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Prey (2017) review. The excellent unofficial System Shock prequel.

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Now for those that are worried about the PC port, fear not. I'm playing the game on PC, and it's a great port. 60 fps, no framedrop and no texture problem like Dishonored 2. This is like Phantom Pain good. Hallelujah!


Interesting history about this Prey. Originally this game was supposed to be Prey 2, which looks like this

A Star Wars Bounty Hunter esque game but instead of playing as Jango Fett, you're playing as, well, someone not Jango Fett.


Prey 2 was supposed to be a sequel to Prey (2006), a straightforward fps game where you play as a native american fighting against alien invasion, with unique things like portals that transport you to interesting locations in sometimes different sizes, a cool gravity floor mechanic that allows your to walk on walls and ceilings, how if you die you have to kill ghosts in a spirit realm to go back to life, and weapons that look fucking gross


Prey (2017) has nothing to do whatsoever with Prey (2006) and it is much more like an unofficial successor to System Shock 2, or the old school Deus Ex. This game takes place in an alternate future where John F Kennedy survived his assassination, and a space colony is a reality. You're either a male or female Morgan Yu, and the game starts with you waking up and going to work with your brother Alex Yu. On the way there you're greeted with a helicopter and this funky ass music.

What happens afterwards? Well, if you played the PS4 demo before, you know what happens next. But for those that haven't, let's just say shit hits the fan real quick.


Playing this game is like a trip back to System Shock 2 because there's a lot of similarities between the two. For starters, unlike Bioshock where you don't have to worry about inventory, inventory management here is the key to survival.

DDC3DB5B9A16308EA2A82174F442461003AF6F4E (1600×900)

You have to get every single healing item, bullets and weapons that you can get, or else you're screwed since enemies can easily kill you fast if you're not careful, and the game doesn't do regenerating health. Well it does if it's bellow 20 HP but you get the idea.


The way missions are played in this game is also like System Shock 2, in that there's a lot of backtracking involved and you'll always get new missions along the way. Everytime you walk into a new area and search emails, audiologs or just walking around, there will always be new objectives both main and side missions that will keep you wanting to complete them. This game has a lot of areas to visit, and they're all varied. You can even travel into outer space and fly in 0 gravity which makes for cool exploration moments! And the cool thing about the side missions is that unlike Bioshock and System Shock where there's no other npcs other than the main story npcs because the side story npcs are already dead, there's actually a couple of survivors that you can help in this game, and helping them will give you sweet2 rewards and lore expansions, so it's encouraged that you go out of your way to save as many people as you can.


There's also these things called operators scattered around the game which are extremely helpful.


There's 3 types: medical, engineering and science operator. Medical will heal you, engineering will repair your armor and science operator will give you mana, or psy energy for your psychic ability. All of them free of charge as long as you just go to an operator creator on the map and hack the machines. These things reminds me of the surgical unit in System Shock 2 which will heal you as long as you have the key that allows you to use it. Ah, this takes me back....


Of course like those old school games, how you want to build your character skills in this game is completely up to you. Want to be a tank that can soak damage and dish out a lot of hurt? Want to be a hacker instead that can hack into any computer, safe box or doors? Or want to be a psychic that can do jedi force push or other cool magic attacks? Or do you want to do all of those things? Everything is up to you! As long as you have the upgrade kits, or in this game's case Neuromods. My current character build is as shown bellow

B2100C47231FA01981AF5F3314EF74098C43394A (1600×900)  I have enough Neuromods to unlock a lot of em. In the word of Pokemon

The enemies that you'll be facing in this game are, whew, they're quite tough let me tell ya. They called Typhons and they look like Venom's symbiote, but they come in many form. There's mimics that can disguise themselves as any object which will lead to a lot of jump scares, phantoms that possessed people and can have different superpowers like lightning fire or poison, there's these giant ones that deals a lot of damage called nightmares, which if you managed to kill them, insert Bloodborne reference right here


And the worst of them all are these things called Telepaths.


These bastards are a pain in the ass. They spam hadokens out of their ass like candy, and each of their attacks deals a lot of damage. Worst of all, they can possess humans and turn them into kamikaze bombers that runs towards you. But the cool thing is you can actually save these people from death. All you gotta do is kill the telepaths and avoid getting near the possessed people. But how can you do that? Well you use the gloo cannon on the people to stick them in the ground, and then proceed to kill the telepaths. Better have a lot of ammo with you!


