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Current Highlighted Crowd Funding Projects (Last update: 11-21)

1 post in this topic

Every week I do the This Week In Gaming article which includes current Kickstarter, Fig, Indiegogo, etc projects, usually each article will have anywhere from 1-4 crowd funding projects. I'll keep the ones I am aware of that are still active in this pinned thread as it is easier for me than starting multiple threads for things that not everyone will have an interest in. I will also share the ones that recently succeeded and ones that have options to support the project still available. If one of these does interests you, feel free to start a thread in this section of the forums to spread the word or to post updates on the project as it, hopefully, nears release.




Destination Primus Vita: Volume 1, a narrative puzzle game


Destination Primus Vita is an episodic first-person, narrative puzzle game, in a sci-fi setting.


Raji: An Ancient Epic


An action adventure game set in ancient India. A young girl is gifted with godlike powers to defend humanity against a demonic invasion


500 Years Later: An Oral History of Final Fantasy VII



500 Years Later offers a thrilling deep dive into the creation of the revered PlayStation RPG. Comprising over 30 interwoven voices, this beautifully produced book will offer unprecedented insight into the craft and ambition behind the game.


TRÜBERBROOK – A Nerd Saves the World


Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960's parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery.


Blue Omen Operation - A Stylish and Hot-Blooded RPG



A fast-paced RPG featuring an action-command battle system and a classic anime-inspired artstyle!




Obelus is an intense arcade combat sidescroller with a thought provoking narrative. You are Dave, an interplanetary insurance salesman, travelling and fighting aggressive fauna across the galaxy with no one but your trusty corporation approved mech AI for company.


Jack and Casie


An 'Inventory Action Game' about a mysterious machine from an ancient civilization, and Casie


Girls Make Games Presents: Find Me



Find Me was created by team Invenio, a group of girls grades 6-11, at the Girls Make Games summer camp in San Francisco, CA.

A lost shadow seeks to be reunited with her human girl, while searching for memories and avoiding the dangerous city lights.


RECENT SUCCESS (might be possible to still support)


Selling Sunlight: a wandering merchant RPG



A gentle, bittersweet narrative RPG about trading, making friends and conspiring against the Sun.


Relic Hunters Legend - Online Cooperative Shooter/Looter/RPG


Embark on a touching tale of friendship, time-travel, & loot! From the creators of Chroma Squad, Dungeonland and Relic Hunters Zero.


Hell Let Loose


Hell Let Loose is a platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooting game for PC set during the Second World War.


Terrain of Magical Expertise RPG - A Game about a Game!


Inspired by the hit webseries, TOME is a 2D Turn-Based RPG, where you play as a White-Hat Hacker and fight alongside new friends!


Flynn: Son of Crimson | Fast paced 2D action platformer


Using the ancient gift of Crimson, take on the role of Flynn to halt the Scourge on the land. A beautifully crafted pixel adventure.


Doomtrooper - Digital Collectible Card Game



Demonic aliens, cyber-mechanical vehicles, and interplanetary chainsaw warfare set in the world of Mutant Chronicles.


Thea 2: The Shattering


The shattering sequel to Thea: The Awakening. Turn-based strategy-survival inspired by Slavic mythology. Become a god, lead, survive!




Crazy Justice is a third-person shooter game in cel-shaded style with steampunk elements, created by Black Riddles Studio Ltd. and Black Riddles Studio Publishing, Inc. Play as a hero and save the world from the forces of evil! Complete dozens of missions, find new heroes, gather new special weapons and eliminate the steampunk hordes. Immerse yourself in a beautifully detailed, cel-shaded steampunk world, spanning locations across the globe, from the alleys of New York to Egypt or even the North Pole.


My Time at Portia – An Enchanting Sandbox Simulation RPG


An adventure inspired by Animal Crossing, Dark Cloud 2, Harvest Moon, and the works of Miyazaki.


The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game


The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game will complete the gaping hole in your soul, heal the feels in your heart, and wash your dishes.


Scorn Part 1 of 2 : Dasein


An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.


Lifeless Moon


From the creators of Lifeless Planet, a new cinematic adventure inspired by classic science fiction.




CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA




Virgo Vs The Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy JRPG where you play as an obsessed villain. The game features traditional turn based combat with a twist: Guarding, countering and timing your actions carefully as well as predicting your foes' moves is essential to succeed in Virgo’s twisted and unforgiving cosmic quest to bring back the Golden Age, a period of peace, symmetry and balance, or so she thinks.


Lust for Darkness


A psychological horror of seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining worlds.


Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond


A beautifully hand-drawn RPG where turn-based combat meets multi-perspective branching storytelling.


Lona: Realm of Colors


A highly stylized adventure art-game about an artist trapped in her art, with fear and chaos coming alive in two-sided paintings!


The Iron Oath: Dark Turn-based Tactical RPG


A gritty turn-based RPG with a focus on tactics and the management of your guild within a dynamic world.


Gameumentary - Short Docs About The Games You Play


We're a team of volunteers who write feature stories and produce documentaries about the people and studios behind the games you play.


The Lighthouse


Thriller with glimpses into psychotic, alternate dimensions. Search for Lily Beaumont at the abandoned Wescott Property in Maine 1964.

The Lighthouse is neat-looking crowdfunded horror thriller, alpha demo out now


Enter a dark and supernatural '60s neo-noir world.




