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[UNOFFICIAL] Clan Recruitment for the PS4!

1 post in this topic

Come one, come all!


Today I'm trying to revive the PS4 division of Smite! I've created an Unofficial group (labeled as AJSAU for the tag) and would love to play with anybody who wants to get back into Smite with me. I'm a newer player to Smite but have found it a great way to relax and kick back after work so I'm on almost everyday if I can help it.


When it comes down to it, this community is amazing, and I'd love to bring back something that I know folks had a passion for once. Maybe you're a first-time Smite player and have been looking for a clean you can feel like is actually your clan and not just a clan you joined for the sake of points. Or maybe you're a vet who is looking to get back into the game. Either way, you are all welcome!


Rules for the clan:

1) As we are not an officially endorsed group by the AJSA ((yet)) I am not making it a requirement that folks need to be a part of the AJSA Community on the PS4 and the Group. However, If you are a part of the AJSA Community on the PS4 (community and group combined) I will take preference in your application over those who are not part of the group. This is not to discourage you from joining but rather to help all of us that wish to take part eventually post events that we can advertise in the groups for each other and know that we all can chat on the forums if we need anything.

2) The following is a list of rules on behavior while in the group. Remember we are a community and should act as such. The warnings and punishments are given by myself as the Clan leader and any officers that I deem capable and just for the title. If for whatever reason, you feel that you have the need to contest the decision, then you are free to message me or any of us that are listed as Officers in the clan. At any time, an officer may bring in any other officer to aid in their decision and contact me to discuss the case. 

  • Bullying/Harassment And/Or Abuse: If at anytime there is a complaint on a player about bullying, harassment or un-sportsmanship of any kind, the accused party and the accusing party will be assessed by an officer of the group (at this time, that would jut be me) and handled internally between the three parties. Online bullying will not be tolerated, but it is understandable that things can get a little heated between players in what amounts to a fighting game. As such, there will be one warning given to the offending player before further action is required, stating that the player is now informed that they are being watched by the officers to see if there are any more incidents. If any should occur again, the player will be removed from the group for a set period of time, as deemed appropriate for the type of scenario. The waiting period will be no sooner than one month and can extend to infinite amounts of time. The accusing party can also be given a warning if the situation demands it, such as the accusing party causing their own form of harassment or bullying or creating a more volatile environment due to outbursts.



  • Leaving a match Prematurely (Rage Quitting): If the player is being a poor sport and quitting the game or match frequently enough to be noticed, that can be grounds fro warning or dismissal from the division. Note that this is for frequent disconnects from matches, not if you suddenly lost your internet and couldn't reconnect that one-time last month. Rage quitting, in of itself, can be satisfying as the last laugh to whatever issue you face but has a habit of handing the match over to the opponents.


  • Purging the Player List:  The Officers and I reserve the right to suggest and purge on a set date and time of our choosing that is no sooner than three days minimum from an announcement date and no later than one month from an announcement date. In that time, is is the responsibility of the player to indicate in the forums or via message to an officer in PSN  that you intend to be gone for an amount of time that may show you as being inactive. Inactive players for more than 2 months are suject to being purged from the group for the sake of opening spaces for more active players. If a player is purged and wishes to return, they must apply as before but will not have to wait a period of time to reenter the clan like for those who were removed for harassment issues.

Hey, if you've read this far, it means you're already an awesome person! Make sure to add the phrase Never Quit when you send your application in the game!

3) If at any time the forum community brings to my attention that this group needs to be disbanded or changed in some way, I will defer to their judgmnet as I am just a Vetern Rank on here. Which means that, if the group breaks a rule that I didn't know about it and I'm asked to take downt eh group, then I will give a few days notice if possible and then take it down. I do plan on having a passionate discution on hopefully keeping it before hand but just saying, you've been warned that this could happen since we are unoffical ok?


And that's it so far! I'm kind of making this up as I go, reading up on any rules I can and checking to be sure that I'm not stepping on any toes. So far so good right? Thanks for reading this and make sure to put down Never Surrender and the other hidden phrase in this article so I know you read this article and tell me about your Smite Experiance. I hope to do days where I can teake folks who are new to the game out in partys to practive out in the game soon, so I hope to see you there!


Hope to see you soon!



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