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Gamescom trailers and gameplay, Epic had to reinvent Paragon twice to save it, Kojima thanks Konami, Noclip interviews the developers of Thumper, how Mario Odyssey was shaped by Mario Sunshine, no single player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda, the spirit of flash gaming, Age of Empires 4 announced, Writing on Games looks at how the mechanics tell a deeper story in Hellblade while HeavyEyed and Eurogamer look at mental health portrayal in games, digital version of popular board game Scythe coming to Steam, Shenmue 3 releases a trailer, how the cancelled Playstation version of Madden 96' changed Football games, theme park building game based on Jurassic World annouced, the AI of Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth, Kickstarter opens doors to Japanese creators, Mount and Blade 2 multiplayer, FFXV coming to PC with mod support, and more.


Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC, game updates, company and developer news, country news, mods)


Watch EA’s Gamescom 2017 press briefing here


What is EA bringing to Germany this year?


Xbox at Gamescom: Watch it live here


Microsoft will be livestreaming from Germany’s big game convention


Blizzard at Gamescom: Watch the livestream here


Get the latest on Overwatch, Hearthstone, StarCraft and Heroes of the Storm


Gamescom 2017 showfloor tour


Alice and Keiran give you a guided tour of Gamescom 2017.


Yakuza 6 lets you cradle babies and take selfies


The action game hits Western shelves in March


Nightmarchers is a supernatural RPG-shooter set in post-apocalypse Oahu


Yeah, it's weird.


Total War: Warhammer 2 - Skaven Reveal Trailer


The Skaven have been revealed as the fourth army coming to Total War: Warhammer 2, joining the High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen. Total War: Warhammer 2 will be released on Steam 28th September.

26 minutes of Skaven Campaign Gameplay - Total War: Warhammer 2 Skaven Gameplay


After yesterday's surprising announcement that the Skaven are, indeed, the fourth playable race in Total War: Warhammer 2, Chris takes a look at their upcoming campaign.

Total War: Warhammer 2 race guide - who's in, who might be coming


Total War: Warhammer II is due to release less than eighteen months after part one of the projected trilogy. Many announcements, interviews, and several hands-on opportunities later, we've gathered quite a lot of information. Read on for an overview of the new races and how they'll work.


Pinball FX 3 Is All About Cross-Platform Competition


Coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, the third installment of Zen Studios’ pinball platform will focus on community run tournaments and multiplayer match-ups. Today the studio announced which console and PC platforms can play together, as well as which Pinball FX 2 tables players can import into Pinball FX 3.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Gamescom 2017 Captain Mode


Captain Mode puts players in command of their own detachment of troops in multiplayer battles of up to 5 vs 5.

Mount & Blade 2 release date won't be revealed at Gamescom and this is why


A couple of weeks ago, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord developer Taleworlds Entertainment kicked off a new weekly developers blog as part of its effort to be more transparent and communicative with its fans. But while those fans were surely hoping it would communicate a release date in fairly short order—especially with the big Gamescom show looming—the studio explained in today's blog that it's not going to happen.


THQ Nordic announces Black Mirror—a Gothic horror reboot about 'madness and psychological distress'


Due November 28, 2017. No relation to the TV series.


Stealing The Chosen Assassin's Weapons In XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen Gameplay


We take down the Chosen Assassin and steal her overpowered shotgun and katana for our own use!

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen is getting a challenge mode with global leaderboards


Compete against friends and strangers in unique timed missions.


Meet The Evil Within 2’s tortured/torturous artist


Let’s all go on holiday! To a twisted horror-world that exists solely as the manifestation of a fractured and agonised mind. Sure, the walls will probably bleed and that clock over there is definitely screaming about the severed threads of temporal stability, but there’s so much to see and do. And let’s not forget all the wonderful people we’ll meet as we hike from one attraction to the next.


Monster Hunter: World trailers show off a gorgeous environment and new creatures


Get a peek at the monsters new and old who you will soon turn into a nice jacket.


Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Announced For PC, Releases In Early 2018


Square Enix announced at Gamescom 2017 that Final Fantasy XV is headed to PC via Steam in early 2018 as Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition with improved graphics.

Final Fantasy XV will get mod support, says director


You might have heard that the lads-on-tour simulator Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC next year. But long before that announcement game director Hajime Tabata dreamt of the idea of including mod support in the then ethereal PC version. Well, that’s now a solid plan.


Darkwood, the top-down horror game, rolls out with a creepy new gameplay trailer


Don't trust anyone—especially not the wolfman with the machine gun.


Absolver will add more modes and moves after launch


I was already ‘jazzed’, ‘stoked’, and ‘ziffed’ for the launch of open-world fighting game Absolver later this month, and now the weeks beyond that are sounding good too.

Absolver hands-on: a fun and complex fighting system in a sad, sad world


Mastering Absolver's customizable brawling also means finding friends to stave off the crushing loneliness.


Why Square Enix Collective is resurrecting Fear Effect



There are now two Fear Effect games coming to market 17 years after they were last seen


Far Cry 5 extended gameplay video shows fishing, shooting and ramming


All the things we like to do in video games.


Assassin's Creed Origins' game director breaks down combat changes


Assassin’s Creed has always had flashy combat, but it’s always been a bit shallow. In the early games, getting into a fight felt like a failure. Since then, the series has increasingly put more of an emphasis on its scraps, but without a great combat system to back them up. In a developer Q&A, Ashraf Ismail, Assassin’s Creed Origins’ game director, details how the team have tried to up their game. And it all sounds quite promising.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Cinematic Trailer | Ubisoft [US]


Watch the Assassin’s Creed Origins Cinematic Trailer and discover the conflict that awaits in ancient Egypt.

