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Alien Covenant Discussion

3 posts in this topic

I agree with Angry Joe and his comments, but don’t be disheartened as I have a theory about these movies and how they do not in fact ruin the Alien Universe.

As Ridley Scott mentioned that Prometheus is not a prequel to the Alien Franchise we need to stop looking at these movies as a prequel. There are some clues shown in Prometheus and Alien Covenant that support this theory.


This is more of a side story and it is trying to explain the origin of the Human Race not the Alien Species.  I think we have to wait for the 3rd instalment for the full explanation however the below are some queries and theories surrounding background of these movies.


Engineers – In Alien Covenant we saw David unleash the vials onto the “Engineers Home world”, The question we should be asking is that in fact the Engineers Home plant? As the dominant species Humans spread like a plague and colonise in every direction, however the engineers only lived in one small section of this planet. It’s a bit strange how a species similar to us who have been around longer than us only populate such a small area. Perhaps what we saw was in fact an Engineer Colonist similar to what the Humans were trying to achieve in this movie, or perhaps it was a sanctuary for the remainder of the engineer race. If the Engineers are so technically advanced, why didn’t we see any defence systems in place nor the use or possession of any weapons… I believe the Engineers stumbled across the Xenomorphs in an attempt to recolonise due to the depleted resources in their home world. Upon discovering the Xenomorph Home world they accidently brought back the Xenomorph to their plant which lead to their destruction, few survivors managed to escape and discovered the plant we saw in Alien Covenant.  This would also Explain the timing and reason for the Engineers Ship found in LV-426 which was infested with Eggs/Face huggers.


The Engineers failed to destroy the Xenomorph previously and decided to create their own army of Weaponised Aliens to hunt and fight the Xenomorphs, Similar to what Wayland was trying to achieve.

The Engineers knew the risk and repercussions of the Xenomorph encounter, they required hosts for their army. This potentially is the reason why we saw an engineer in Prometheus sacrifice himself at the beginning of the move to create the Human Race, why would anyone sacrifice themselves unless it was to save their civilisation… The reason why Engineers waited centuries to infect us was to assure we had the numbers of hosts required to breed an army suitable to counteract the Xenomorphs.


The Engineers created the Human race in their image, however Humans look quite different to Engineers the same goes for the Xenomorphs, they tried to create the Xenomorphs the same way but couldn’t quite get the DNA composition correct. Hence why the Aliens in Alien Covenant are so difference in appearance, even when David tried to follow in the Engineers notes and scrolls he wasn’t able to replicate the Xenomorph we know from the previous Alien movies. A perfect example is the chest burster we saw in Covenant, it had long arms and legs… the chest burster we know had short arms and no legs just a long snake like tail. Even the end product the Alien had exaggerated legs and had a frog like appearance long skinny legs.


In Addition this is why we saw the alien Mural depicting a Queen alien. If you look closer to the bottom left and right we also seen two humanoids with facehuggers mid-flight about to attach themselves. If David did in fact create the Xenomorphs then why does the mural even exist.


In Summary David did not in fact create the Alien Race, he was merely trying to redesign what the engineers had already created.

Please comment if you agree or find any gaps, this is just my interpenetration and theory behind these 2 movies.

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Love theory crafting, especially in video games. 

For me, I saw the scrolls as something David made not the Engineers. As to why the Engineers did not attack, may be it has to do with the idea of the ship David used was of the same make and model of an Engineer. They could be a species that has no in fighting or the idea of their own ships attacking is far removed. Hell may be someone went on a bathroom break and forgot to set the auto turrets to shoot on sight. 

To the idea of why would a person sacrifice themselves if it's not for a military achievement, for science or for the rush. Knowing that your body will take a planet from zero to hero. It's not too hard to think a being would kill themselves to allow their race to observe the effects. In a controlled environment, away from their own planets or ships. 

Scary idea but may be we are the accidents. What the Engineers used was an attempt to see the effects of a new biological weapon or just a new form of a drug. 

Lastly, I remember reading an interview with John Logan discussing the ins' and outs' of the alien origin. From what I got, this is the definitive take on the alien.I know we saw Scott say that Promethus is not a prequel to Alien but I am not sure if that holds true now.  

If it does, it feels like we are seeing another George Lucas coming in to rewrite the past. 

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My take is call this an alternate or random timeline and have someone competent write the origin story for the aliens. And add "Origins" or similar in the title and call it canon on the interwebs...only if it does the aliens justice that is. This whole jumping back and forth between Magneto and the Engineers is too convoluted with too many variables. Simply write a story, use the aliens we know and fear, and BAM everyone can sleep easy.

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