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This Week In Gaming 5-23-17

2 posts in this topic



What the Prey reboot could have been, Demo Day 2017, Pathfinder CRPG announced with Chris Avellone involvement, an ode to the shotgun, Noclip starts sessions series with an interview with Theresa Duringer, Life Is Strange sequel, Destiny 2 livestream and info, Extra Credits on the reasons why games might be shipped with bugs, writing the next Dragon Age, how a man born without eyes plays video games, the failure of ‘Play Your Way’ games, TW Warhammer reveals Lizardmen roster, more games heading to the Switch, difficulty of trying to tell stories outside your own experience, the overused narrative style of Call of Duty WWII, the history of RPGs, Shadow of War impressions, streamers role-playing GTA cops, veteran developers reveal childhood creations, and more.


Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods)


Striking voice actors say some game companies are agreeing to royalties



U.S. screen actors guild SAG-AFTRA has spent over six months striking against 11 video game companies in what it claims is an effort to (via renegotiated contract) improve working conditions and compensation for the voice actors it represents -- and it now claims some game companies are agreeing to its demand for voice actors to receive residuals based on a game's sales.


Destiny 2 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Destiny 2: Bungie Devs Explain New Story and Gameplay


Developers at Bungie sit down to discuss the story of Destiny 2, and how it differs from the original.

Destiny 2 - Cinematic Trailer #2


Cinematic story trailer for Destiny 2, from their gameplay reveal event on May 18th.

Destiny 2 will be available exclusively through Blizzard's launcher


The shooter will be the first non-Blizzard game to take advantage of the software formerly known as Battle.net.

'Destiny 2' Game Director Luke Smith: "We Want to Unhide the Fun of 'Destiny'"


How a passion for raids and genuine love for the game shaped Bungie's big sequel

Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere

Hands-on with the PC version of Destiny 2: Campaign, Strikes and PvP


Tim, James and Tom S have been hammering the game all day. These are their initial impressions.

Hands On With Destiny 2 On PC


If you were hoping for something dramatically different from Bungie’s much ballyhooed Destiny sequel, I regret to inform you that Destiny 2 is still Destiny. If you really like Destiny, of course, that’s not such terrible news.

Destiny 2 won’t have dedicated servers


Destiny is coming to PC for the first time with Destiny 2, and there already appear to be growing pains. Not only is the PC release likely launching after the console versions, but PC project lead David Shaw said that neither version’s multiplayer will run on its own servers.

Bungie's World Director On 'Destiny 2' Patrols, Adventures, and Dungeons


Steve Cotton couldn't show his work at the 'Destiny 2' debut, but he was happy to talk about it

Destiny 2 Shows Bungie Is Listening To Fans, In Its Own Way


Bungie is constantly changing and improving Destiny, though rarely in the precise ways players have requested. That seems like it will hold true for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 isn't 60FPS on consoles because the PS4 Pro can't even run it


When it was revealed that Destiny 2 wouldn't be 60FPS on the PlayStation Pro, it made perfect sense. I mean, with the series leaning so heavily into PVP, how bad would it be if Pro owners could benefit from an enhanced framerate while normal PS4 users were locked at 30FPS? But as it turns out, the PS4 Pro can't even run Destiny 2 at 60FPS, period.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere – The Worlds of Destiny 2


Explore Destiny 2's brand new destinations with the Bungie team. On a brand new adventure, players will journey across the solar system and back. Strange new worlds filled with more action than ever await every Guardian.

Watch a full strike mission from Destiny 2


With commentary from Tim and James designed to explain what the hell is happening.

You can find videos of others playing the game as each of the game's classes.


Playing the next wave of student games at Demo Day 2017, USC's mini E3


Students presented seven games, from a narrative walking simulator to a HoloLens tech demo


Tekken 7 Official No Glory for Heroes Story Trailer


The blood feud continues.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker bringing tabletop RPG to PC



“Pathfinder: Kingmaker will challenge players as both adventurers and rulers as they will be able to claim explored lands and carve their own kingdom from the wilderness. Kingdom founding will go beyond simple stronghold-building to become a true reflection of the hero’s character and choices made throughout the game. Each kingdom will be a living thing shaped by alignment, choices, allies and the hero’s ability to lead his or her people.”


South Park: The Fractured But Whole Will Be Out In October


Following a lengthy delay, the next South Park game will now be out on October 17, 2017.


Total War WARHAMMER 2 - Introducing... Temple Guard


The Temple Guard are a rare spawning of Saurus created to protect the Slann Mage-Priests and the temple-cities in which the Lizardmen dwell. They are armed with large ornate halberds, adorned with sacred glyphs and also bear distinctive helms fashioned from the skulls of Lustria’s wildest predatory beasts.

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Lizardmen Roster Reveal


Joey Dalton (Associate Brand Manager) is joined by Alisdair Jarrold (Lead Battle Designer) to reveal the Lizardmen roster for Total War: WARHAMMER 2.


Sunless Skies hangs closed alpha signup sheet



Attention all delicious friends (or whatever the airborne equivalent is – delicious airline catering pals?): Failbetter’s celestial horror RPG Sunless Skies is recruiting for its closed alpha.


Writing the next Dragon Age


The project doesn't yet have a name or a formal announcement, but its existence should come as no surprise. Last September, Fallen London and Sunless Sea creator Alexis Kennedy announced his signing to a mysterious BioWare project - one which would see him working alongside Dragon Age mastermind Mike Laidlaw and lead Dragon Age scribe Patrick Weekes. To BioWare watchers, it was obvious what project the writer was joining.

