Andromeda cracked in less than two weeks despite Denuvo and Origin


Resident Evil 7 retains the dubious honour of getting its Denuvo protection cracked in the fastest-ever time, with open versions released to the public in less than seven days. Mass Effect: Andromeda has now been cracked and spread around the Internet after around 13 days.

Mass Effect: Andromeda's eyes look much better as of today


The big white face orbs now look more like regular, human face orbs.


Besiege update to add multiplayer and a level editor


The early access build-'em-up is also cheap for the next week.


Darkest Dungeon now has full mod support through the Steam Workshop



There's already a bunch of them to play with, including a Long War-style "reimagining."


Big new For Honor patch goes a long way to making the game better


Ubisoft has released a big patch for For Honor that goes some way to addressing many of the concerns of the community.


Battlefield 1 to get monthly updates, Platoons, and more



As for what we can expect in the Spring Update, DICE is finally bringing Platoons to Battlefield 1. This will allow you to team up with your friends and stick together as one unit in multiplayer matches. This is definitely appreciated, as I feel like it's easy to lose track of where your friends are on the battlefield and feel rather lonely.

EA reveals new Battlefield 1 map coming in June


It's called 'Nivelle Nights' and it will be free for Premium Pass holders.


Elite: Dangerous update adds avatars to the game today



The Commanders adds multicrew ships, new player roles that change the game dramatically


Overwatch’s 25th hero is “very far along in development”


Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan is currently in the UK for the videogame Baftas, so naturally the English press have been grilling the heck out of him. You can see us doing just that in the video above, where we learned about the upcoming omnic Overwatch event.

Jeff Kaplan on the pressures of being Overwatch's game director


“Literally all night, every night, I’m thinking about the game.”

We talk with Overwatch's game director, Jeff Kaplan about his popularity amongst players and some of the pressures that come with being the public face of such a huge game.

In the Company of Heroes: An Interview with ‘Overwatch’ Designer Jeff Kaplan


We discuss new characters, the importance of the meta, and the social responsibilities of game developers in the 21st century.

Overwatch Insurrection trailer translated, new skins and sprays identified


Overwatch's upcoming omnic event is called Insurrection. We know this because PlayStation France just published the trailer too early.


Planet Coaster’s Spring Update brings Go-Karts, crimes


When I played Theme Park with my brother, he’d ask me to hire dozens of mascots so he could watch thugs roll in to beat up the pogoing teddy bears. It’s the small things in life, y’know.


Ghost Recon Wildlands: Narco Road comes to season pass holders next week



Everyone else gets the first expansion a week later.


The future of EVE Online



CCP on going free-to-play, the future of its long-running space MMO, and the challenge of attracting new players.


Gearbox Hit With Backlash For Partnering With Controversial Game Key Seller G2A



Recently, Gearbox announced that they’re partnering with game key re-seller G2A for a collector’s edition of Bulletstorm. Problem: over the years, G2A has been subject to widespread criticism for lax security, enabling fraud, and making money at developers’ expense. Predictably, Gearbox has taken serious flack for the partnership.

The G2A/Gearbox situation


Ok folks, here's where we are. After hearing about the G2A and Gearbox partnership to produce a collectors edition of Bulletstorm: Full Clip, I made the decision to stop covering Gearbox games. The reason was fairly simple. G2A is a company that profits directly from stolen goods. G2As existence as an easy place to sell keys acquired en-masse through credit card fraud, thanks to their lax checks and lack of corporate responsibility, has done damage to indie developers, publishers and retailers who are often hit with large numbers of credit card chargebacks. G2A actively profits from these sales in many ways, which include the practice of selling a form of insurance against stolen goods listed on their own website, an insurance that happens to be incredibly difficult to unsubscribe from due to underhanded tactics from the company. These issues and far more besides are detailed in the list of links at the bottom of this statement.

Gearbox begins "extraction process" on G2A deal after its demands go unmet


It hasn't quite walked away from the deal, but it's taking steps toward the door.