Song: “You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Gamescom 2017 Game of Power Trailer | Ubisoft [US]


Watch the Assassin’s Creed Origins Game of Power Trailer and witness the growing struggle between powerful figures such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolemy XIII.

Assassin's Creed: Origins hands-on — bigger, livelier, and taking notes from The Witcher 3


See nearly 20 new minutes of pyramid spelunking and Witcher-style investigation in The Great City of Memphis.


NBA 2K ratings: How they are determined and why players care so much about them



Three weeks ago, Ronnie Singh was attending Harrison Barnes’ wedding in Rhode Island when Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle put him in an awkward position.


Victorian-era city-building arrives in Anno 1800, announced via Twitter photo


Some companies use YouTube, others use livestreams, Ubisoft have let industry website MCV announce their next game via Twitter. Anno 1800 is in development and on the show floor at Gamescom 2017. It was followed up rather hastily by an official trailer, which you can see above.


Exogenesis "More Characters" Trailer @ AnimeFest 2017


Exogenesis is an upcoming post-apocalyptic visual novel adventure inspired by Zero Escape and Ace Attorney games. SHOW MORE


The Crew 2: Gamescom 2017 Fast Fav Multi-Vehicle Gameplay | Trailer | Ubisoft [US]


The Crew® 2 is about empowering you to explore America and dominate your rivals in a near limitless world built for motorsports. There are no menus or loading screens. Seamlessly shift from your favorite cars to boats or even planes with just a push of a button using the Fast Fav feature, and experience the full potential and thrill of Motornation. Cruise through LA in your dream hypercar, switch to the swiftest aerobatic plane to rise above the skyscrapers, and enjoy stunning perspectives over Hollywood. Then swap to a slick powerboat as you reach the coastline, landing smoothly on the Pacific Ocean – opportunities for fun and challenges are limitless.


The Amazing Eternals is a new FPS by the Warframe studio


Its Founders Program will kick off later this month.


The Good Life debut trailer features cats, a killer, and strange English villagers


Swery's new game looks appropriately weird.


New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Shows Off Dazzling Space Battles


The first look at the game’s Starfighter Assault mode has the Millennium Falcon, bright lens flares, and yes, Yoda manning a laser turret.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 video shows off 24-player Starfighter Assault battle


The first proper look at the new mode was revealed today at Gamescom.


Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay Demo - IGN Live: Gamescom 2017


The developers of Kingdom Come Deliverance stop by IGN's live show at Gamescom 2017 to show off gameplay.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Rabbid Peach Character Spotlight Trailer


Easily bored and sassy, Rabbid Peach is a fighter princess. She is convinced that she is the most beautiful and fearsome hero on the battlefield, and she never misses an occasion to take a selfie, even in the most dire of situations. This very combative hero is also a proficient healer in combat, while always keeping an eye on her beloved Mario…


Call of Duty: WWII's social hub, Headquarters, revealed in new trailer


We'll find a shared firing range, killstreak training, and 1v1 competitions in CoD's new 48-player gathering space.

15 Minutes of Call of Duty: WW2's War Mode (Operation Breakout) on PS4 Pro


Watch us dominate with the sniper rifle on Call of Duty: World War II's 24-player objective-based game mode.




A turn-based conspiracy thriller from the creators of Hard West, set during an alternate history Cold War.


Space opera strategy game Ancient Frontier out 21 Sept



Ancient Frontier is a hexy thing. It’s a space strategy game where you and your ships blast through other fleets to the backdrop of a story about warring factions and intergalactic intrigue.


Raiden V: Director’s Cut launches October 5 in the west


Western release arrives nearly one month after Japan.


Ni No Kuni 2 has a 48-year-old character to help older players connect with the story


Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom’s latest trailer focuses on the game’s supporting cast and introduces us to several new characters.

Ni no Kuni 2 is aimed at Western fans, and it’s better for it


A JRPG for an international crowd

Ni No Kuni 2 dev teases the original game on PC


"Stay tuned for more official announcements."


BattleTech - Gamescom 2017


Cknoor and Mitch sit down to take a look at the latest update to Battletech.

From original BattleTech/MechWarrior creator Jordan Weisman and the developers of the award-winning Shadowrun Returns series comes the next-generation of turn-based tactical ‘Mech combat.


Age of Empires IV announced


Star strategy studio Relic Entertainment is at work on the next Age of Empires.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition set for October, AoE 2 and 3 remasters are coming too


It's a big day for Age of Empires fans.


You can weaponise your own puke in Sea of Thieves


It feels like we're constantly being drip-fed new footage of Sea of Thieves nowadays, as they revealed something new at Gamescom: you can use your own vomit as a weapon.

PC and Xbox One cross-play confirmed for Sea of Thieves


You'll be able to play pirate game Sea of Thieves with your Xbox-minded friends on launch day, developer Rare has confirmed. Huzzah! It was known that the team were exploring cross-play but now we know for sure that it will be part of the game when it launches (which will be some time in 2018).


Biomutant is an open-world RPG with mutant critters


An advert in GamesMarkt, a German magazine, unveiled a new game from THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 seemingly earlier than planned. Biomutant is an open-world action RPG with a kung-fu critter who bears a striking resemblance to Rocket Raccoon.

Five Things You Need To Know About This Wonderfully Weird Game


When I first heard about Biomutant, I was skeptical. It was billed as a “post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable,” which sounded a lot like one of those horrible pizzas that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would order. Every ingredient is fine on its own, but does anyone really want to put a slice of chocolate fudge, sardine, chili pepper, and whipped-cream pizza in their mouth? After getting a demo of Experiment 101’s game at Gamescom, I’m surprised to have had my mind changed so abruptly. Here are five reasons why you may want to keep an eye on Biomutant, too.


How 'We Happy Few' plans to avoid the pitfalls of 'No Man's Sky'



Transparency is key.


