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Fortnite impressions

2 posts in this topic

Early game - fast levelling, easy objectives. Base building not very necessary.
A couple difficulty levels later - base building and weapon levelling become more necessary. Levelling becomes slower and the repetition can be more apparent.

Overall a fun game i still want to go back to on a daily basis.


Day 2:

So i've played for about 17 hours now and can confirm the difficulty does ramp up. The areas have power levels which indicate their difficulty 5 to 9 to 15 so far and by level 15 you definitely need to pay more attention to building a base. You could pretty much get flawless completion with a wall around your objective and the 4 of you defending but zombies become harder to kill and the addition of the occasional new enemy makes you have to think about leveling up your weapons and building layers of defences.

The grind is definitely apparent once you get to these levels though. While through the earlier levels you're getting V-Coins and pinata's left and right as you complete objectives frequently it slows down a lot by this 3rd ramp up in difficulty.

I'm still having fun but when you're not earning new rewards as often the repetition does make me consider taking a break. But today i'm back at work and want to get back for at least a few more games.



Day 1:

So I've played Fortnite for about 1.5 days and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It seems a bit easy but I'm assuming as you get into higher level areas that will change. There are a LOT of campaign missions but they're pretty much all the same Find the spot, build a base on the spot, defend the spot sometimes with an additional mission parameter added like find X number of survivors or find the 4 trap parts. I can see this getting old for some people.

You are always levelling up something. You have your heroes, your survivors, your weapon/trap schematics, a collection book (you place 1 of each item/person in the game into what's like a sticker book but you lose that item from your inventory), AI base defenders.

I don't know how end game will play out. My imagination takes me to building castles with jump pads and being besieged by hordes of zombies and hard enemies penetrating layers of traps and your party picking them off from towers :P but who knows.

There are about a little under 40 missions in the 1st area and I've seen mention of 4 areas in total. I wonder if more areas will be added later as it's supposedly in early access (though I heard rumour that is just so they could avoid the PS+ requirement to play, and the money for founders packs probably doesn't hurt either)

If like me you like levelling up heroes and weapons, smacking open piñata's hoping to get some legendary loot then you will really enjoy Fortnite.

If you tire easily of the same mission type again and again maybe wait for it become free imo.

I've still got a lot to play, see how the other areas compare. Oh and there are tech trees to unlocking features and boosting stats. The trees are HUGE so I expect that there is content to compare.

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How are you liking the more popular Battle Royale mode? A blatant rip-off off PUBG but a very successful one at that. Making the Unreal Engine certainly has its upsides. Personally I was turned off from the esthetics of the game and overall gameplay for me. It just wasn’t interesting enough and progression felt sluggish. 

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