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Horizon Zero Dawn, the spoiler thread

2 posts in this topic

So, I finally finished Horizon Zero Dawn last night. I must say this is the best game I've played on the PS4 since the console was released (with an exception for The Last of Us and Uncharted 4).

The whole setting and story really reminded me of an old sci-fi novelist named Andre Norton. She had a whole After the Apocalypse series that was like Horizon.

I was a little surprised that the "dialogue choices" didn't actually change the ending, but after I thought about it I realized that all of the choices were really elements of Dr Elisabet Sobek's--and by extension Aloy's--personality. The ending might not have changed, but the narrative of how Aloy got there would have. When you watch the holo recordings of Dr Sobek you can see how she could be compassionate, intelligent, or even abrasive, and in the end it all makes sense why you were given a choice as to how to react to each situation. Overall its just beautiful storytelling!

I did cringe a couple times when you would talk to somebody with an elaborate headpiece...and it kept clipping through their shoulders. :lol: And sometimes the lip syncing was way off.

But these are pretty mild, and didn't really take me out of the game too much.

I also loved how the machines were never too easy. Even once you got the most powerful weapons and learned the proper techniques to taking down a thunderjaw, it was still a tense battle that could go very very wrong if you weren't quick on your feet!

9/10 for me!

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A few very minor issues with the game, but one of the best I've ever played in this genre in a long time.  It borrows allot mechanics from other game but it offers a different take on them that makes them feel fresh and interesting.  The Tallnecks for example are something that I've seem some people dismiss as "walking Ubi towers" but there's clearly so much more to them than that.  Each one presents a different challenge by the enemies that are present or the environment itself, never just a straight climb to the top.  For me that kind of sums it up, it's all familiar but unique.


Not to mention game is drop dead gorgeous!  One of the most beautiful open worlds I have ever seen and I'm including games on high end PC hardware.  Excellent gameplay that blends action and strategy with a creative mix of weapons and abilities.  No two machines are the same and require different strategies to take them down especially if you play on the harder difficulties.


I guess with this being a spoiler thread I guess I'm free to talk about the story including.... well..... Spoilers.  The writers did a great job of introducing the history of the world, our main character Aloy's origins and how she came into it by tying them all directly together.  Some aspect's I saw coming like Aloy's being a clone and so on but it's still a very smart and engaging story that had me really wanting to what this was all about, especially towards the end.  When you start learning about the Horizon Zero Dawn project and how it's intention was to restore the world after it's inevitable destruction and how the HADES A.I is now trying to destroy it again.


Some people have mixed feelings about the ending but I personally found it satisfying, the only thing that was still open was what Sylens and HADES are doing next.  If your of the opinion that it was a bit of a cop out how HADES ultimately survives and that teaser with Sylens and HADES walking towards that Giant Metal Devil is just a cheap way to set up a sequel...... well yeah I see your point.  At the end of the day this first game was about Aloy and we got a complete story arc with her.  The question about her origins where answered and it ended on a triumphant note.  It didn't feel like a cop out to me and It's clear that the Guerrilla wanted complete game before even considering DLC.  They also didn't run with any microtransaction system despite it looking like the game was set up for one with it crate awards for quests and such so huge respect there.


We know that they are working on an expansion and I will be pre-ording that shit and playing day one not just because I loved this game but more so because Guerrilla have earned that trust form me but not having including any kind bullshit cut-of story or microtransactions.  There was a handful of outfits that where pre-order bonuses or through special editions but that's it.


Well that's my two cents, I might have more to say later but for now... Peace out!

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