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Agents of Mayhem first few minutes gameplay footage. It's Saints Row alright!

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Ah yes, the spinoff game created after Gat recreated the world in one of the endings in Gat Out of Hell. And the game is pretty much Saints Row 4 + Overwatch + Crackdown. So you know what to expect when you look at the game in first glance already. Instead of you launching chaos everywhere with just 1 character and a lot of weapons, this time you have multiple characters to pick from with their own weapons and abilities to rekt shit up. If that sounds like your alley, then you're gonna have a great time with the game. Unless you're not a fan of the previous Saints Row games in which case this is a skip. Or you have played so many Saints Row before since, well, this game is Saints Row 4 all over again and it'll get boring playing the same game, even with new character selections.


Saints Row: one of the only game universe that can change its own tone and doesn't give a fuck. Started off as a GTA clone + prequel to Red Faction, then 2 makes things dark and make the main character a complete prick, then 3, 4 and pretty much this game just say "fuck it" and make everything hilarious. Byoutiful. 

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