Gearbox announces new partnership with guy in oversized trench coat (Fauxclusive)


Following the demise of its poorly planned deal with gray market reseller G2A, Gearbox announced today any new partnerships the company makes will only be with retailers that are on the complete up-and-up, such as its new deal with a guy on a street corner wearing an oversized trench coat.

G2A accuses Gearbox of 'defamatory statements' and says it won't change its business


Key seller claims it's already doing everything Gearbox wants.

Keys scammed by email are legit "because they come from the developers", say G2A


"As you can see on the example of Rami Ismail, keys are legitimate, because they come from the developers," Maciej Kuc, head of PR at G2A, tells me via email. "No one else is able to generate game keys."


Persona 5 ships over 1.5m copies worldwide



Stylish JRPG Persona 5 has shipped over 1.5m units worldwide, publisher Atlus has announced.


CD Projekt says 'Cyberpunk' trademark filing is not part of an 'evil plan'


The European trademark was granted earlier this week.


German authority rules that streamers require a 10,000€ broadcasting license



German authority Landesmedienanstalt has temporarily ruled that Twitch streamers will need to purchase an expensive license to stream video on the site. Because of outdated laws, streaming is lumped under the same category as a television or radio broadcaster.


British man charged after US gamer is shot by Swat police following hoax terrorism call



Robert McDaid, 21, is alleged to have called a terrorism hotline in the US state of Maryland posing as a man called Tyran Dobbs.


EA plans to add 500 new jobs in Montreal



Publisher will invest an estimated $500 million in Quebec over the next 10 years


Far Cry 4 creative director leaves Ubisoft to cofound Typhoon Studios


It's a notable addition to Montreal's dev scene, though it's yet unclear how large the studio aims to be or what it plans to create.


StarCraft II's lead gameplay designer moves on to new project within Blizzard



David Kim was a competitive StarCraft player before joining Blizzard.


Google's chief game designer Noah Falstein steps down



The games industry veteran, who's storied career has spanned almost four decades, decided to leave the company after becoming disillusioned at the lack of tangible game dev opportunities being presented to him.


Modder Used BioWare's Own Reference Model to Change Sara Ryder in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'



fsm135: When I say improved, I don't just mean how attractive the face is. The default face is inferior not because it's ugly, but because it doesn't seem real. It's a perfect representation of the uncanny valley. My original intention wasn't actually attractiveness at all.


The modders making games more gender-diverse



“I’ve almost come to expect little to no representation,” says Hannah. “Being able to play a character that is different from myself is fun and interesting, but playing one true to myself I find is often more fun. It feels more real if you are in the world rather than just an observer playing a person in that world.”

Unwilling to sit idly by, Hannah took it upon themselves to broaden Stardew Valley’s gender diversity, modding the game so that NPCs referred to the protagonist with gender-neutral pronouns and replacing the gender symbols in the character creator with ungendered body-type indicators.

The response from other players was overwhelming.


What Happened After Nintendo Cracked Down On A Zelda Fan Game



Following Mario Maker’s huge success, fans clamored for other Nintendo franchises to adopt easy level-creation tools. “Zelda Maker” seemed like a no-brainer, until Nintendo itself suggested such a game would be difficult to pull off. One game developer took that response from Nintendo as a challenge.


Esports News


The University of Utah plan to offer esports scholarships for prospective students



Leading the way for collegiate esports in the USA, the University of Utah will be the first major sports school to offer an esports scholarship to prospective students. Starting with League of Legends, Utah’s first varsity esports team is planned to compete in the 2017 Campus Series, Riot’s collegiate championship.


The Weekend In Esports: Tecmo Super Bowl Returns



Tecmo Super Bowl is back! Re-live the glory of the most beloved sports game of all time by watching its top players face-off this weekend in the game’s annual Madison Bowl.

Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.


Fnatic Upset Top European Team In League Playoffs



This weekend marked the kickoff of the League Championship Series’ spring split playoffs, and in the European region, top team H2K finally met its match against a revitalized Fnatic.