New Dragon Age game in development, BioWare writer says


An EA representative sent Polygon the following statement:

Is Bioware's Next Game 'Dragon Age Tactics'?


A year prior to Kennedy joining the Dragon Age team, Darrah posted a poll Twitter asking if fans would be interested in playing a Dragon Age Tactics game – presumably something that focuses on turn-based combat like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics threaded together with Bioware's signature narrative flair – to which the response was overwhelmingly positive.





Red Dead Redemption 2 is now set to launch Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.


One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition - | PC, PS4, Switch


One Piece: Unlimited World Red returns with tons of content and upgraded features.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition - will be available August 25 for PC/PS4 and September for Nintendo Switch.


Focus Home Interactive announces E3 2017 lineup



Focus Home Interactive has announced the lineup of games it is bringing to E3 2017 from June 13 to 15.


Days Gone Will Make An Appearance At E3 2017, "In A Big Way", Release Date Announcement?



SIE Bend Studio's Days Gone will make an appearance at E3 2017, that too in a big way, according to the details revealed by Sam Witwer, the actor who did the voice acting for game's lead protagonist. In a recent interview on Twitch, Sam Witwer made the announcements, you guys can watch the interview from the source link provided below (head directly to 13 minute and 15 seconds mark).


Mighty Gunvolt Burst coming to Nintendo Switch in June


Inti Creates’ action platformer series Gunvolt and Mighty No. 9 are coming to Nintendo Switch in June in the form of Mighty Gunvolt Burst, the developer announced this weekend.


Bloodstained, Kickstarted in 2015, is only '20 to 30 percent' done



It takes a lot to make a game. Like, a whole lot of money, blood, sweat, tears, and time. Koji Igarashi (IGA) knows this as an experienced developer, but even he is aware that he needs to kick things up at notch with Bloodstained, which is due for 2018.


Grasshopper returns to The Silver Case with 25th Ward remake


The episodic sequel is now in production


How Darksiders 3 Has Evolved - IGN First


The developers at Gunfire Games talk about how they're taking the core pillars of combat, exploration, and puzzling to the next level.

Darksiders 3 reveals new concept art—gallery


A glimpse at Vigil Games' dark world and its inhabitants.

Darksiders 3 Developers Play the Original Game, 7 Years Later - IGN First


The Design Director on Darksiders 3 joins us to play through one of the first dungeons in the original Darksiders, seven years after he worked on it.

Playing Darksiders 2 With the Level Designer of Darksiders 3 - IGN First


Darksiders 3's level designer joins us to chat all about his work on Darksiders 2, and some major changes we can expect in Darksiders 3.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Coming To PS4 And Xbox One


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall, according to a post on the game's official Facebook page and on Twitter.


Owlboy, Nine Parchments, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, and more indies announced for Switch



Slew of new indie titles confirmed for the platform.


Level-5 working on Switch game(s)



Level-5 is working on game(s)* for Nintendo’s March-released Switch hardware, company president and CEO Akihiro Hino said in a Nikkei Trendy interview published today.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Switch launches this fall in the west, DLC ‘DB Super Pack 4’ launches June



On Switch, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will feature ad-hoc play, motion control support, and two-player battles on one system using the Joy-Con controllers.


First look at rumored Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG art leaks


There are ... no words


Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 ‘Baiken’ character trailer


The last Samurai returns to battle.


Dead Alliance - Exclusive Announcement Trailer


Dead Alliance, an inventive take on zombie games and team-based first-person shooters, is expected to launch on August 29 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Robot exploder Nex Machina blasting onto PC in June


The company has largely focused on the PS4 in recent years and I’ve heard good things about its games, particularly Alienation, so I’m glad it’s returning to PC. The last time it was here was in 2011 with Outland, which you may remember as as a flashy 2D platformer. I was a big fan.


Crash-u-like: Danger Zone exploding out May 30th


Shh! I’m typing this quietly so John doesn’t know. If he hears that we’re twelve days away from the launch of Danger Zone, a splode-o-rama drawing heavy inspiration from Burnout’s Crash Mode, he’ll burst into the RPS treehouse shouting “Explosions!” while kicking things over.




Four new teasers have been released for Far Cry 5, confirming that the game will take place in the US - specifically the state of Montana - for the first time in the series' history.


Bandai Namco's Get Even postponed in light of Manchester attack



The game, originally intended for release on May 26th, involves an amnesiac mercenary who slowly uncovers his own past, and contains scenes that draw upon themes of terrorism.


At The Gates is a 4X game that learns from RimWorld and Spelunky



Jon Shafer has joined Paradox to found and lead a new team and make a new strategy game, but work continues on At The Gates, the project Shafer has been developing independently for years now. It’s a 4X game that casts off many of the recognisable patterns of the genre. Instead of building an empire, you control a barbarian tribe trying to tear down an empire, or to co-exist alongside that empire. In this case, it’s the Roman empire. To survive, you’ll need to exploit resources, move with the seasons, and build a relationship with the world as well as your neighbours and companions.


2K could be working on a new Bioshock or Borderlands game



Take-Two Interactive, the guys who publish such mammoth titles as Civilization and Grand Theft Auto, have announced that next year will bring “a highly anticipated new title from one of 2K's biggest franchises.”


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap gets a PC release date


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, the recent remake of the 1989 Sega Master System cult classic Wonder Boy 3, is coming to Steam on 8th June.


Spot Luke Skywalker as 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Team Talk Story


Find out more about Commander Iden Versio and how you'll come to understand her


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier episode 5 out later this month



Episode 4 of A New Frontier—The Walking Dead's third season—arrived on April 25, and in an unusual move for Telltale, it's been announced that the next chapter will follow after it in a timely manner. Episode 5, AKA 'From the Gallows', AKA the finale, will release on Tuesday May 30.