Project Cars 2's Gamescom trailer shows off the game's many, many cars


Drama! Tension! Broom! Project Cars 2’s Gamescom trailer sure makes racing digital cars seem like very serious business indeed. Slap your eyes on it above.


Gwent's campaign is 15 hours long, and features as much dialogue as Hearts of Stone


Previous trailers for Gwent included Geralt, but the one for Thronebreaker doesn’t show him at all, and actively distances the campaign from witchers in general. Jakub Szamalek, principal writer on Gwent and senior writer on The Witcher 3, says that’s because Geralt as a character doesn’t really fit the narrative theme of Gwent.

It would be "extremely hard" for Gwent to get "anywhere near" Hearthstone's playercount


The last few years have seen an explosion in collectible card games, with popular spin-offs from games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and The Elder Scrolls series. Gwent, derived from The Witcher 3’s in-game card game, is set to be the latest.


Ace Combat 7’s Gamescom 2017 Trailer Shows Its Drama And Plenty of Dogfight Action


Bandai Namco shared a new Gamescom 2017 trailer for their upcoming combat flight simulator game Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, with a look at its dramatic story and some intense dogfight action.


Cuphead is going to be replayable with a new game+ mode


If you think Cuphead looks like the sort of game you’ll be playing over and over again, you’ll be in luck: there’s definitely going to be a new game+ mode for you to play through once completing the game.

Cuphead - New Co-Op Details - Gamescom 2017


Cuphead is just around the corner! Studio MDHR took inspiration from games of the 1980s and 90s and classic cartoons. SHOW MORE


The Next Naruto Game Lets Players Make Their Own Damn Ninja


Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers might be a weird online multiplayer battle arena game instead of a traditional fighter, but it does one thing those other Naruto games don’t. It lets players make their own ninja. You can never have too many.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Makes Even Expected Characters Look Excellent


Hopefully it’s not surprising to hear that the next big Dragon Ball Z fighting game will have Piccolo, Krillin, and the Androids in it. They’ve been rumored for a while now, plus they’re core characters of the franchise. Even so, watching them in action is awesome.


Paradox's new space city builder Surviving Mars got a new trailer at Gamescom


If you’re done in Cities: Skylines, thinking there’s no more for you to do on this lush, green planet, Paradox have the game for you. It’s not quite a sequel or the same game, but Surviving Mars is a new city builder from Paradox and Haemimont Games. At Gamescom, a new trailer was revealed to show off quite how it works.


Life is Strange: Before the Storm launch trailer gets angry


Get angry; punch a car; feel better.

Writers on Life is Strange: Before the Storm are as young as 20


“We have a team of writers, two men and two women, so diversity in the writers’ team - that’s something we care about a lot at Deck Nine,” lead writer Zak Garriss explains. “I’m the oldest writer, at 35 - our youngest writer is a 20-year-old who’s still in college. We really strive to have multiple perspectives and a culture of open criticism, down to every single dialogue line: does this feel like our characters, is this authentic, is this going to be relatable?”


'Shenmue III' Explores the Uncanny Valley in First Teaser Trailer


Meet not their lidless gaze.


Attack on Titan 2 - Announcement Trailer


We are proud to reveal today that a sequel to 2016’s titanic action game, Attack on Titan, is currently in development by Omega Force. To celebrate the announcement, We released a teaser site which reveals the title and stunning key art for the latest game based on the worldwide anime series phenomenon.

Building on the fast-paced action the series is famous for, and featuring an abundance of new gameplay mechanics, the gripping sequel will be released across America as ATTACK ON TITAN 2 in Early 2018. Players will once again don the renowned Omni-Directional Maneuver Gear as they fight and repel the fearsome Titans that threaten humanity, to restore peace within the walls.


Tabletop classic Ogre is coming to Steam this fall


Steve Jackson’s classic wargame is getting a digital release


Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire teases barfing pirates and animancy cats


Modelled after Josh Sawyer's own pet cat Sesame.


Iron Harvest : Teaser Trailer 4K (PC,PS4 Pro, Xbox One)


In-engine pre-Alpha footage from Iron Harvest, a real-time strategy game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, set in the world of 1920+


Cult favourite board game Scythe is coming to Steam



Asmodee Digital is bringing excellent board game Scythe to Steam. The publisher made the announcement at the start of Gen-Con, North America's largest board games convention.


Watch Talion ride dragons and battle Balrog in latest Shadow of War trailer


Orcs aren't the only creatures in the wild

We fought the Balrog in Shadow of War


During a recent visit to developer Monolith, we fought the Balrog in Shadow of War. It left us with some... fairly mixed feelings.


Fire Emblem Warriors launches October 20 in Europe, Gamescom 2017 trailer


Fire Emblem Warriors will launch for Switch and New 3DS on October 20 in Europe, Nintendo announced.


A new Ruiner trailer reveals a September release date


"You're playing nicely. Good boy."


Techland are publishing a co-op Hotline Miami where you fight the Four Horsemen


Techland Publishing - so not the folks that made Dying Light, but the people that helped get it to you - have something new at Gamescom this year. God's Trigger, a Hotline Miami-esque co-op murder sim, got a trailer and promise of a release early next year.


505 Games to Publish Underworld Ascendant


505 Games announced that it will be publishing OtherSide Entertainment's Underworld Ascendant.


Forest adventure Fe coming to PC and consoles in early 2018


A cub meets other forest dwellers in the Gamescom trailer


Q&A: Bloodstained creator's keys to making a great 'Igavania' game



We spoke with the man himself to chip away at a bit of the design and thinking that goes into making an Igavania, like the upcoming Bloodstained, down to the creation of jumps, the difficulty with 3D platforms, and why the game has a female lead.


