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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

7 posts in this topic

At long last, Dissidia is making its way to consoles.


So far there is planned over twenty characters, the only character thus far confirmed is Final Fnatasy 15's main protagonist Noctis.

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Looking forward to this one, even though it's not going to be the same without Cosmos and Chaos (voiced by super sexy Keith David). =(

Still if they ever make Feral Chaos a secret boss or DLC, I'm going to be very happy. Then I'm going to take a long shower and cry due to all the horrors I had to go through just to unlock him .

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Also from what I'm understanding this is the same Dissidia that has been out in Japan in arcades since 2015. If this is the case then we know the roster which is up to 24 characters (including the newly announced Noctis being playable in it). This also means that either we are going to get  ALOT of free characters or DLC characters because the developer has stated in the past for the arcade variant that their main goal is to make the roster have 50 playable characters. Even if they hit that goal they might go beyond that.


So I can hope and dream one day Zack Fair is included. Or hell give me a skin for Cloud that just replaces him with Zack.

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22 hours ago, argetlam350 said:

So I can hope and dream one day Zack Fair is included. Or hell give me a skin for Cloud that just replaces him with Zack.

That and I want Genesis Rhapsodos in this game. He deserves a nice spot on the character roster.

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Here's a list of the characters that are in the arcade version currently with the addition of Noctis if it is indeed pretty much the same thing as the arcade version:

Final Fantasy: Warrior of Light, Garland

Final Fantasy II: FIrion, The Emperor

Final Fantasy III: Onion Knight

Final Fantasy IV: Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind

Final Fantasy V: Bartz Klauser, Exdeath

FInal Fantasy VI: Terra Branford, Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife, Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Tribal, Kuja

Final Fantasy X: Tidus

Final Fantasy XI: Shantotto

Final Fantasy XII: Vaan

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning

Final Fantasy XIV: Y'Shtola

Final Fantasy XV: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Final Fantasy Tactics: Ramza Beoulve

Final Fantasy Type-0: Ace

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Materia, Spiritus

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With the idea being the roster at least for the arcade variant to one day reach 50 playable characters I figured I would state a few characters I would like to see in the future:

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Zack Fair on the side of Materia and then Genesis Rhaspody on the side of Spiritus. While Zack does wield the Buster Sword like Cloud I feel he would have a different playstyle or could be changed up slightly. Fact of the matter is Crisis Core was a great game and seeing how two side series titles all ready are represented why not represent Crisis Core. Genesis due to the fact that usually there is a good and bad representative for each title and for the most part Genesis was the main villain for Crisis Core or who Zack chased after the most.


Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn Lucis Caleum, or Ardyn Izunia. While he isn't seen often in Final Fantasy 15 he was a rather intriguing villain in his manipulation and the fact that while he was killed in the end, he did get what he wanted which was the end both the line of Oracles and the line of Caleum. Plus Noctis needs someone to fight against.


Final Fantasy X - Auron. Granted the most I know about Auron comes from Kingdom Hearts 2 but hey he seemed pretty badass wielding that sword with one hand and all. Then I guess Seymour just for that villain check mark.





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