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The Disaster Artist film is coming. Let the magic begin!

4 posts in this topic

The movie based on the true story written in a book about the making of one of the best worst film in recent memory, alongside Birdemic, Samurai Cop and Troll 2. I'm sure some of us have seen this film from Nostalgia Critic.

BUT in case you haven't seen it, go watch it. It features such classic scenes like:

A sex scene with the guy f ing the girl in her belly button

A shopping scene that is so rushed that it looks like Wiseau only have 30 seconds to film because otherwise the store owner will kick his ass

4 people dressing for a wedding only to play football in the wedding dress

And of course, this


I've read the book, and.... wow. The trailer scene where he has to do that line 68 times? That's just 1 part out of 1,000 things wrong with the making of the film. He actually had a choice of filming the rooftop scene on an actual rooftop instead of a green screen, but he chose the green screen because "This no Mickey Mouse production. I want to be professional."............. wat?


Then it turns out that Tommy Wiseau isn't purposefully doing the shitty acting he does in the film. That's him actually trying and failing that many times. And the many things that happens in the film that makes no sense actually was him trying to make a serious film......HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? I bet that the making of the Disaster Artist film is much easier than the making of that film!


And here we have the next trailer that was released recently.


Why....... why does this guy think that filming an alley in a studio is better than filming an alley.... IN AN ACTUAL ALLEY??? Like I said, same thing with the rooftop scene. JUST DO IT IN A ROOFTOP YOU DUMB SHIT! ARRGHHHH!!!

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Wait, they LITERALLY had to shoot that rooftop scene 68 times!? I thought that was just an exaggerated joke!

Well then, this movie just turned a lot more interesting.

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This is the next trailer that's recently released.



And may I remind you audience....... this is a true story. That's not Wiseau purposefully doing the scenes in the film as a joke, that's him trying to make the movie seriously....... what planet is this guy from exactly?

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