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Wild Card trampling their player base?

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Hey, guys. Have you seen the news on Ark: Survival Evolved? Here is a link to it; https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/the-great-migration-xbox-uwp-r522/


Basicly, what they are saying is; Hey guys, thanks for all the years you put into playing and helping us fix and patch this game, but unfortunately, you guys are gonna have to start all over.

And there are people who have worked HARD to get the Dinos/Equipment/Bases etcetc, which they have today. They are gonna be forced, to start all over to participate in the game as a whole? Wild Card promised a couple of months ago, that they would ONLY delete, and re-purpose low population servers. And now, all the old servers, are going to be "Legacy Servers" which they will delete, all, in the span of three months. 

So, Wildcard just pretty much just pissed on their entire playerbase? 

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I moved to a private server nearly a year and a half ago.  I assumed that at some point every official server would be shut down due to cost.  They arent, or were not charging anyone a fee to use the official servers, and at some point that would become unaffordable.  I spend alot of my free time in ARK, but folks fussing over the close down should have realized it would come one day.  There is no reason to  start a flame war about needing to be entitled because you were a Early Access tester... learn from this and move on.  

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I'm gonna have to agree with @Lady Mutarehere. This was innevitible for the games full launch otherwise it would be completely unbalanced. I get how frustrating this must be for the people who've been playing the early access version for a long time and aquired all those resources thoughout, but this is necessary to make the game as enjoyable and fair as possible for everyone.

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