13-Year-Old Prodigy Wins Pinball World Championships



This past weekend, the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association (or PAPA) hosted the world championships of pinball, bringing flipperheads together under one roof to compete on classic machines for the top score and prize. It was a fantastic display of pinball wizardry, marred only by an incomprehensible production set-up.


RunAway Blows 3-1 Lead In Overwatch Apex Finals



OGN, a Korean esports organization, hosted the grand finals for Overwatch Apex Season 2, and it was a barn-burner. RunAway, a Cinderella story team with no organization, met the titanic Lunatic-Hai, a team whose only loss in the group stage was to RunAway. A mixture of revenge and underdogs, and a grand finals that went the distance.


Gamer Gauntlet 2017 Sets Sail for Esports This October



Gamer Tech Events Inc have a different kind of esports event planned for October this year. Gamer Gauntlet 2017 is a three day cruise that will take gamers and esports fans on a round trip from Port Canaveral in Florida to the Bahamas and back. The event is unique and as the first video game themed cruise there has been a lot of interest from brands and personalities looking to be involved.


Israel Hosts its First National Esports Championship in Tel Aviv



How do you know a country’s esports scene is on the rise? Telltale signs usually include foreign sponsorships and investments, TV network coverage and local government endorsement. However, nothing registers the hype like a nationwide competition pulling in gamers from across the country. Israel is the latest territory to experience this boost – it’s first country-wide esports championship concluded yesterday, with 10,000 fans in attendance.


Winterfox Owner Allegedly Owes Players, Team Unable to Travel to Event



Winterfox owner Brian Cordry has not paid the salaries of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive team and has left the entire squad without visas to travel and compete in the USA, a report from Slingshot alleges.


Crowdfunding News


GX Australia — The Goodbye Blowout Party!


Help us fund GX Australia and join us for a party celebrating both years, our amazing community, and the memories we've all shared.


Sacred Fire: Psychological RPG about revenge and loyalty


Develop your inner strength in a tactical choice-driven RPG inspired by Caledonia, featuring Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher.

The story behind PS4 RPG Sacred Fire’s cult of personality


How the character choices you make will alter Poetic Studio’s upcoming choice-driven narrative adventure

I am interested in this and it just barely reached its goal, so including it one more time.


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc)


Brash Games


Speaking of ghosts, did you know that Brash Games deliberately ghosted themselves from Metacritic, GameRankings, and OpenCritic (marking themselves as “out of business on Meta and GR, which is an outrageous and egregious lie – it’s here right now) to avoid having any sort of public record of reviews available which would have attributed work to the proper authors? It’s true! In fact, when reviewers leave, work gets automatically attributed to “Brash Games”, which is solely operated by Paul Ryan, thus making it seem like he did all the work. OpenCritic are doing an investigation into the behaviour of the site and everything.

OpenCritic’s Look Into Brash Games


On March 31st, the OpenCritic team received evidence that Brash Games, then an officialpublication on OpenCritic, had changed the review score of a review written by Josh Robertsondespite his clear objection. When we reached out to former writers for Brash Games, wereceived numerous similar reports of scores being changed without informing the author or inspite of clear objections.

Good to finally see what was happening with them. Been hearing things about their reviews for some time, that OpenCritic was looking into them, saw they broke the embargo date for Yooka Laylee and Rain World reviews, and they kept following then un-following then blocking and re-following people on Twitter (myself included).


How a scam in EVE Online turned into its greatest rescue mission



A master scammer takes on a cruel corp in the depths of space.

“It was a really shitty thing to do,” Scooter adds—and that’s saying something for a professional scammer. “I’m talking to these guys as Neerah, and suddenly as they’re explaining the situation to me, I realise all of them are nice fucking guys.” While burning Scottmw15 was still Scooter’s plan, he needed to find a way to make sure the innocent members didn’t get caught in the crossfire.

Returning to The Mittani, Scooter told him everything. “We’re going, this is fucked up. This guy is actively hurting the game itself. I know in the past I’ve scammed people, but shit, those people have been in the game for years and should know better,” he says.


How Japan learned to love PC gaming again



From 2010 to 2017, Japan has embraced the PC. Developers talk about the challenges they overcame to make it happen.


