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New Player Help Thread- Resources, tips and Q&A

2 posts in this topic

I had this idea to start the thread because when I was starting, and I still do today, I researched this game on various wikis and countless other sites. The general idea of this thread is to help new players that have questions and catalog all the answers into a format so that if someone has a similar question they can read the old response. If the game is patched I will amend the original response and add any extra new details if needed.

So quite literally if this is an active thread we may end up with pages upon pages of guides on various topics. I do not want to write a guide outright.. that's boring. I want to answer questions help new players and let that build the guide.

To start I will be answering questions but if anyone wants to chime in that's fine. Or say that im wrong, or there's a better way... that's also fine.

The Ultimate Goal is to help new players to this game, make the learning curve slightly easier, give em an edge up and make it so the game isn't as much of a grind. If you play decent your grind is substantially less then someone who doesn't. 100s if not 1000+ battle difference from grinding a line to tier 10 and the experience is much more enjoyable.

Good questions to ask? -

Whats a good tank line for me ? A good nation ? A good "destination" tank ? as WG would put it, IE a tank to keep forever and play for fun be it tier 4 or 10 

Any question on various play styles? , map strategies? how to play specific tanks or tank lines? how to play when low tier and how to play when high?

Any question I didn't think of? that isnt in the questions to avoid list


Questions to avoid?

Simple questions with simple answers. Whats the top speed of a M4 sherman ? Its 48. See the various resources I will provide at the bottom.

Don't ask broad questions. How do I play? How do I get good? I can answer them but won't. I could write a 2 page+ response to these questions. I don't want to and you don't want to read it :) 






A little about me- I started this game in beta, I have played on and off since, yes I do get bored and take some breaks for a little but I always come back its the only game I have ever played where I keep coming back no matter what and Its usually only after a short break. If your a stats person check my signature.

I am not a pro or even competitive, I will never be. I like to play well but I like to have fun more... these are not always the same. The T49 with the derp or now Sheridan w/ derp... not optimal but damn are they stupid fun. Goomba-ing people, not optimal... but fun :) 

I will say I am decent at this game and the only way I got there was playing more and more and analyzing how you play, making mistakes then trying to not make them again. In reality you will over and over just hopefully less and less. Screw up a match? Stop and think why and how do I not do that again. Adapt your play and keep adapting. You will slowly get better. The most important part is screwing up AND learning from it. Without the first you cant do the second, without the second... well you wont play long. It will not be enjoyable. Much like smashing your head into the same brick wall.


And now awesome resources:

http://Tanks.gg   - Your one stop stats paradise, also their armor viewer is AMAZING, ever shoot at a tank and nothing, load that sucker up. Think the Tiger P is some fortress from the front? like I did at once.... oh man those cheeks they want to be shot.

http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks - Its ok but honestly out dated and inferior. Tanks.gg is much better and I would take any pros and cons listed on the wiki with all the grains of salt. Their how to play the tank with the same skepticism. It can be wrong, outdated, missing or just plain non-descriptive and confusing. 

http://wotlabs.net/ or http://www.noobmeter.com/ or the Tank Analytics App Both stats sites + app, DO NOT use stats as some sort of symbol of how good you are, bragging rights or phallus measuring contest. DO use stats as a means to better yourself, friendly competition ? personal competition ? analyzing your play session ? Think you had an amazing night of 20 battles. Load it up those sites, they update fast, often when you exit the game. Did you really have a good night ? If you did play more of the same way in another session. I use WoTLabs and Tank Analytics ALL the time. I love the personal competition and challenging myself to be better.

I will add to these list later*

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