Tennis returns to consoles with Tennis World Tour next year



Top pros licensed to appear in first sim title since 2012


Cat Quest coming to PS4, PC this summer


An open-world, top-down 2D RPG.


Bayonetta Developer PlatinumGames Teases a Mysterious New IP



PlatinumGames might be on its way to fulfill its dream to own a new IP.


Warframe devs announce Keystone, a new F2P FPS



Digital Extremes, the developers behind wildly successful free-to-play robocrustacean action-RPG Warframe, have announced a new F2P first-person shooter.


ARMS Direct 5.17.2017


Here’s everything you need to know about ARMS! ARMS launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 16. Check out more information here: http://arms.nintendo.com/


Splatoon 2 - Single Player Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Callie—of Squid Sisters fame—has gone missing and it’s up to you, with the help of Marie, to search for Callie and the Great Zapfish while battling against the Octarian army. Use different weapons in single-player mode to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and take down towering bosses – weapons like the Roller, Slosher, Splatling, or the new Dualies. For more on the Squid Sisters, check out the Squid Sisters Stories here: https://goo.gl/QUy7Ql


Disgaea 5 Complete - Game Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Disgaea 5 Complete is heading to Nintendo Switch on May 23rd, 2017 as a physical and digital release, dood! Disgaea 5 Complete is a strategy RPG that offers hundreds of hours of over-the-top, award-winning gameplay, and marks the first time the core game is available on-the-go. The game includes all 8 bonus scenarios, 4 fan-favorite characters, and 3 character classes that were originally only available as DLC.


El Shaddai Creator Announces New RPG For PS4 And PS Vita


Sawaki Takeyasu, the director and artist behind El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, is working on a new title called The Lost Child.


Fear Effect Sedna has a free demo


The first Fear Effect game in over 16 years is due later this year.


Watch Latest Chaotic Trailer for 'Lawbreakers' as it's Announced for PlayStation


Cliff Bleszinski’s team based shooter is coming to PS4 and Windows PC

PS4 Version Of LawBreakers Confirmed, PC Cross-Play Ruled Out Because It's "Dumb"


LawBreakers, the new shooter from ex-Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski and his studio Boss Key Productions, will not be a PC exclusive. In addition to the PC version, which remains in closed beta, LawBreakers is now headed to PlayStation 4--and it finally has a price on both platforms.

Cliff Bleszinski on 'Lawbreakers', 'Overwatch' and Feeling Like a Disney Princess


'Gears of War' creator on how 'Lawbreakers' will compete with Blizzard's 'Overwatch', why he left Epic, and why he's tired of seeing himself wielding a chainsaw gun


Steel Division: Normandy 44 - The Art of Making History


The World War II themed real-time strategy game from Paradox Interactive and Eugen Systems is rooted in a deep appreciation of history and an understanding of the limits and possibilities of games.

In a new behind-the-scenes video from Eugen Systems, Creative Director Alexis Le Dressay and his team expand on the research that went into the development of Steel Division: Normandy 44. Division battlegroups, unit design and map choice are all based on attention to period detail and historical accuracy.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 - Inhouse multiplayer on Carpiquet


Playing a inhouse multiplayer game on the latest map added to the Beta: Carpiquet. Also letting you know abou the latest changes implemented to matchmaking!

PDXCON 2017: Steel Division - Clash of Titans


Some of the Internets greatest gamers clash against one another in Steel Division: Normandy 44.

Jolly Germans:
► Solar Gamer - https://www.youtube.com/thesolargamer
► Marbozir - http://youtube.com/marbozir
► AngryJoe - http://youtube.com/AngryJoeShow

Anxious Allies:
► Sips - https://www.youtube.com/YogscastSips
► Pyrion Flax - https://www.youtube.com/pyrionflax
► Quill 18 - https://www.youtube.com/quill18


Even If You Hate Early Access, 'Dead Cells' Is Worth Playing Now



It already feels like a complete game, one that will only get better with time.


PES 2018 release date set, PC version 'to the standard of leading console iterations'


Konami focused on improving its PC port this year.


Scalebound might not be cancelled after all



There may still be hope for this draconic action RPG, as Microsoft have seemingly renewed the trademark for Scalebound. According to website Justia Trademarks, Microsoft filed for the extension earlier this month, despite announcing the game’s cancellation back in January.


New Crowfall videos reveal graphical upgrades and character changes


It's been a little over a year since we last looked at the crowdfunded MMO Crowfall, when we said that it had come a long way since the early days of 2015. And so it has again, as developer ArtCraft Entertainment revealed two new trailers showcasing major upgrades to the game's graphics and lighting, as well as a complete overhaul of the character system that will uncouple races and classes.


A special message from DONTNOD Entertainment


As a thank you to the over 3 million of you who bought our game, we'd like to share some special news with you...


Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Open World Gameplay Trailer


Take a brand new look at the Middle-earth sequel, including new locations like the Island of Nurn, Cirith Ungol, Gorgoroth, and more.

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, fortress assaults feel like the battle of Helm’s Deep


Hands-on the marquee sieges in Monolith’s sequel to Shadow of Mordor



We spent a lot of time talking about Shadow of War last month. We covered everything from the return of Monolith’s Nemesis System, to the new enemies, skills, and gear during our Shadow of War IGN First, and so much more. And even with our deep dives into the many systems that will power Shadow of War when it launches August 22, there’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty with good old-fashioned gameplay.