Thomas Was Alone creator launches Subsurface Circular



After telling stories about shapes then even a teenager, the fella behind Thomas Was Alone and Volume has taken another step up the consciousness scale for his next story with a game about robots.


Action-survival game Praey for the Gods adds Breath of the Wild-style climbing



Survive the harsh winter, slay some giant gods, and climb mountains like you're in the latest Zelda game.


Jurassic World Evolution Is A Theme Park Building Game Coming In 2018


Announced during Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom briefing, Jurassic World Evolution will let players build their very own deadly theme parks.


Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates opens up on 4 Oct



Neo-Victorian isometric RPG, Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates, now has a release date for those interested to lord it up over the sea gates.


Shenmue 3 secures publishing deal with Saints Row outfit



Deep Silver and Ys Net announce partnership.


Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash launches September 26 in North America


"Sexy Soaker" limited digital edition announced.


Archaica: The Path Of Light shines lasers into September


In a nice confluence of events I was wondering what had happened to laser puzzler Archaica: The Path Of Light which I wrote about years ago and a quick web search revealed that it’s launching in a few weeks on 8 September and has a launch trailer!


The debut trailer for Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier shows primates under pressure


A new story-driven game set between the last two movies is coming this fall.

Why do we care about Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier?


When a bigoted human soldier scrawls the words ‘APE-OCALYPSE NOW’ on a tunnel wall in this year’s War for the Planet of the Apes, it doesn’t feel like a comparison too far. That’s testament to how ambitious these films have become - empathetic war epics which, despite their furry subjects, never abandon humanity in search of bombast.


Exclusive Reveal Of A New Mode In Pokémon Ultra Sun And Moon



We're ending our stretch of exclusive features covering Pokémon with a video feature showing off Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in action

Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon - New Details Revealed


Get an early look at Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, coming November 17.


Bandai Namco's 'mysterious' #Projekt1514 is a new Sword Art Online game, coming to PC


With the teasiest of teasers.


Watch peasants throw poop in a new Kingdom Come: Deliverance story trailer


Before he became a hero, Henry was a goof.


First-person roguelike City of Brass releases on Early Access next month


First-person roguelike City of Brass is coming to Steam Early Access on 18th September.


Children of Morta is coming next year, so here's a new gameplay trailer


The hack-and-slash roguelike about a family of guardians was announced in 2014.


Fishing never looked more badass than in this video game trailer


Fishing is generally considered a leisure pursuit, undertaken as a relaxing summertime activity (except on a certain Discovery Channel show). But this trailer for Fishing Planet, a simulation fishing game from indie studio Fishing Planet, makes it look like anything but that.


See Wild West Online's treasure hunting and beautiful yet lonely world in action


It’s too early to tell, but WWO promises a slow burn battle royale with land ownership and a gold economy.


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’s launch roster, gameplay modes detailed


Here’s what we’ll be playing on day one

New Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trailer shows Jedah and Ghost Rider in action


Demon on demon action


Spintires: MudRunner is absolutely filthy and due out in October


Whenever I feel a bit burned out, writing about videogames all day long, I just remember that Spintires, a game about driving across very muddy fields, exists, and that it’s actually really good. There are no high-speed races or flashy sports cars - just loads and loads of mud, and dirty vehicles attempting not to sink into it. It’s glorious. And now it’s getting an enhanced edition, Spintires: MudRunner, which sounds almost like a sequel.


Killing Floor: Incursion - Gameplay Launch Trailer


From award-winning developer Tripwire Interactive comes a fully-realized, made-for-VR, multi-hour, story-driven adventure.


See a full level of sci-fi action game Echo being played


It promises a bizarre blend of stealth, action, and puzzles.


Crackdown 3 delayed to 2018



Microsoft says the destruction-filled sandbox game needs more time

SNK developing “many new fighting games,” unsure on DLC and updates for The King of Fighters XIV



SNK "convinced that The King of Fighters XV will be a reality."


Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid delayed


Good news: Rainbow Six Siege [official site] will be free for everyone to try this weekend, and on sale half-price for keepsies too.

Bad news: Operation Blood Orchid, the next big content update for the the wall-busting tactical FPS, has been delayed by one week.

We speak to Ubisoft about the impact of Operation Health and Rainbow Six Siege's remarkable community


Like a determined player stealing victory from the enemy in a 1v5 clutch, Rainbow Six Siege has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to come out on top. Ubisoft Montreal’s commendably skewed take on the online shooter genre emerged in December 2015 to a wave of underwhelming reviews. The netcode was fuzzy, the package of three main modes and 20 operators felt sparse, and there were some worrying balancing issues throughout.


Bioware Confirms That Single-Player Updates For Mass Effect: Andromeda Are Over



It has been a long, strange road for Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA's follow-up to the wildly successful Mass Effect trilogy. After the turbulent launch and band-aid patches to help fix the game after launch, fans were hoping for something more substantial for the game's single-player campaign and story. Bioware has officially confirmed, however, that all work on the single-player side of the game has ended.

The three pieces of DLC that would have saved Mass Effect: Andromeda


Mass Effect: Andromeda came to a rather unfulfilling close. Sure, an antagonist was defeated, but in a franchise that’s always reveled in the larger unknown, it felt like Andromeda should have had more to say. There were questions that were left not only unanswered, but barely even asked.


The Sims 4 is getting customizable dogs and cats, at long last


Mix and match your woofers and purrpals this November


Kel'Thuzad is coming to Heroes of the Storm


The Lich Lord himself finally enters the Nexus.


Junkertown is the newest Overwatch map


A new escort map set in Junkrat's homeland of Australia.

Blizzard will now notify you if the player you reported in Overwatch was punished


It's another step forward for Overwatch's report feature.

D.Va is getting a big nerf on the next Overwatch PTR, but also a new ability


Defense Matrix is getting a major nerf in favor of a new long-range missile ability.

