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Take-Two singlehandingly destroys modding support for GTA 5 on PC

5 posts in this topic

A long discussion on a GTA fan forum


A number of outlets have brought this up below:

Ars Technia






And many more. To bring it down to simple terms, Take-Two Interactive sent a cease & desist to the developers of OpenIV, a popular SINGLE PLAYER modding tool. It seems Take-Two hasn't researched that the program doesn't even allow you to connect to GTA Online if you have SP mods installed.

Something else that is suspicious is IGN has not reported on this AT ALL since this happened still.


As of the original posting, the score is down to Mixed (68%) and recent reviews show only 14% positive (Overwhelmingly Negative).



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just quoting myself:

Take 2 CEO recently said that they still didn't reach the maximum potential of Microtransactions. So everyone who can add 1 and 1 together will get it, that getting rid of modding (even in SP) is the next logical step to increase money. It's all business / capitalism. I bet all the people who have the pirated GTAV Version will laugh their asses off now.

oh yeah and now Bethesda tries it with paid Mods again. Well i see where this all is going. The complete death of modding. Well the gaming industry managed to kill the second hand / used games market on PC so killing off mods won't be much harder.


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This is a real shame.  I haven't played GTA Online for a good couple few years now and that was on PS3 so I don't know much about OpenIV or whether it can be used to cheat and hack the online game as they claim or not.  Either way I don't believe that's the reason Take Two stomped their foot on it, or at least not the only one.  I've heard Rockstar are trying to bring it back but fuck knows, I've been considering buying the game again and I really hope this gets fixed otherwise there is very little point in me buying it on PC.

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Wow. From 84 ish percent positive, and in an instant 38,000 ish people immediately retaliate and tell GTA V to suck dick. Now that my people, is what I call divine retribution. 


Looks like we won't get Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC now, not after this. Well, at least until Take-Two realizes they fucked up, but what's done is done, and there's no turning back from here.

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