Middle-earth: Shadow Of War - New Fort Assault Gameplay


Take a look at some new gameplay for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Talion and Celebrimbor take on a heavily guarded fort with their Orc army in tow. Beware of fire drakes.

Shadow Of War Dev On Creating Mordor Sequel: "If We Fail, We're Doomed"


My very first hands-on with Middle-earth: Shadow of War was a disaster. At a press event held last week, developer Monolith wheeled out the sequel to the wholly surprising Shadow of Mordor (GameSpot's 2014 Game of the Year), allowing attending journalists to take on one of the game's expansive new additions, Fort Assaults. And my playthrough was a complete flop.

Q&A: Monolith Creative Lead on the Updated Nemesis System in 'Shadow of War'


Monolith is hoping that the prospect of being able to actually a command an orc army will be enough to draw you back to Mordor


Quake Champions 1v1 duel mode showcased in new trailer


For those who prefer to concentrate on a sole target, Quake Champions has a 1v1 Duel Mode. Fast-paced arena shooters don't seem to be a great fit for this format, but it actually sounds pretty decent: each player selects three champions at the beginning of a round, before entering the arena in a best-of-three showdown.

Quake Champions comics will reveal the characters' 'bloody backgrounds'


The series, a partnership between Bethesda and Titan Comics, will debut in August.


Wild West Online gets funding, will sidestep Kickstarter and include female characters from outset



When a western-themed image began circulating online last week, many facets of the interwebs assumed it was tied to Rockstar's as yet console-exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2. The following day, we exclusively revealed said image was from Wild West Online—an upcoming western MMO from newly formed outfit 612 Games. Within Steven's interview with Stephan Bugaj, the creative vice president of publisher DJ2, we learned a Kickstarter was on the horizon which would ask for $250,000 with stretch goals tied to additional funding.


A pair of new Endless Space 2 trailers examine 'Exploitation' and 'Extermination'


The 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 moves from Early Access to full release on May 19, which as it happens is tomorrow. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for things like preview trailers, so with that in mind we're going to have a look at the two remaining "X"-themed videos, following Explore and Expand—they being Exploit and Exterminate.

Endless Space 2 - Developer Diary - First Contact


Amplitude's intergalactic turned-based, 4X game Endless Space 2 has left Steam Early Access and is available on Steam now. In creating the game, the developer wanted to capture the feeling of leading a civilisation into unknown parts of space, once populated by a great and powerful race called the Endless. Along the way, players craft their own interstellar saga, crushing resistance from enemies, claiming systems, taking resources and discovering the story of each of the game's civilisations.

In this video, Amplitude Studios gives us an insight into creating the game. This video was produced in collaboration with Sega.


Dreadnought enters open beta, so here's a cool trailer of brawling spaceships


The free-to-play tactical starship combat sim is now open to everyone.


Gwent open beta begins next Wednesday



Gwent in its current state is focused on competitive multiplayer but a singleplayer campaign is planned too.


Torment: Tides of Numenera update adds a new companion and the 'Voluminous Codex'



'Servant of the Tides' is free for all players.


Rainbow Six Siege is getting better servers and improved tech


A new behind-the-scenes video has released for Rainbow Six Siege, showing off the development process behind Operation Health, Ubisoft’s three-month plan to repair and improve the state of the game.


Battlefield 1 DLC Adds Female Soldiers



In a tweet yesterday, the official Battlefield Twitter account confirmed that the Russian Army’s scout class would be represented by members of the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death. The Women’s Battalion was initially formed as a propaganda initiative to raise morale. They were commanded by Maria Leontievna Bochkareva and fought most prominently during the Kerensky Offensive, Russia’s final offensive campaign of the Great War.


War is changing in Crusader Kings 2



Forget everything Fallout has ever taught you because war is changing. We already knew about upcoming geographical expansions in Crusader Kings II, making areas that were previously impassable playable, but fresh news arrived in today’s dev diary and it involves changes to fundamental systems. The major shift will be in the causes of war, which will no longer require justification in every instance. That could be a dramatic change, given that one of the most important aspects of CK II is the need for a Casus Belli to not only declare war but to inform the goals of a war. The other alterations will come in battle itself, specifically sieges. More below.


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia ‘Season Pass’ trailer


Nintendo has released a short new trailer for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia highlighting the game’s Season Pass downloadable content.


Rocket League will retire old Crates in next major update



When Tyler checked into Rocket League last week after some time away, he was taken aback by how good some of its players have become. At almost two years old, change is inevitable for Psyonix's ball-cage-car 'em up—a fact which will soon extend to the retirement of Crates.


Next PUBG update adds a new sniper rifle, sick motorcycle stunts


Inspired by Brendan Greene's recent Mod Hall of Fame inductee Battle Royale, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has impressed since arriving in Early Access two months ago. Besides doubling its playerbase and hitting two million sales inside its first four weeks, it also raised over $220,000 for charity shortly thereafter.


Overwatch Anniversary event kicks off May 23


Free weekend and Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition also coming

Jeff Kaplan answers your questions in an AMA-style 'Overwatch support' video


Ever wonder why Reaper is creeping on that family like a 15-year-old-goth?

Overwatch Director Says Balancing D.Va Was His 'Low Point' Of The Year


At an Overwatch anniversary event in New York on Wednesday, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan told me that his personal “low point of the year” was tied to that balance patch. But he does not regret nerfing D.va. His low point, he says, was leaving her overpowered too long.

Overwatch anniversary event will introduce three new Arena maps


Blizzard tweeted a teaser video earlier today.