Jeff Kaplan offers "a direct apology to the entire country of Australia" for a sign in Overwatch


“I'd like to offer a direct apology to the entire country of Australia. Please forgive our cultural insensitivity. We will fix this in an upcoming patch (the sign travesty will most likely go live for some period before being fixed).

Junkertown - New Overwatch Map Gameplay


We took Roadhog and Junkrat and explored Overwatch's new map, Junkertown. Featuring a payload of gold, some Mad Max style arenas and an apocalyptic throne.


PUBG kills can now be instantly recorded with Nvidia ShadowPlay


Then you can make a pleasant montage of all the murdering you've done.


New 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' Mode Makes Combat Easy, So You Can Enjoy The Story


More games should embrace options like this. Combat’s not for everyone.


ReCore: Definitive Edition and free expansion due out next week



It's a free upgrade for owners of the original.


Battlefield 1 getting new 5v5 competitive mode, Incursions


New team-based competitive mode goes into alpha next month


Cities: Skylines expansion will add electric cars and eco-friendly buildings


Fight pollution with Green Cities, the environmentally friendly expansion coming later this year.

Cities: Skylines Adds Music Festivals


The worst part of games like Cities: Skylines is that you can make an awesome city you can’t actually live in. Cities: Skylines new Concerts add on won’t let you live in the city of your dreams, but it brings the game a little closer to the things that make cities fun to live in.


Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare release date set for September



And it's bringing the Flood.


Hideo Kojima Thanks Konami



For the past few years, it has felt like Hideo Kojima and Konami have been at loggerheads. Even last month, the saga seemed to be endless. In a new interview, however, Kojima discusses what was good about his Konami days—namely, letting him make the games he wanted to.


Level-5 wants another Dark Cloud as much as you do



But it’s not up to them, says CEO


'LittleBigPlanet' Studio Head Discusses What's to Come For 'Dreams'



Media Molecule does not really work like other developers. The studio behind beautiful handicraft adventures LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway makes games about creativity – about colored paper, cardboard, pencils and stickers; its heroes are loveable cloth dolls and paper critters, its worlds are as bright as finger paintings. Organizing such a hugely innovative team requires a very specific set of skills. Which is where Siobhan Reddy comes in.


"Don't treat your players like they're stupid"



Bluehole's Brendan Greene on maintaining honesty and transparency with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Early Access community


Valve will 'continue granting free keys to help partners' but with some provisos



Valve has provided us with the following statement with regards to future free Steam key allocation

Valve engineer comments on restrictions to high-volume Steam key requests


A recent comment from Valve engineer Sean Jenkin has placed a spotlight on an internal measure that dictates whether Valve grants or denies developer requests for Steam keys. The comment also exhibits how, to some extent, Valve is paying attention to the third-party bundle and key-reselling markets.


Microsoft Announces 'Project Scorpio' Edition Xbox One X


Xbox One X will have a limted “Project Scorpio” edition available when it launches this fall Microsoft announced today at its pre-Gamescom briefing.


How Those Most Affected Feel About Twitch's Lax Moderation



The best way to get an idea of what's going on is to speak to those in the firing line, so today we’re focusing on those most affected by Twitch’s lack of moderation oversight and action. We spoke to both successful streamers with large audiences and those just starting out about the state of moderation on Twitch, where the service is failing to protect users, and where it could improve.

TotalBiscuit on Dealing with the Hate


I've dealt — for the longest time that I can remember — with forums and communities of either my own making or the making of others, and I don't think it's a secret to a lot of people online that I've had problems dealing with that. There have been several incidents where I've blown up at people, and there have been a lot of drama incidents that are attached to my name — some of which completely rightly are my fault, some of which not really, or exaggerated — or in some cases completely made up. But I'm still in the business today.

On our TotalBiscuit Article


That context would be that Bain inarguably came to engage with and encourage Gamergate. He has in the past argued that it was not a harassment campaign and not a misogynist movement, an account that any of us working here at Kotaku UK would vehemently dispute from personal experience. It was a mistake not to include this context in the interview, and it was insensitive to those to whom Gamergate and its followers have caused pain. I want to be clear that both the angle of the headline and the absence of this context were my mistakes.


‘I want nothing to do with these people’: PewDiePie condemns neo-Nazis in new video


Earlier this year, YouTube’s biggest star sparked controversy after Disney severed ties with him over jokes about Jewish people and Nazis. At the time, Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg apologized but continued to make many Nazi references in defiance to the outrage. Months later, Kjellberg says he has a different perspective about those jokes and says he’s no longer going to make them.

Nothing to do with them, except when he shares their podcasts, or tweets them, or lies about his media coverage with them, or lies in his actual statement as he made jokes during and then complained about people not understanding them after.


Esports News


The Weekend In Esports: Overwatch Contenders Starts For Real



Below you’ll find where and when you can catch all the weekend’s biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you’ll be watching in the comments or if you think there’s something we might have missed.


England Wins FIFA Interactive World Cup For First Time In 12 Years



Over the course of this week’s FIFA Interactive World Cup, Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing scored 46 goals across three days on his way to the grand final. In a 7-3 aggregate, Ealing not only took home $200,000 in prizes, but the first FIWC win for England since 2005.


Super Smash Bros. Combo Contest Was Full Of Incredible Trick Plays



Super Smash Con, a combination tournament and convention focused on the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series, kicked off this weekend’s festivities with a ridiculous show of skill known simply as the Combo Contest. Inspired by the NBA’s Dunk Contest, this exhibition invites some of the most creative Super Smash Bros. players to showcase the lengthy, flashy, and downright nasty combos they’ve come up with in the franchise’s inaugural Nintendo 64 release.


