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Outlast 2 Angry Review

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So are you alone walking home in the dark?  If you are remember........



AJ, OJ and Purruna take on Red Barrels Studios' first person horror sequel to see if it's a true freight night or just an empty stab in the dark.





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I'm very thankful for this review because now i know i would hate this game for the pretty much the same reasons as i hated Deamon Souls. Instead of being entrusted to get though sections using your spacial awareness, strategy and reflexes, instead it's cryptic, trail and error bullshit. I hate that in games.


A good horror game shoild be about one thing. Atmosphere. And whilst im sure this game has that, when you break tandon with bad gameplay, then that ruins it.

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I was watching the stream for a bit to see some of the gameplay elements,  I didn't like what I saw lol ~ money saved :)

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As someone who finished this on normal difficulty, I agree with the whole Trial and Error part of it. But I maintain the thought that it's how the developers try to keep the sense of panic in the player. I also agree that the whole chasing mechanic does get old. Heck, even with Outlast 1 and Whistleblower, you could tell when and where there's going to be a chase sequence. It's always: Trigger event, run for your life and hope you know where you're supposed to go. If not, die and figure it out again. Heck, on my first stream of this, I died a few times the first time we're introduced to that pickaxe chick Marta, all because I had no idea I was supposed to crawl under something.


Luckily, I didn't get any instances of the AI staring straight at me, but not being able to see me. And if what we see in this video is how the AI acts on hard, I'm really curious how they'd be on insane, which is what another Youtuber friend of mine is doing for his playthrough.


As for the story, yeah, I have still no idea what the deal is with one character, but I sorta understand what the motive is for one of them. Although I see what the devs wanted to do with jumping between the rural cult town to the empty school, it sorta made the narrative for one of them confusing. I still don't really understand how one related to the other. The story they're telling for the school is more straightforward than the cults though, for me at least.


Not really sure what sort of DLC they'd do to continue this. Yeah, the ending wasn't great, but it seemed pretty conclusive for me. I will say though, seeing another streamer finish this last night, there was a small detail in the endings we got that was different from each other. I really wonder what triggered that difference.

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Horror games like Outlast and so on, games that rely on nothing else, but good atmosphere, should be focused on that, with good gameplay mechanics and not difficulty and trial and error. I lost hope in horror genre long time ago, with horrors only relying on running and stealth. I did enjoy Outlast a lot and I loved it, but it's a rare game that makes me love such horror games, so seeing how badly Outlast 2 seems to be, I'll probably skip it.


Bunch of backwater hilly billy religious fanatics isn't really original either, so I'm not interested. Outlast 1 was not super original with all the abandoned mental institution crap, but that "ghost" kind of made me interested to find out who he is and what happened so I kept on playing. Outlast wasn't that scary as much as I just found the ambiance and atmosphere over the line good so that was a win.


I just hope the horror genre won't be forever stuck on stealth/run mechanics because RARELY, does any fucking developer get it right and now even the dev behind a great previous title, fucked it up. How much do I miss shit like Dead Space: something with action, fucked up enemies, good story, good gameplay and creepy atmosphere. Not too much action like DS3, but I didn't mind it.


We will see, but yeah...for me personally, the horror genre became super stale. Each one that comes out is the same gameplay mechanic: run and hide.

It's so much risk and reward. If you fail the atmosphere, plus the only "gameplay" is pretty much just running and hiding and you fail the story and atmosphere, then you fucked the game up already.

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