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Bubsy is coming back...... run for your lives.

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For those of you that don't know Bubsy at all, Jontron, AVGN and Caddicarus already shared their displeasure of playing Bubsy 3D. Or in the case of Jon, allofem.



So who in this world think that it's a good idea to bring this annoying, stuck up his own ass outdated bobcat back???


Oh. Hang on. I found this in wikipedia.

In 2017, Hong Kong-based holding company Billionsoft acquired the Accolade brand and most of its assets, and has since announced the upcoming release of a fifth installment in the Bubsy franchse, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back.


CURSE YOU BILLIONSOFT!!!  emot-argh.gifemot-argh.gifemot-argh.gifemot-argh.gifemot-argh.gif


On the bright side, this game will be made by the people behind Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Which is pretty decent.


So maybe this Bubsy game will at least be decent, right? RIGHT??? :( 

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Mascot platformers are kind of a genre I'm permanently sick and bored of. But the original Bubsy was actually pretty good amongst the pile. Bubsy just has a legacy of suck because of that one 3d game, which isn't something to judge the whole IP by.

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5 hours ago, Cyborg-Rox said:

W H A T   C O U L D   P O S S I B L Y   G O   W R O N G ?


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11 hours ago, Cyborg-Rox said:

W H A T   C O U L D   P O S S I B L Y   G O   W R O N G ?



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