The making of Samurai Shodown



A rare interview with three former team members


The Good Boys of 'Final Fantasy XV' Are Actually Terrible



"Please, if the conduct of Noctis, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto reminds you of your close friends, get better friends."


Resident Evil and the power of narrative context



By putting the player in a situation where's there not enough space to move, or to aim at the enemy, gameplay can quickly grow boring. But when combining gameplay with narrative and context, you can turn this into an even more immersive experience


Inside the Shady World of PlayStation Network Account Resellers



When your username and password is compromised, it opens the door to all manner of unexpected consequences.


The strange, timeless appeal of early 3D platformers



If you were a freelance video game journalist in the mid-1990s there was one genre that you learned to both love - and massively detest. That polarising genre was the character-based 3D platformer.

'Yooka-Laylee' is Breaking My Damned Heart


3D Platformers are my favorite thing, but Playtonic’s spiritual successor to 'Banjo-Kazooie' falls flat.


Nintendo Is Failing Its Disabled Fans



Unlike the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Nintendo's new Switch console doesn't provide any options for button remapping. Previously, button remapping happened on a game-to-game basis, but both Sony and Microsoft implemented the feature system-wide. Nintendo has not.


More than ‘joke’ controllers, Mad Catz forever changed the fighting game scene


And that was the company's reputation for a long time: controllers, memory cards and other third-party peripherals that didn't compare to other name brands. When the news of Mad Catz' Chapter 7 bankruptcy hit last week, some on Twitter – under the hashtag #ripmadcatz – recalled those feelings of truly busted gear.

But those aren't the memories members of the fighting games community shared. Mad Catz, during the late '00s and first half of this decade, helped revitalize the competitive scene. The company's devotion to building quality controllers for fighting game players, as well as sponsorship of tournaments and international players, can be credited for giving franchises like Street Fighter more prominence in the esports world





If Kojima utilizes bodies to delete humanity, Yoko Taro uses them to explore it. Nier is awash with the qualia of its characters. The game explores a vast amount of backstory for its main cast through typical expository cutscenes, but also through collectible data files, and, most effectively, through protagonist dialogue that’s triggered as you explore in real time. The player may be wandering a desert, on their way to the next waypoint when Emil will begin talking about how much he enjoys camping under the stars with Kainé, anecdotally detailing a small but illuminating bit of character development. This sort of supplementary exposition gives the player a densely textured sense of each of the main characters.


“Glory to Mankind,” by Ed Smith



A cheap appeal to teenagers who have never read his work, when Nier: Automata introduces a robot called Sartre, and gradually reveals the machine to be cruel and narcissistic, it stakes a claim against philosophy. In life, Jean-Paul Sartre declined his Nobel Prize in Literature, explaining a “writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution.” In Nier: Automata, the machine Sartre is an egotist which dismisses and refuses to reimburse gifts from his adoring fans. Perhaps this is illustrative of a humanistic story. A mere robot, which has ostensibly downloaded the writings of its namesake, Sartre is unable to comprehend that intelligence, prowess, and superlativeness might also be concordant with modesty, humility and deference. If Nier: Automata expressed a clearer liking of people—if it contained a single truly human character—one might concede that its derision of the robot Sartre is in praise of the human’s more nuanced mind. But a game about computers killing other computers, which makes only token and confused references to our experience, can’t help but seem sinister. When Nier: Automata jokes about Sartre, it is inviting its audience to distrust and think venal the philosopher’s pursuit of truth, and regard instead its own trite and self-serving review of human nature.


‘Papers, Please’ Is Frighteningly Resonant in Trump's America



What to do when "just doing your job" puts you on the wrong side of morality.


Persona 5's In-Game Locations Compared To The Real World



While Persona 4 takes place in a town called “Inaba,” Persona 5 takes place in Tokyo.

This article was originally published on September 27, 2016. It has since been updated with more comparisons.

