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Best of Call of Duty Series

5 posts in this topic

Which COD series is your favorite? Mine is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. That alluring mix of compulsive unlocks, brilliant map design and powerful feedback is still hooking players to this day. Then there’s the peerless campaign. Bursting with unforgettable missions - Death From Above, All Ghillied Up, Charlie Don’t Surf to name a few - and a slither of surprising nuance, it’s the best war story the series has ever told.

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I haven't played the last two but I liked 4 the most. Doing the most that was different, felt unique for it's time in multiple ways, had good map design that I didn't think future games had for MP, and had some fun additions like a slow motion mode that could be toggled on in future playthroughs.

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Best Zombie Levels: World at War, Black Ops 1, and half of Black Ops 2 (Mob of the Dead, Origins, Nuketown, Town, and Buried ftw)

Best Customizations (Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies): Black Ops 2

Best Campaign/Multiplayer: Modern Warfare 1


Update: Black Ops 3 would be my runner up for Best Zombie Levels, but the lack of map customizations and the fact that they force you to perform these tedious easter eggs turned me off. HOWEVER; Kevin Sherwood is amazing, and it's nice to hear Elena Siegman again.


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Something I read pulled me away from CoD 4 Remastered but I loved the original so I should probably look into it to for that modern shooter itch.


WaW and Blops 1 was a close tie, both had awesome zombies and loved the weapons. Played WW2 Beta and enjoyed it so hoping it pulls CoD out of that Garbage Tier rating that started post Blops 3.

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I loved call of duty classic and although I liked modern warfare, I liked the little story and large amounts of thinking classic offered, and call of duty classic was the first FPS I played and understood. 


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