Blizzard Says Overwatch Wasn't Meant To Be Political, But It's Not That Simple


At yesterday’s New York Overwatch event, in a rented-out space in midtown Manhattan, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan stood in front of a slide showcasing an old Egyptian woman, an autistic Indian woman, a bodybuilding Russian woman, a plump Chinese woman and a Mexican hacker woman. “One thing that we did with the game that was very important to us was to challenge stereotypes,” Kaplan said. “If you look across modern shooters in 2017. . . to think that we have a mother who’s Egyptian. . . that’s not a common thread that you’re gonna see,” he explained proudly.

Overwatch director wants more story for Symmetra and Pharah


And he’d love a spinoff for Junkrat and Roadhog

5 Secrets about Overwatch's Support Heroes by Jeff Kaplan (Feat. Unseen Development Footage)


Jeff from the Overwatch team tells us five little-known facts about Ana, Mercy, Lúcio, Symmetra, and Zenyatta.

Featuring previously unreleased footage of Overwatch in development, including the Ana prototype and Lúcio's original ult.

Developer Update | Happy First Anniversary! | Overwatch


Celebrate one year of Overwatch and learn more about our latest seasonal event (http://blizz.ly/OWY1Anniversary) with game director Jeff Kaplan!
00:36 - Welcome to the Overwatch Anniversary event!
00:49 - New loot, like skins for Hanzo and Zarya, will now be available in Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes!
01:38 - Dances for ALL heroes have finally arrived!
02:15 - Three new permanent arena maps are coming in this update.
05:05 - New modes and revisions are coming to Elimination.
06:42 - Jeff explains "Limited Duel" Elimination.
07:33 - Jeff explains "Lockout" Elimination.
08:48 - Jeff thanks the community for one EPIC year of Overwatch.


Stellaris developer Paradox Interactive opens new mobile studio



Strategy specialist Paradox Interactive has opened a new studio that will focus solely on mobile development.

PDXCON 2017: Hearts of Iron - Making a World War Even Bigger


Dan Lind, Game Director of Hearts of Iron IV, takes us through the development and future of Hearts of Iron.


PSN Now Has 70M Monthly Active Users; PS Plus Hits 26.4M Members



During the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting briefing, Sony management talked more about the PlayStation business. Here are some of the gaming takeaways:


Splatoon 2 Hardware Announced For Japan And Europe



A colorful game like Splatoon 2 deserves colorful hardware. That’s why Nintendo is rolling out special Splatoon themed controllers for Japan and Europe.


Microsoft's Project Scorpio console will also debut in China this year



This week Microsoft confirmed that its next Xbox console, which is still publicly branded "Project Scorpio" and expected to debut later this year, will also launch in China before the end of 2017.


itch.io: "Open marketplaces can work"


Founder of itch.io Leaf Corcoran discusses the past, present and future of the indie-friendly storefront and why Steam doesn't have any real competition


Jury To Decide Whether Valve Actually Owns Dota 2



It probably does, but that hasn’t stopped a federal court from taking a closer look at the question.


Negative World Of Tanks Video Gets Taken Down After Developer Threatens Copyright Claim



A prominent World of Tanks YouTuber who is a member of a promotional program for the game had to remove a critical video after developer Wargaming threatened a copyright strike against it.

Statement on SirFoch Incident


We have further reviewed the incident of last Friday involving SirFoch and his “Chrysler K GF rant” video, and know we could have handled the situation a lot better. We strongly support our players’, including our Community Contributors’, right to speak critically about us and our games. We acted too quickly and over the line when we threatened to have YouTube remove SirFoch’s video through a copyright infringement complaint and we are apologizing for that.


YoYo Games wants to inspire young game devs with GameMaker education package



YoYo Games wants to encourage more people to explore the world of game development by putting together an education package featuring GameMaker Studio 2.


Gearbox invites 16 graduates to create new unannounced VR game



Work on the "avant-garde" virtual reality game will kick off this summer.


Why Did a Chinese Peroxide Company Pay $1 Billion for a Talking Cat?



Inside the strange courtship between industrial behemoths and Western video game studios.



Sony has just celebrated its second year of selling the PlayStation 4 in China. The console originally launched in China mainland back in March 2015 and since then, Sony and rival Microsoft have been trying to grow the appeal of consoles in the country. With a population of over 1.3 billion, one may think that it wouldn’t be too hard to be successful in China, but the reality is very different. So far, consoles have struggled to sell in large quantities, yet Sony is doing better than any other console manufacturer in China.


Revenue up at Take-Two as key franchises deliver



Take-Two has released its financials for the year ended March 31, 2017, and it's been a good year for the U.S. publisher.


Hitman studio IO Interactive cuts down on staff


The number of staff at Danish developer IO Interactive, best known for its work on the Hitman franchise, is dwindling. The studio confirmed on Twitter today that there have been layoffs in order to “be better equipped for our future adventures.”


Valve hires members of the Kerbal Space Program team



They've apparently been there since around the start of the new year.


RuneScape developer to bring SpatialOS tech to next project



Jagex and Improbable announce partnership.


GoldenEye Source mod teases new maps, music, weapon effects


A sneak peak at update 5.1.


Players are Turning Battlegrounds Into a Zombie Nightmare


In Battlegrounds, players engage in a battle royale where they must scavenge weapons and gear, sneaking around to kill each other until only one of them is left standing. A new community-created game mode, popular with streamers, pits one squad against countless ravenous zombies for that turns the tactical shooter into a full- blown horror game.


If Overwatch Was A Turn-Based Tactics Game


A modder has brought a little Overwatch to the excellent Invisible Inc., adding two new agents—Sombra and Widowmaker—to the stealth title’s roster of thieves, hackers and spies.