Players Have Learned To Fear Raichu At This Year's Pokémon Championships



Day one of the Pokémon World Championships was a bloodbath where more than 100 of the world’s best players duked it out for a chance to compete with the season’s best competitors in the second phase of the tournament.

Japan Wins One of the Closest Pokémon Championships In History


During this weekend’s Pokémon World Championships, Japan reasserted itself as the best region on the planet. Ryota Otsubo won the master’s division against Australia’s Sam Pandelis in a match where both sidewere full of twists on teams we’ve seen before this season.


Overwatch's Best Korean Team Loses To Underdogs' Daring Doomfist Gambit



So far, there have been three Overwatch APEX tournaments in South Korea. Lunatic Hai has won two of them. Widely regarded as one of the best Overwatch teams in the world—if not the best—they were expected to dismantle relatively unheralded team MVP Space without breaking much of a sweat. Instead, they lost.

Overwatch Pros Melt Before The Zarya-Doomfist Double-Ult


The Zarya-Doomfist combination, sometimes referred to as a “gravfist,” is a simple but effective one-two punch. It’s brutal in public games, but seeing it land in a professional Overwatch match is spectacular.

Pro Overwatch Had A Weekend Of Upsets


The first “real” season of Overwatch’s official minor league, Contenders, kicked off over the weekend, and it was characterized by underdog teams repeatedly flipping the script.

Overwatch Pro Leaves Wedding Reception, Wins Big Match, Goes Back To Reception


Over the weekend, Overwatch pro Joonas “Zappis” Alakurtti had a decision to make: attend a friend’s wedding, or play his first match in Blizzard’s $100,000 Overwatch Contenders tournament. He chose both.


League Pro Steals Show With Massive Triple Kill



Yesterday’s North American League Championship Series ended in an upset for Cloud9, but marksman player Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi can’t feel too bad. His plays on Tristana during the final game of the series were easily the highlight of that day’s games.


NFL Signs On To Co-Organize, Overhaul Madden 18 Championships



Today, Electronic Arts and the NFL announced the launch of the Madden NFL Club Championship, an esports event that involves all 32 of the NFL’s teams.


Gwent Gets An $850,000 Tournament Series



Gwent, the in-universe card game from The Witcher 3, has been in beta as a standalone game since last May.


The F1 2017 Game Is Getting Its Own eSports World Championship



Formula One just announced its very first ever eSports world championship using its F1 2017 game, reports ESPN. So, good news for everyone who wasn’t gifted a go kart at age two: you’ve finally got a shot in F1 (sort of) if you’re good at its video game.


INTERVIEW: Steve Ford, Twitch VP of Sales – “Every Aspect of Esports is Subject to Finesse, Adjustment, or Change”



Steve Ford joined Twitch in 2015, and is currently the streaming platform’s Vice President of Sales for Europe. His previous roles include Reuter’s Commercial Director for the EMEA region, and head of the media group for UK publication The Daily Telegraph.


Nine Tips For Women (And Anyone Else) Attending Their First Fighting Game Tournament



This guide doesn’t and can’t possibly encompass every gal’s experience, only my own. In my experience, some people will be surprised—too surprised—to see you competing. That’s why I would love for you, dear reader, to join me in battling the ancient skeletons of video game purgatory by entering tournaments and saying, yes, I am a woman, competing at a video game. We will repeat that, in unison, until it no longer surprises anyone ever again.


After Cancer Diagnosis, Dota 2 Commentator Returns To The Game Between Chemo Sessions



Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden is lively when we sit down to chat. A five-time veteran of The International, this event isn’t quite the same as the previous ones. In May, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sitting on the concourse floor in Key Arena in August, several weeks into the Dota 2 tournament that annually consumes Seattle, you might think it was her first day there.


Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)


Kickstarter expanding to welcome Japanese creators this September



After eight years and thousands upon thousands of projects, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is finally opening its doors to Japanese creators.


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


How 'Super Mario Odyssey' Was Shaped by One of Mario's Biggest Flops



'Super Mario Sunshine' didn’t cause a splash at release, but it transformed the careers of Nintendo’s brightest designers


The asterisk on Madden’s annual release legacy



Madden ’96 for PlayStation never shipped, yet it changed the history of football video games — and sports games in general — for decades in its wake.


Do games have enough respect for your spare time?



How developers think about every moment you play their games.


Why the spirit of Flash gaming must never die



From around 2009 to 2011 I edited a Flash gaming blog called Flytrap for AOL. A belated effort to expand the company's then-considerable downloadable games business, Flytrap was a tawdry, clumsy little thing, all celebrity plugs and clunky-to-implement gallery modules plus the odd dollop of tabloid sleaze. We had daily knock-knock jokes, FarmVille diaries and a section entitled "Hot Manly Action", though no outright softcore content, thank god. I didn't think too much of my work on Flytrap at the time - it was just there to fill gaps between articles on Real Games like Dead Space 2 or Uncharted. In hindsight, though, it's clear that I had my heart in the wrong place. Games like Uncharted may be the industry's obvious peaks, but the ocean they're poking out of - the bubbling creative firmament without which this artform would be truly impoverished - is Adobe Flash.


Bloodborne, Transhumanism and Cosmic Cyberpunk



With all its morbid decadence, the richly-layered Gothic imagination and cosmic horror of Bloodborne tends to overshadow some of its more (post)modern influences. Bloodborne isn’t a traditionalist, after all, but a punk: or to be more precise, a cyberpunk. It may not have sinister corporations or hackers, yet this sci-fi renegade still conjures the rebellious ghost in the machine.


Horizon Zero Dawn, Joss Whedon and the Problem with "Strong Female Characters"



I think this is why so many straight cisgender male writers, like Joss Whedon, are confused about the difference between “strength” and “agency.”


Epic had to kill Paragon twice to save it



After two big reinventions, Paragon has become a smarter, faster action MOBA.