In Bounty Battle, characters from Darkest Dungeon, Awesomenauts, Guacamelee (and many more) meet up for the ultimate indie fighting game!




KnightOut is a build and brawl game for 1 - 4 players. Coming to Windows and Nintendo Switch in 2017.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric single-player RPG based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Kingmaker Adventure Path.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kickstarter Video

Interview with Narrative Designer Chris Avellone


Chris is a senior narrative designer on Pathfinder: Kingmaker. As a veteran of the industry he has worked on titles by Black Isle Studios, including Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2 and the Icewind Dale series. He has also worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. Recently, he has completed work on Beamdog Studios’ Planescape: Torment – Enhanced Edition and Arkane Studios’ Prey.

Chris Avellone's Pathfinder: Kingmaker RPG is now on Kickstarter


The campaign is meant to help fund an expansion of the game's 'Kingdom' mechanic.

Build the Kingdom YOU want!


One big and important part of our game is the kingdom feature. We don't want the kingdom to be a simple gimmick - imagine the kingdom like an extra companion. So you rightfully wanted to know - what does that mean? How does it work? What does it do? Enjoy our latest update and learn more about the Kingdom feature!

Gameplay Mechanics: Character Building and Difficulty


We received a ton of questions about game mechanics from you and this update's purpose is to answer at least some of them. In our first mechanics-based update we're focusing on difficulty, build diversity and character development.

Companions: Introducing Valerie, the Brevic Fighter


The Stolen Lands are a dangerous place! Fortunately, you will meet other brave adventurers on your quest, who will fight by your side or who may ultimately choose to betray you, depending on your actions. They all have their own story, their own goals and motivations, their own reasons to join you. They are your companions, who will help you build and rule your kingdom. Some of these companions are familiar faces from the Adventure Path. Some may even be popular Pathfinder iconics. Others are completely new. We are going to introduce them to you in a series of updates. Our first companion update is dedicated to Valerie.

How Tabletop Gaming Inspires Our CRPG


For each of the events, we want to offer many different solutions to you. Do you want to intimidate the kobolds or make a diplomatic arrangement with them? It's entirely up to you. Or just rid them of their miserable existence if bloodthirsty solutions are your forte! Some of the options become available to you only if you met certain criteria (being very lawful for example). Others will require certain skill checks which will vary in difficulty, depending on how you attempt to reach your goal. For example, it is much easier to intimidate a coward than to persuade him.

Bringing Fantasy to Life: The Sounds and Music of Pathfinder

Companions: Introducing Ekundayo, the Grim Ranger


We continue our story about those who will accompany you on your journey to the Stolen Lands. Many heroes rightfully call themselves Pathfinders – from the mighty Fighters to the cunning Rogues – but nobody is as good at literally finding paths where there seem to be none as the Rangers.

Characters and animation


We have prepared a brand new video for today's update. As you've certainly guessed by our headline, it's all about characters and animation. Our technical director Alexey Drobyshevsky lets you have a first look at the inventory system and how putting on items works. He is also showing off some of our combat animations. Please be aware that the shown footage is still work in progress and we're still ironing out some kinks. With that in mind, we hope you will enjoy our new video and, as always, we can't wait to hear your comments and feedback.

Chris Avellone: Growing a Story


I’ve wanted to do a Pathfinder RPG for quite some time. When the opportunity came up, Owlcat explained they wanted to do something surprising – take one of Pathfinder’s existing Adventure Paths (an interconnected series of six modules that act as long story) and turn it into a computer RPG.

So my first thought is - what the hell do you need me for?

Global Map Exploration


Here's a brand new video update for you. Exploration is an important part of the Pathfinder: Kingmaker experience. We want you to have a great time traveling through the Stolen Lands and uncovering their secrets using our exploration system.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Dev stream with A. Mishulin and C. Avellone




Phoenix Point is the new strategy game from the creator of the original X-COM series. It features turn based tactics and world based strategy in a fight against a terrifying, alien menace.

Phoenix Point's Fig campaign promises new take on classic X-COM formula


Julian Gollop may have created the worst possible climate change timeline

'X-COM' Designer Julian Gollop Talks Spiritual Successor, 'Phoenix Point'


Gollop launched the 'X-COM' franchise in 1994 – now he's back with a crowdfunded evolution of the formula

XCOM Creator's Phoenix Point: 8 Minute Boss Battle Gameplay


Join the original creator of XCOM, Julian Gollop, as he walks us through a battle against a horrifying alien boss in Phoenix Point.




Bannermen - Single/Multiplayer RTS with Dynamic Environments


With innovative gameplay and dynamic environments in medieval setting, we aim to refresh the classical RTS genre with Bannermen.




”The Good Life” is a Debt Repayment Life Simulation RPG by SWERY the creator of “Deadly Premonition”.


NECROCOSMOS - There is no god up here


Videogame inspired by old Metroid games. Openworld game, Sci-Fi Action Metroidvania,Hardcore Retro Style Adventure Pc/Mac/Linux/PS4/XBX




We hope to bring together players from all fighting games. Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Killer Instinct, Smash Bros, and so on are difficult games to play, so if you play one of those and your friend plays another, it's hard to get together to have a good match. Everyone can reach at least a basic level of competence in Fantasy Strike so quickly that it can bridge the gap to your fighting game friends. Or get newcomers into the genre.

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