This Might Be Persona 5's Biggest Translation Fail


Persona 5, an otherwise wonderful game, definitely has some localization issues. You can find many examples of clunky writing and awkward translation decisions, but this one might be the biggest flub of them all, for a variety of reasons.

The 'Persona 5' Screenshot Ban Hurts Our Ability to Connect With It


Screenshots let us remember the journeys we've taken in games, so what does it mean when Persona 5 disables them?


Playing roguelikes when you can’t see



For most of us, traditional roguelikes are intrinsically inaccessible. They’re notoriously difficult, their design is complicated and often opaque, they can have more hotkeys than there are keys on the keyboard, and their ASCII-based visuals mean that it’s often unclear what’s happening on the screen. It’s these exact qualities, however, that ironically make roguelikes accessible and even appealing to blind or low-sight players.


From Donkey Kong to Snake Pass: the music of David Wise



The legendary composer on glorified doorbells and leaving Rare.


Peter Moore Talks Leaving Electronic Arts for Liverpool FC and Telling 'Sonic' Creator Yuji Naka to "F**k Off"



We filmed all of these, right? I packaged this up, and I said, 'This is our our manifesto for the future.' So we make a huge presentation in Japan, and I said, 'We need to be incredibly aware of the challenges we face as a brand at Sega,' you know, and so I play the video. Yuji Naka, Naka-san, maker of Sonic, is in the room. Now, he and I have a love/hate relationship on a good day. And we show him this, and it's subtitled in Japanese, and when it comes to that piece he just [slams his hand on the table], 'This is ridiculous. You have made them say this. Sega is the great brand, nobody would ever say this, you have falsified!' He just gets in my face. So I said to the translator, 'Tell him to fuck off.' And the poor guy looks at me and says, 'There's no expression in Japanese.' I said, 'I know there is.' And that was it. That was the last time I ever set foot in there.

I rarely get upset, but to be accused of doctoring a video, because there's none so blind as those who will not see, right? I loved Sega, still love Sega, but it was dominated by the developers to the extent where Sega as a company couldn't move if Nakagawa-san, Yu Suzuki, Iguchi weren't into it. The world was changing around them, and we were desperate. I said that we've got to get content that is mature. It's ironic to me that one of their best-selling games, subsequent to all of that, is now Yakuza.


Meet Brendan 'Playerunknown' Greene, Creator of the Twitch Hit 'Battlegrounds'



The 41-year-old created the enduring 'battle royale' genre in in his spare time, and never expected to be a full-time game designer


Inside 'RimWorld', the Cult Sci-Fi Hit That Just Keeps Growing



How a former designer on 'BioShock Infinite' worked alone to build one of the top selling games on Steam


'Buffy' Actor James Marsters Talks Games, Being a Graphics Junkie and 'The Witcher 3'



Spike, Sunnydale's resident vampire, takes his PlayStation everywhere, loves 'The Witness' and is waiting for Bioware to fix 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'


Hideo Kojima on the Philosophy Behind 'Ghost in the Shell'



As a Hollywood movie, it finds a certain degree of success by interpreting the "ghost" of the story – the fundamental theme – through its visual presentation, and it's actually extremely successful at fitting into the shell of a Hollywood blockbuster. For viewers that might shy away from the reflective and philosophical leanings of the manga or anime, this is definitely the version to see.

I don't know if I shared his past reviews but clicking his name you can see him write about Kong, Mad Max, and La La Land.


A Recipe for Great Game Jam



In 2015, I was invited to do a talk at the Nordic Game Jam for the less seasoned jammers, focussing on the do's and don't's that could help people have a better jam experience. Now, with a new jam season under way, I decided to turn it into this article, based on my own experience, sparring with colleagues and a bit of Game Jam research. Among other things, I found a survey done after a Ludum Dare a few years back where some of the responses really surprised me.


What Made Psychonauts Special | Game Maker's Toolkit


Let's look at how Double Fine weaved characterisation into level design, in the 2005 cult classic Psychonauts.