The Modder Who's Finally Translating 'Dragon Quest' into Arabic



The NES isn't even capable of scrolling text from right-to-left, but that hasn't stopped him.


Esports News


The Weekend In Esports: League of Legends' Mid-Season Invitational, Greninja Saga, And More



League of Legends’ Mid-Season Invitational look poised to be dominated once again by the unbeatable boys from South Korea while elsewhere in Smash Bros. Wii U players duke it out to unseat their own unbeatable champion.


Staffordshire University to Offer Esports Business Degree



Staffordshire University will begin offering esports bachelor degrees in 2018. The three-year undergraduate course is focused on business and event management, and has been categorized under the university’s sports and exercise degrees. Although it has not yet been formally approved, prospective students can still apply before the January 15th deadline.


Facebook and ESL Partner for 5,500 Hours of Live Esports Tournament Coverage



Facebook’s esports initiative has taken a major step forward today with the announcement of a partnership with tournament organizer ESL. The deal will include over 5,500 hours of live tournament content, 1,500 of which will be exclusive to Facebook.


Pro Overwatch Gets An Official Minor League



There’s been quite a bit of discussion around Blizzard’s official Overwatch League and accessibility, given that reports say a slot in the big show could cost between $15 and $25 million. Turns out, that’s not the only Overwatch esports league Blizzard is launching.

Developmental League for Overwatch Announced, $100,000 in Prizes for Finalists


In preparation for the much-hyped Overwatch League, Blizzard announced today the creation of a developmental league to serve as a feeder system for OWL franchises. The Overwatch Contenders system will cover only Europe and North America—due to the existence of other tournaments that can function similarly in Korea, China, and the Asia-Pacific region—and will offer $100,000 in prizes to its finalists.


17 NBA Teams Are Investing In 2K Esports, But There Might Not Be A Scene



The announcement of the NBA 2K league was huge—17 NBA teams will be investing in esports teams which will be contracted to compete in a regular season running concurrent with the NBA season. It was enough to pique many people’s curiosity, including our own, but when we went looking for references to any existing 2K esports scene, we came up with more questions than answers.


Reigning League Champs SKT Scrape Past Challengers To Win Mid-Season Invitational



SKT T1 has long been the most dominant force in League of Legends, winning three Worlds championships. Given the results of today’s Mid-Season Invitational finals, it doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon, as SKT T1 beat G2 for the MSI title, 3-1.


FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Decided On 90th-Minute Set Piece



After two days of play in Berlin, the grand finals for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship came down to the wire between Chevrey “Vitality_Rocky” Corentin and Shaun “xShellzz” Springette. Despite losing the lead on his home turf, a last-minute rally helped Corentin barely scrape by and secure his spot as the 2017 Ultimate Team champion.


Smash Pro Wins Tournament Just In Time To Make His Flight


Yesterday’s single-day Greninja Saga Super Smash Bros. For Wii U tournament ran late, leaving one pro in a predicament after qualifying for the finals. Elliot Bastien “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce was leaving on a jet plane at 11:45 p.m., and the tournament kept going later and later.


Rainbow Six Siege Invitational: The Rising Scene


Follow the epic journey of two of the top Rainbow Six Siege players in the world: Canadian of team Continuum and Furious G of team Vitality. This documentary goes behind the scenes as they battle it out on their way to the Global finals – culminating in an intense showdown for thousands of dollars and the title of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Champion on Xbox and PC.


Crowdfunding News


GaymerX East 2017! November 4th & 5th #GXEast17


A two day New York event that brings together gaming and LGBTQ culture!


'Project Rap Rabbit' Shows How Not to Launch a Kickstarter in 2017



With no gameplay footage and misguided stretch goals, this dream music rhythm game is already sputtering.


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc)


An ode to the shotgun



We reflect on the design, history and evolution of the PC gamer's best friend with John Romero and a whole lot of gifs.


Old Leaked Design Documents Show What Prey Could've Been



Three years ago, a handful of leaked design documents revealed an early version of Arkane Austin’s vision for Prey, which was then code-named Project Danielle. It’s fascinating to see how much has changed since then.

Prey modders uncover cognizant Disc Rifle cut from game in files


Back in March, our sister site GamesRadar spoke to Prey's lead systems designer Seth Shain who mentioned a somewhat sentient disc-firing rifle had been cut from the game's final release. Said to feedback to its user things like 'Reloading,' 'Firing,' 'Target acquired', and similar things it was then said to "start saying other things, and it would start questioning its own existence."


Veteran game developers reveal their childhood creations



When Oliver Franzke was eight years old, his parents bought an East German knockoff of the Commodore 64 called the Kleincomputer 85/4. He started to learn the programming language BASIC on it in between sessions on a friend's C64 playing LucasArts' adventure game Zak McKracken. He recalls now that this pairing changed his life forever. He learned how to make BASIC draw lines, and he used those lines to illustrate his first text adventure game.


The Pitfalls of Trying to Tell Stories Outside Your Own Experience



Studios attempt to move past imperialist tropes, but some habits are hard to shake.


'Call of Duty: WWII' Seems Like Yet Another Hollywood Take on World War II



Which would be fine—except that from what we've seen, the themes of Call of Duty: WWII also flash back toward those Spielberg epics. Once again, we see a story of a group of men who go through a difficult experience as they push into Germany, forging bonds of brotherhood. The word "camaraderie" cropped up so often on the announcement live stream that it became a gag.And I understand whey they're employing that narrative. The bonds forged during combat are a good story, but we've heard it before—and that's a problem.


