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2 posts in this topic

After the Uprising Event is over, I'm done with Overwatch for a while. 

These lootbox drops were absolutely atrocious for me, I got two legendary skins for characters I hardly ever play, but moreover, I tried saving up for the skins I wanted with coins, but with the amount of new sprays and voicelines there were it seems vitually impossible to do so right now. What's more insulting is I did get Legendary Skins - duplicates of the normal ones, even more than the event skins. 

Now halfway through the event, I realized that Comp gives you more XP so I decided to start doing that instead whilst my Arcade Lootboxes refreshed, but even then, my SR absolutely tanked due to people leaving matches halfway through leaving the rest of us to struggle. Heck, I even came across a Diamond-Ranked Mercy and I thought "Oh cool! A Diamond Rank Healer!" until I realized they were doing the bare minimum not to get kicked from the game, damage buffing from time to time and popping a voiceline every few minutes. Even then, it feels like you are rewarded very little for actually winning a game in Comp whilst punished very harshly for losing. I mean, what's the point in playing competitive when even if you get POTG and you're on the winning team, breaking a losing streak, you only go up like 20 SR? That has been happening to me, I wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't downright constant. 

So to sumarize, my Uprising Event went something along the lines like this;

1. I got skins for characters I never play
2. I couldn't save up coins from duplicates because I stopped getting them, and the ones I did get are not enough to cover it. 
3. Tanking my SR in Comp 

Yeah, needless to say at first I thought Year of the Rooster was bad, but at least there I could at least afford the skins I wanted with the coins I saved up since the skins themselves were reasonably priced, the Non-Legendary ones anyway. 

I'm not sure if anybody elses experience was as horrible as mine, but I feel very alone on this. I don't have expendable income to spend on microtransactions, and I don't agree with that practice in general, but I feel slightly conned from this event. There was too much content, not enough time to earn it, and those who didn't pay for it feels like were actively punished for doing so despite dropping so many hours into the game and recieving little to nothing. The only thing I can think of to remedy such a thing from happening again is to increase the amount of coins you get from duplicates to maybe make up for the margins.

Other than that, I'm done with Overwatch for a very, very long time.

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I didn't get much, just the same legendary skin for Torbjörn twice. It didn't really matter to me, I'm likely to just stick with my favorite skin so I don't really have any need for most skins.


How does competitive give you more XP, they seem about the same to me. It gives you more because the matches are longer but you can usually finish two normal games in the time it takes for one competitive.

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