The Real Problem With Steam - Writing on Games


It’s fair to say that Valve has a bit of an image problem. So much so that they actually flew Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit out to consult on their plans to improve Steam. The results… ain’t so convincing; giving the appearance of contrition to two very specific YouTubers. In this episode of Writing on Games I want to talk about why the real issue is larger than Steam, why this is bad for developers and consumers alike, and why flying "pro-consumer advocates" out to Valve can't really solve it. The wonders of capitalism, everybody!

I also talk about my issues with pro-consumer advocacy in this episode. As my disclaimer at the start states, I’m not trying to attack anyone here. If I name names, I’m not angrily singling people out. Even though I may be flippant at points, I actually have a great deal of respect for the people involved; I just think we could be discussing issues like these more effectively. If you watch this and feel like it applies to you, please don’t take it personally and feel free to disagree. Cool? Cool.


The Auteur Myth - Lone Visionaries... and Their Teams - Extra Credits


When a game comes out, blame or praise often falls on the one person we think of as its "auteur," the lone visionary who directed its creation. This skews the reality of development: games are the product of a whole team whose diverse contributions all help shape what it becomes.


What Happened to Mass Effect Andromeda's Animation? - Extra Frames


Mass Effect: Andromeda has animation problems... but why? What could cause such a high profile game to falter where others, even other Bioware games, have succeeded? Game animator Daniel Floyd explains the factors that influence faces and dialogue in a massive RPG.


Stories Untold: The Best Game Ever




A videogame about a philosophy about everything.


How Peter Molyneux Played God and Became Famous (IGN Unfiltered #18, Episode 1)


Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux (Fable, Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White) describes his early years in game-making, including...exporting baked beans??

How a Drunken Email Led to Peter Molyneux’s Leaving Bullfrog - Unfiltered


Legendary game designer Peter Molyneux tells the real story of exactly how he departed from his own Bullfrog Studios.


NEVER A MEMORY | FF7 History / FFVII Retrospective (SPOILERS)


In this 30-minute FF7 history lesson, let's take a good hard look at what this legendary game had to offer, and why it is still remembered as one of the most influential masterpieces of the generation. First in a two-part in-depth FFVII retrospective, where we delve into the beginnings of Final Fantasy on the NES, all the way through Final Fantasy 7 on the Playstation, the best-selling and most treasured game in the franchise. Learn about the spinoff games such as Dirge of Cerberus for the PS2, and Crisis Core (PSP), as well as the game's inspiration to the gaming industry.


How Ratchet Lost Its Edge - 2002 Original VS 2016 Reboot Comparison


Dreamworks Ratchet returns for another adventure, this time attempting to erase his past incarnations with his almighty memes. Can he pull it off, or has TGB had enough?


Infiltration's Guide to Ibuki - SFV [Advanced]


Infiltration teaches how to play Street Fighter V's Ibuki.


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies


Zelda BotW


Boss Fight Whiner


Game Over


PCGamer Geralt


Watch Mercy and Sombra from 'Overwatch' Trade Voice Lines


Carolina Ravassa and Lucie Pohl turn a New York meet-up into Sercy treat


Stealing Hearts for Self-Defense


persona 5 warrants it


Things I Missed From Previous Weeks


Why video game cameras seem to always suck



Final Fantasy XV was in development for 10 years. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people across six different game development studios helped created it. Yet its camera — a fundamental part of the way players interact with the game’s world — is severely flawed.

The weight on the game’s metaphorical shoulders was enormous — not just for the future of Final Fantasy as a game series, but possibly for the entire future of game consoles in Japan, according to game director Hajime Tabata. And it delivered on its enormous promise in many ways. How is it possible that a game into which so much was invested can have such a seemingly simplistic flaw?


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Might wanna comment that trails of cold steel 1 and 2 are already out on ps3 and vita, that they are merely following on PC soon.


That said not just May, but May 3rd! Super mega early may! Man my gaming wallet is already at spiderwebs at this point. Dark souls 3 GOTY out in a week or something. PSN Golden week coming within a month or less, I still need to buy Nioh... 3rd is top priority though, no way in hell I'm not getting it day 1 unless mafiosos tie me up in some dungeon or something.

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