The weapons in this game are quite varied. Everything except the wrench can be upgraded. You got the usual like handgun, shotgun and grenades, and then you have these stun guns which are useful to disable robotic enemies, laser gun that can turn enemies into mush, and the Gloo cannon

This weapon is actually quite versatile and useful. The basic thing you can do is shoot it at enemies to freeze them in place. But it's also a great platformer maker. So if you see a high up place that you want to climb, just shoot the gloo cannon on walls to create a platform. The game actually encourages you to do this because more often than not, there's bound to be collectibles and useful items on those high places.


And this game is also heavy on recycling. Yes, recycling, as in "let's use garbage and turn them into something useful", and it's actually really freaking useful as it gives out materials that can be used to build other items. So this game is designed to unleash the kleptomaniac within you. Banana peels? Cigarette buds? Lemon skins? Thrown away paper? Enemy corpse substances? PICK DAT SHIET! And when you pick all the trashes, go to these recyclers to create materials



Once you do, you can just create new objects that you want using the fabricator, as long as you have the blueprints for them. Which means as long as you have the materials needed, you can just create a fuckton of Neuromods. Oh yeah!

9937E9BAA0C08ACE3FFCBCD63A0AE87A487760D9 (1600×900)


There's quite a few tough to make decisions in this game that makes me question what's the right thing to do. Like in one sidequest, there's a ship filled with civilians that's about to land into a save place, but there's a possibility that the ship is infected with aliens, and I'm given the option either to let the ship land and risk it infecting the new location, or destroy the ship. There's also another one where I'm helping a girl find out an information about her father. Once I found it and see what's actually in the information, I have to decide whether to actually give it to the girl, or delete it entirely. On one hand, the right thing may seem like giving the info to the girl because she deserves to know the truth, but what's in the info is so heartbreaking, that I can't possibly break her heart. OH THE DILEMMA! 


This game is quite long actually. My playthrough of this game, considering that I completed almost every single sidequest given to me and go through the main story, is around 30 hours long. And that is me playing how I want to play it: always save people that I encountered, with the exception of 1 piece of crap pretending to be a chef, having none of the alien upgrades and all human enhancement Neuromods, and even in the end giving a chance for every single person I saved to escape from the station that my character is currently in. if I want to play the complete opposite where I kill everyone and be full alien, I can do that too.


My only gripe with this game is the couple of glitches it has. Luckily for me I only experienced a few, I heard other people are experiencing game breaking glitches and a patch was recently released which may thankfully fix those issues. But the glitches that I experienced are these annoying times where I hear an audio log and it keep on repeating

You can fix this by going to the audio log menu and stopping the recording which will stop the loop. The other is that sometimes when I exit zero gravity, the game will for some reason go apeshit and just place me upside down, or just straight up make me go through a wall. This only happens in the Cargo Bay for some reason.


That and the ending........ how can I say this.......... it has a pretty cool twist, but they totally took the plot twist from Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere. No, not that Godawful western version, I mean the original Japanese version masterpiece that's only available in Japan. 

Looks like someone's a big fan of that game too. WHY ISN'T THIS GAME REMASTERED YET???


I really enjoyed this game, and I will definitely replay this game all over again with different choices to see what kind of endings I will get, and maybe this time I will actually upgrade myself with alien powers to play with the ability. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will play this game all over again". With a badass seal of approval.


This might be GOTY, if it weren't for the fact that Persona 5 and Nier Automata are much better GOTY contenders. Still, this is an excellent game. If you're a fan of games like System Shock, Bioshock, Deus Ex Human Revolution or similar games of those kinds, then this game is perfect for you. 


Oh, unfortunately, judging by the ending of this game, I'm afraid that this game has nothing to do with the story of System Shock. It's like when everyone says that Jake Gyllenhaal film Life this year is a prequel to the Marvel Venom movie, but turns out it is a completely unrelated film. Aw man, I wanna see SHODAN!

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6 minutes ago, Laserrifle125 said:

Isn't the "prequel" to System Shock 2, well, System Shock 1?

Haha, of course! I made the edit. Well we can say that Prey is definitely not a sequel to System Shock 2 because Prey takes place in 2035, while System Shock 1 takes place in 2072 and System Shock 2 is in 2114. 

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