Level design is something you almost always have to go through when making a game, but it’s one of the most overlooked segments of game production, especially on small/indie production teams.


The trouble with Zerglings: How Blizzard updated a classic (while keeping it the same)



Behind the scenes with StarCraft: Remastered


War In EVE Online Is The Best, And Also The Worst



A few days ago, in front of an audience of over three thousand people, the leader of the Imperium—the largest coalition in EVE Online and perhaps the largest player alliance in any video game—announced that it would go to war.


Mad Max and the open world game as character study



Man, I wish I could remember the wording. But the gist of it was this: If I wanted to grow a beard, I would have to pour points into Mad Max's personal upgrade screen. Or maybe it's the other way around: as I upgraded Max, I would also grow a beard. Either way, the genius of the thing is this: mechanically, the element that's important is the upgrade system. But the dream that's being sold? The dream that's being sold is growing a beard.


Father creates games for visually impaired after daughter loses sight



Portsmouth-based Audazzle was founded by Selwyn Lloyd, whose aim was to make games more accessible for visually impaired people.


Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar



How Sonic Mania's devs made the old new (and good) again



Sonic Mania arrives this week. It's a paean to Sega’s mascot and his most popular games from the 90s. But this is not another stab by Sega at revitalizing Sonic’s legacy; it’s something altogether more interesting, the end result of a long path taken by hobbyist coders inspired by their old favorites.

The People Who Never Gave up on Sonic: A Deep Dive Into the Most Curious (and Passionate) Fandom on the Internet


Despite a flurry of critically panned games, fans have stuck with the speedy blue hedgehog.


What happens when you turn a game into a concert?



Jessica Curry discusses the difference of interactivity in Dear Esther Live and assesses how the industry treats women two years after she stepped back


A Chinese Video Game Rakes In Cash — and Draws Young Rule Breakers



SHANGHAI — In China, teenagers can purchase a fake ID online for as little as $2. Is it for buying booze? Subverting the state? Many simply want to play a game on their phones.


Mastering feature creep while changing the world



Jovian Industries' Laura Bularca on a philosophical approach to efficient and effective game development


State of the Art: The Long Dark’s aurora



The coloured lights flaring across the night sky in the frozen Canadian wilderness were one of the most anticipated elements of Hinterland’s survival game, The Long Dark.


How death influences Alexis Kennedy's writing on Dragon Age 4 and other games



Alexis Kennedy is afraid of the sea. His best-known game, Sunless Sea, is about a dangerous Lovecraftian ocean - yet, in it, the camera takes a bird’s-eye view, pulling players safely away from the cold embrace of its dark depths. The Failbetter Games founder has a good reason for his thalassophobia: his desire to stay away from the lapping waves and the alien world that lives beneath the surface - you see, the ocean took his father.


Video game music systems at GDC 2017: tools and tips for composers



Welcome back to this three article series that's bringing together the ideas that were discussed in five different GDC 2017 audio talks about interactive music! These five speakers explored discoveries they'd made while creating interactivity in the music of their own game projects. We're looking at these ideas side-by-side to broaden our viewpoint and gain a sense of the "bigger picture" when it comes to the leading-edge thinking for music interactivity in games. We've been looking at five interactive music systems discussed in these five GDC 2017 presentations:


Zlatan Ibrahimović: "I want to make a difference in the video game world"



World renowned footballer on why his new mobile title, Zlatan Legends, stands apart from the flood of celebrity games


Madden 18's New Story Mode Is Actually Pretty Touching


Madden NFL 18 has a story mode, a first for a Madden game. Called “Longshot,” it follows the career of fictional would-be quarterback Devin Wade. Unlike Madden 18’s Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to feel like an all-powerful football god who can make record-setting numbers of touchdowns per game, Longshot isn’t about winning. Instead, it’s a story about overcoming loss and grief, in life and in football.

The 'Madden NFL 18' Story Mode Is Better Than It Has Any Right To Be


Devin Wade's football journey is worth experiencing, regardless of what you think of football.


Tune in to 'Waypoint Presents' Tonight on Disney XD


You can watch Waypoint Presents tonight either through your cable or satellite provider, or you can catch watch online.


The case against cover systems in modern shooters


This video from Turbo Button explains how cover systems are a natural result of modern games with hitscan weapons, limited mobility and regenerating health. Cover systems make sense when paired with things developers think we want in games, which is why we’ve seen them in so many shooters.


20XX Is A Procedural Mega Man X And It Feels Perfect


Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games must agree with me that Mega Man X is the best Mega Man game, because their 20xx is an obvious tribute. 20XX perfectly recreates the feeling of Mega Man X, and generously adds all the procedural elements (scheduled challenges, permadeath, a progression system, loot) that players want out of an old-fashioned game these days.


Designing Thumper - Noclip Sessions


Brian Gibson & Marc Flury are the team responsible for the hellish act of rhythm violence known as Thumper. In this Noclip Session, we speak to the duo about their time working on Rock Band, the emotive power of music and how they orchestrated a new form of rhythm game.


The Lamb of Columbia | The AI of BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth


In this case study I take a look at the creation of the companion character Elizabeth Comstock from the 2013 game 'BioShock Infinite', developed by Irrational Games. 'Liz' is a reactive and engaging non-player character who interacts with the world around her. In this video I discuss the multi-disciplinary approach required to bring her to life.


Game AI - Funtelligence - Extra Credits


Games often advertise their complex AI, but in truth, offering a wide variety of simple NPC behaviors unique to each enemy often feels more engaging AND challenging to the player than putting them through multiple hours of facing a bunch of NPCs operating on the same AI behavior tree.


Game Boy Accessories - Angry Video Game Nerd


UPDATE: The GameBoy camera turns around. Thanks for the info. I had no idea. There's nothing I can do about it now. The video is out. If I could go back in time and change it, I would. But isn't it funnier this way?