Why 'System Shock' Matters



Having broken ground on 'System Shock 3', Creator Warren Spector reflects on what made the original so influential

"And I start it up, and I just keep dying, and dying, and dying. I’m exasperated," recalls Spector. "So I email Doug Church, the creative director behind the game, and I just say ‘why did we make this so hard? Why did we think that this interface was a good idea? Why did we feel the need to use every key on the keyboard?’ And every time I would send him a new one, he’d just send me the same reply every time. ‘1994.’ ‘1994.’ ‘1994.’ And he was right, every time. We did the best we could. We were making it up as we went along."


Japan's Biggest Indie Game Event Hits Kyoto



This past weekend, BitSummit got underway in Kyoto. Each year, the event gets bigger and bigger, and this year’s appeared to be the biggest yet!


Searching for Faith During a 'Night in the Woods'



Finding, maintaining, and questioning belief in Possum Springs

Night in the Woods and the Lies of Nostalgia


During its interminable lead-up, the 2016 American presidential election almost felt like a referendum on the concept of ‘Americana’. The common thread of argument placed a fantasy past America pitted against a new ‘progressive’ vision for American society. This, against the backdrop of the tumultuous final term of President Barack Obama, the United States’ first black president in its 200-odd years, left the political debate flustered. “Where do we go from here” became code for “Which America do we value: a new and evolving experiment, or the comfortable traditions of old?”

The problem, of course, being that those traditions were never that comfortable.


The history of RPGs



Our comprehensive guide to PC RPGs spanning four decades—from Dungeon to The Witcher 3.


7 Japanese RPGs game developers should study



The Japanese role-playing game is one of the most enduring video game genres, and there are myriad good lessons to be learned from the classic JRPG formula. With that in mind, we reached out to some game makers and asked them to name some JRPGs that they believe all developers should study. They provided us with a diverse list of their highly personal picks.


“Prey and the Failure of ‘Play Your Way’ Games,” by Jess Joho



From the very start of its rote, winky face opening, Prey did nothing to ingratiate me to its bland amalgam of design principles. Half a dozen other games have already done them better—and did them back when they were still original and relevant. But the minute Prey really lost me came early on, when it first introduced the main selling point that has many critics fawning. About 30 minutes in, you’re rummaging and throwing shit around the office of Dr. Bellamy (one of the game’s many forgettable characters). When it’s time to continue onto the next room, a “tutorial message” pops up: You can get past the locked door by a) searching for the keycard or B) finding an alternate path. The depth of instruction and detail included in this tutorial does nothing to incite the audience of an ostensibly open-world, “play your way” videogame to use their imagination or find an alternate path. And once the message goes away, there’s the keycard on Bellamy’s desk, right in front of your goddamn face.


A report from GaymerX Australia



Liam Esler and Joshua Meadows brought the GX franchise to Australia just two years ago, but sadly 2017’s was (at least for now) the last one. Citing the cost and strain of running the convention, where everyone from top to bottom is an unpaid volunteer engaged in complex event-management, Esler and Meadows said their emotional goodbyes to several hundred attendees who flocked from all over Australia and New Zealand. But, Esler said forcefully at the opening ceremonies, “this isn’t a funeral, it’s a celebration.” Thus he set the tone for our big gay geeky party, and celebrate we did.




An anonymous reader sent in a question a while back about an old JRPG that features a somewhat infamous English line:


This Video Proves That Death is Everyone's Fault


Over the past week, this one moment in a Heroes of the Storm game has been getting a lot of press coverage. Arcanetoes's "Encounter at the Hanamura Boss," which has the cadence of a French film of the 1960s, tells a simple story with a simple moral: Everybody dies, and it's everyone's fault.


Fighting games are getting simpler, and that’s a good thing



Street Fighter 5’s Ed is just the first step

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and the chase for fighting game accessibility


Capcom and other fighting game brands are doing a bit of soul-searching to bring in new players.


How 'Persona 5' Embraces the Devil on Your Shoulder



In a series largely about duty and self-control, 'Persona 5' decides you can't have salvation without a little sin.


Video games are creating smarter animals



Our relationships to animals in games have evolved, and they just might change the way we treat them in the real world


Britsoft Focus: Bak to the Future



Misfortune can be a blessing in disguise. “When I was four or five years old my dad worked as a miner down the pit,” begins Philip Bak, the developer behind Bezier. “And he had an accident with his finger, lost the top half, and he got five hundred pounds compensation, which was a lot in the seventies. So my Mum said ‘well it’s your finger, it’s your money; do what you want with it.’ And he went out and bought an Acorn Atom – 2.5K, looked a lot like a Vic20.”


Fumito Ueda: “For me, it's not important to tell the details of the story”



The Last Guardian developer shares his design process with Massive MD David Polfeldt and attendees at Nordic Game Conference


Vienna Game Developers Are Using The City's Coffeehouse Culture To Create A New Kind Of Arcade



The rise and fall of arcades have in large part shaped how we think about playing video games together in public places, but in their absence, young designers are finding new ways to bring social gaming out into the open.


The Bootleg Amiibo Business Is Booming, Thanks To Nintendo



With Legend of Zelda Amiibo figures perpetually sold out and fetching prohibitively high prices on eBay, many fans are turning to bootlegged “Amiibo cards” instead. Many sellers of these cards see themselves not as mere pirates, but as modern-day Robin Hoods, providing fans with the in-game content that Nintendo won’t sell them.


How Kona's devs used the Canada Media Fund, and why they won't use it again



What's it like to fund indie game development in Canada? For the narrative-driven survival game Kona, Parabole made use of one option Canadian game developers have at their disposal: the Canada Media Fund.





