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Hellpoint is a dark sci fi action RPG set in the aftermath of a massive quantum cataclysm called the Merge. For the blink of a second, every living being quickly lost their mind as their memories and bodies were merged with alternate versions of themselves from parallel universes. The accident also attracted entities of immense power that should have been left alone, in the depth of other dimensions.

You play as a mysterious nameless character whose intentions are entirely determined by your choices. You wake up in the derelict Irid Novo space station, in orbit around a super-massive black hole. 

You have been 3D-printed by the "Authority", and given order to "finish what was undone" by any means you see fit. As you progress through the game, it quickly becomes apparent that you are being observed and that your choices will hold great consequences on the story of Irid Novo.

Who's lying? Who's to trust? Is anybody still sane? What makes you immune to the effects of the Merge? More importantly, why do you feel like you've already experienced those events countless times before?  

It is up to you to figure out what happened, and what to do. Your choices will shape up the future or demise of Irid Novo and of the whole universe.




So to summarize the gameplay it is like Dark Souls in space with some similar mechanics to any Souls fan with other mechanics that make it different from just copying the Souls games. One such feature is the Real Time Dynamic World:


In the game, the space station orbits in real time around the ominous black hole. Its position in the sky directly impacts the sanity of the inhabitants of the station. The singularity is doing more than simply distorting the fabric of space and time; based on the time of the orbit, enemies in the levels get crazier or struck by fear, unknown entities roam the corridors and dozens of other mysterious events can occur.  

There are currently three days left to back the game.

Demo on Steam:



If you don't have steam they have other alternative ways to download the demo on the kickstarter page.



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Huh, 10,000 dollars in 3 days seems unlikely unless they do some really good promotion.

Looks kinda interesting though, but I'm not a big fan of Dark Souls-like gameplay and brutal difficulty myself.

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One thing I forgot to mention is that enemies don't respawn when you go to a rift to level up. Enemies only respawn when you die. I know some people have never been fans of how enemies respawn when resting at a bonfire in the Souls games so perhaps that might throw a little interest for those people.

Also they must be doing something because it's about five thousand off the goal amount.

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4 hours ago, argetlam350 said:

Also they must be doing something because it's about five thousand off the goal amount.

The Kickstarter page says it's at 41,722 / 50,000, which is about 2k more than when I posted my first comment.

I guess I could at least try the demo then

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Questions Answered on the Stream:

-Yes there is inspiration from Souls, specifically the first Dark Souls and Bloodborne

-There will be NPCs, that move around and you'll have to decide if you can trust them

-There is a main hub type area, like Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls

-Working on ideas about a map to help navigate station and find NPCs that constantly move around

-There is lore to the game that for the most part is being kept under wraps to not spoil anything

-Exploring online capabilities, right now only in discussions

-If an area is to dark, look around, there might be a way to light it up

-Each weapon has 3 action abilities, and 4 passive abilities that unlock the more you use a weapon

-Blackhole will affect the boss as well as many aspects of the game

-The blackhole will play into the story

-Enemies will come back to life after a certain amount of time being dead and come back stronger. An ability will allow you to keep those enemies dead though.

-Options to mess around the HUD

-When you die your Axiom (the level up currency) will spawn a representation of you that you'll have to defeat to regain them. If you leave it alive for a long period of time, it will get stronger and tougher to fight when you go to fight it.

-There are secret walls in the game

-Will be at E3

-Splitscreen co-op/PvP

-Station is built upon an even older mining station

-Release date target is March 2018

-No starting classes, start with no equipment

-To explain why our character and all others on the ship are 3D created Spawn, it's because in this universe the human body is unable to survive faster then light travel so to travel faster then light the human counscious is stored in memory cubes thus leaving the body behind and upon reaching the destination that requires faster then light travel to reach, the memory cubes are put into a new 3D printed body. They described it as something along the lines of what happened for Leeloo in the beginning of The Last Element.

- (BONUS COMMUNITY STREAM STUFF) Since there is armor, you know there shall be fashion so thus far the decided name has been dubbed.... Fashion Point. Personally I was rooting for Fashion Hole.

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7 hours ago, argetlam350 said:


It's got 1,6k more now, 10 hours later. If it keeps on going like this, it should get ~53,000 total at the deadline.

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US dollars $34,505 / $36,631

CA dollars  $46,234/ $50,000

46 hours to go

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CA $ 48,076 / 50,000

34 hours to go.

It's definitely going to make it. Just 12 hours and it got 2k, and it just needs 2k more, which it's gonna get within 12 more hours, giving it almost a whole 24-hour day to spare.

I pledged 29$ myself just now. Why not.

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Now it just needs less then 800 Canadian Dollars to hit its mark, though oddly in US dollars it has surpassed it.

US dollars $36,753/$36,625

Canadian dollars $49,246/ $50,000


Little less then 400 to go now



Now only less then 200 Canadian Dollars to go.





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