The Konami Code | Gaming Historian


The Gaming Historian teaches you the origins of the most famous cheat code of all time: The Konami Code!


Late Night Ponderings: Burning Down Your Comfort Zone With Pyre


Late Night Ponderings’ host, Red Angel discusses Pyre, the comfort zone and how leaving said comfort zone is important for us to grow as people.


Hellblade's Mechanics Tell a Deeper Story Than You Might Think


I try to avoid major spoilers here. Also, this game tackles some pretty heavy themes and subjects regarding mental health issues. Just a heads up.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice could have presented itself as a fun action game where the character sees things and hears voices. To do so would be to rely on a surface level misunderstanding of the psychosis so central to the game's narrative. Instead, developer Ninja Theory went the other way, forcing you to work through mundane mechanics in order to convey a crucial but rarely talked about facet of Senua's condition; allowing Hellblade to go further than any other game in its representation of severe mental health issues. Its mechanics don't just get you thinking symbolically; they get you experiencing symptomatically.


Mental Health in Video Games // HeavyEyed


**There are no story spoilers for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice here, just early game visual ones**

Mental Health is something that mainstream media has been struggling to properly represent for the longest time, while things have been getting better on all fronts, leading the charge is video games. And with Ninja Theory's Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice we have seen a real and raw look at dealing with Psychosis, which has rocketed the games industry forward with great representation.


How Hellblade nails mental health - Low Batteries


Warning: This video contains spoilers for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Lots of them.

In this episode of Low Batteries, Johnny takes a look at how Hellblade depicts psychosis and how it does such an impressive job.


The Fantastic Action of Hollow Knight


Hollow Knight is a metroidvania game that I'd been meaning to pick up for a while, and I finally got around to playing it. While playing Hollow Knight, I decided that I just had to make a video about it! So here we are, a design analysis of Hollow Knight's movement and action!

I had hoped to have this video out earlier, but I had a really rough time writing the script and had to deal with rewriting it and with some big issues with Writer's Block, but thankfully it's finally done! Hopefully you enjoy this video on Hollow Knight, I had a lot of fun with both the game and making the video!


The Rise and Fall of Medal of Honor


Please consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GVMERS

Medal of Honor. A series that has forever changed the way first person shooters are made. When the franchise debuted in 1999, no other action game had managed to successfully capture the intensity of the 2nd World War for which Medal of Honor is now famous. Its cinematic scope was a breath of fresh air in a crowded market of formulaic shooters and it quickly became the design template that many other developers would base their games upon. Even if you’ve never played a Medal of Honor game, you’ve certainly felt the repercussion of the iconic series.

But what happened to EA’s once-great property? The franchise that formerly saw massive, worldwide success, with games that kept raising the bar for other first person shooters, hasn’t seen a release since 2012. To answer this question, we will not only cover the story behind the series’ rise to prominence and ultimate downfall but also provide a comprehensive overview of all the Medal of Honor games that have and haven’t seen the light of day.


Jalopy: Car as Companion


Jalopy's a really cool game, and I'm glad that I finally get to talk about it! If this video got you interested in slowly driving to a place, check it out on Steam


Resident Evil's Japanese Exclusive Roots: Sweet Home (NES) - Region Locked Feat. Dazz


This time on Region Locked, we take a look at an original Nintendo Famicom (NES) game by Resident Evil creator Capcom that remained an exclusive in Japan, never releasing in America: Sweet Home. Through our analysis of the game and its gameplay, we hope you learn some fun facts about Sweet Home and have the making of it explained here on the Did You Know Gaming channel.


Ubisoft Montreal DiversityTuesdays


I had a chance to give a talk on diversity at the Montreal Ubisoft Studio on November 22nd, 2016.


DOOM: Behind the Music


In this 2017 session, Doom composer Mick Gordon provides a detailed look into the compositional process, production techniques and creative philosophies behind the hell-raising soundtrack to the 4th installment of the seminal first-person shooter franchise, Doom.


A Q&A Session For New Game Writers


In this 2016 GDC panel, writers Chris Avellone, Michelle Clough, Toiya Kristen Finley, Heidi McDonald, Richard Rouse III and Evan Skolnick answer questions to help new writers navigate the perilous waters of the video game industry.


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games, game communities, or game companies


We cooked Zzoup from Sunless Sea


This week, Johnny dives into the depths of the Unterzee to make Zzoup from Sunless Sea.


Things I Missed From Previous Week


Paradox: Pricing is difficult "when the world is constantly changing"



CPO Johan Sjöberg reflects on this summer's price hike controversy, and looks toward a future on console and mobile


Why Hard Work Gets You Nowhere in Assassin's Creed



Video games, even those "designed, developed and produced by a multicultural team of various beliefs, sexual orientations, and gender identities," present a certain worldview. That quotation preceded the original Assassin's Creed and its subsequent sequels but, like anything made by human beings, games carry ideological connotations because they are socially and historically situated objects: what we might call a product of their times.


Real-Life Geography and Culture Bring Liveability to the World of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl



The end of last month marked ten years since the European release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The first main entries in Game Freak‘s best-selling franchise to grace the Nintendo DS, Diamond and Pearl have maintained a lasting legacy over the past decade, introducing 107 new collectable Pokémon to the series, a wide range of online features allowing for competition and trading with players from around the world, as well as general interface and quality of life improvements enabled in thanks to the unique form factor of Nintendo’s dual-screened handheld system.


Pyre and Responsibility | PostMesmeric


Supergiant's latest game Pyre puts a rag-tag groups of outcasts in the spotlight, giving them a chance to return home. But how does this affect the player? Time to see how Pyre delivers a new take on player choice and responsibility.

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