Earlier this year I worked as a research consultant for Hannah Gillis and Ben Peck of ILMxLAB, a division of Lucasfilm focusing on the creation of immersive entertainment combining the talents of Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound. I surveyed people with disabilities about their experiences with virtual reality (VR) and asked for ideas on how to make it more accessible. Hannah and Ben used some of these findings for a presentation at the 2017 Game Developers Conference.

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day this year, here is my interview with Hannah Gillis about VR accessibility. This interview has been edited and condensed.


Unraveling VR's Potential (Theresa Duringer) - Noclip Sessions


The jury is still out on the long-term success of virtual reality, but we wanted to know what it was like for developers creating games in the fledgling space. We invited indie turned VR developer Theresa Duringer to tell us about designing games in VR, the interesting obstacles she's run into, and how virtual reality may help those who are scared of flying.


How a single dev turned a side project into a successful sailing sim



Richard Knol once wrote software for golf courses. Now he's a full-time game developer, and on the Gamasutra Twitch channel today we chatted a bit about that transition as we played his debut game: the open-seas sailing simulator Sailaway.


toco toco ep. 52: Kazutoshi Iida, Game Creator


Click on "CC" to activate English subtitles.

In this episode, we follow Kazutoshi Iida, the creator of the Aquanaut’s Holiday, Tail of the Sun and Doshin the Giant games, and lecturer at Ritsumeikan university, located in Kyoto.

Our first stop will be at Rissei Cinema Project, a former elementary school built in 1928 reconverted in a cultural center, currently hosting various events. Iida especially likes it theatre area, which features a selection of documentaries and art films from all over the world.

We will then follow him to the Kyoto Art Center, which also happens to be a former elementary school, that constantly features new exhibitions and artists. One room gathers flyers from the art events held in the city, acting as an analog portal for all art manifestations.

Iida will then tell us more about his influences at his research lab at Ritsumeikan university, where we will learn more about the universes he created in his titles and his teaching work.


How A Man Born Without Eyes Plays Video Games


Toby Ott is 27 years old. He’s been playing video games since he was five, when he first tried out Mortal Kombat in an arcade. Which sounds like a fairly common gaming past, until you learn that Toby has bilateral anophthalmia, a rare condition which means he was born without eyeballs.


How Going Underwater Changed Game Music | Game Score Fanfare


Underwater music in games has made a massive splash over the years. I take a look at the ways underwater music has influenced game music as a whole, and what makes a great piece of underwater music.


An Ode to the Cannery Level from What Remains of Edith Finch


This is a short video about a level about a state of mind about a dreadful feeling.


Are Save Slots DEAD?: The Art of Saving Your Game


In which I basically complain about save game mechanics. How have save files changed over the years? Let's find out.


The Conflicted Combat of Darksiders 2


A critique of Darksiders 2's occasionally fun, but often unpolished combat, analysing its flaws, the good parts, and the missed potential.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's dungeon design | Boss Keys


Boss Keys is an on-going research project to analyse the level design of the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. This time, we're looking at the Wii game, Skyward Sword.


Why Do We Ship Buggy Games? - A Look Behind the Scenes - Extra Credits


When launch day bugs ruin a game, why don't publishers just delay the release to fix everything? While it's definitely bad business for them to make such broken games, it's worth taking a look at how the problems get that bad instead of just blaming "lazy developers."


Do Games Still Need Experience? // HeavyEyed


Experience Systems are one of the cornerstones of gaming but has the medium outgrown them? Let's talk about it.


Matt Chat 376: Tim Lang on How to Be a Level Designer


Tim Lang who knows a thing or two about designing awesome levels for CRPGs, and he's here today to dish out his secrets. We also talk about some tricks for conserving processor power and much, much more.


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies


The Hottest New Twitch Streamer Is Role-Playing As A GTA Online Cop


If you visited the Twitch home page over the last week you probably saw the usual suspects: League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike. In a twist, GTA Online has joined that list thanks to a former officer of the law, Eli Thompson. People love him so much, he’s already become one of Twitch’s hottest channels. On his first day alone, he had around 43,000 concurrent viewers.


Nintendo Fans Are Losing It Over Twinelle, Arms' New Character


During last night’s Nintendo Direct, a few new characters for Arms were revealed. In particular, the internet loves Twintelle, because, well, she’s kinda thicc.


Shovel Souls


I used a Dark Souls CheatEngine table and DSMODT.


Things I Missed From Previous Weeks


Wonder Boy: Omar Cornut Is Building His Own Miracle World



A lengthy conversation with one of the gentlemen behind LizardCube, the developer of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.


The rapidly changing landscape of accessibility for blind gamers



May 18th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD), so as part of that I'd like to shed a little light on some recent advances in the field of accessibility for blind gamers.


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7 jrpgs people should study article...  I have much to say but why bother, nobody cares. If I'm not a 'professional' journo, I'm just a moron. Me posting this here isn't my attempt at farming sympathy but simply my expression at something I care about, not because I know it matters to anyone, but because it matters to me, and after years of trying to express myself, I know nobody gives a shit, and despite my  knowledge of sharing my opinions i hopeless, i care enough to refuse to give up anyway for my own sake as selfish as it may be.


I don't even disagree with the article, in fact I even agree with it more than disagree at the start. Valkyrie profile 2... the thing wasn't the 3d, it was the fact that 3d gave the body part hitbox location material drop thing that everyone is currently creaming their nether regions about. Valkyrie profile 2 did it first, the surge's attempt sounds cool, i do not deny, but why the fuck do people praise it for what valkyrie profile 2 did first and NOBODY gives credit for like 10 years ago... instead, even now they credit it being '3d'? FUCK...sigh... i give up.

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