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Tekken 7 first DLC character revealed.

1 post in this topic

FINALLY. I can counter those annoying attacks and rage art with Geese!!


So wait...... now that King of Fighters, Tekken and Street Fighter are now in the same universe, I guess we can expect the next crossover game to be absolutely batshit insane eh? :) Oh yes, and also since all these games are officially in the same universe, it's pretty clear that demons rule the world. I mean you got Orochi and whatever various demons roam the King of Fighters land and Tekken has the Devil Gene and Ogre. Street Fighter looks much more peaceful in comparison since the only big threat is Gill who's actually a good guy compared to the other ones. Oh, and of course Bison who wants to take over the world.


Asura needs to come back and show these demons pain!


Alright, now all that's left is the second DLC character. All sign points to Kazuma Kiryu, but considering that Geese shows up, anything goes. Maybe it'll be one of the girls from DOA? Or Mortal Kombat characters? Bayonetta?? Or even Ned Flanders??? Because he did show up in Simpsons Wrestling, and he's the best character in the game.

Whoever it will be, I hope it'll be awesome!


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