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Mr. Molotov

The Inevitable Return Of The Great Red Dope

4 posts in this topic

Hey-O! Your favorite communist is back from the abyss! It's been awhile, huh? My year long absence was caused by a combination of factors, from moving out on my own to temporarily losing interest in video games all the way up to legal troubles, but now I'm back. Talk to me, what's changed up in here? Any new rules I should now about? Is RE 7 as good as Joe says? Does anyone even remember my ass? 

And sorry for the absence, guys. I should've popped back up sooner. 

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Oh yes! I remember your ass!


Oh.. I mean... welcome back.

Mr. Molotov likes this

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4 hours ago, Laserrifle125 said:

 Welcome back, commie.


4 hours ago, Shagger said:

Oh yes! I remember your ass!


Oh.. I mean... welcome back.

Thanks! Glad to know I'm still known.

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