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Sooo.....Let's Talk about Netflix's Death Note.

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Ugh.....where oh where do I begin. Well, let's start from the top.

Death Note is considered to be one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time. Despite the second half bullshit, it was mostly creative, and a blast to both read and watch. It had good morals like the question of what is good/evil, and how people can have their own views on justice. Netflix's take on this is dumbed down...waaaaayyyyy dumbed down. For starters; in the anime/manga, Light Yagami is a highly intelligent student who's respected by everyone, and later on starts to form a godly complex. For some reason, they turned him into a semi-whiny d-bag who no one respects, and his name is Light Turner. If Timmy Turner is related to this guy, that would be hilarious. He discovers the Death Note and bumps into a Shinigami called Ryuk in school. Now, here is where the problem begins. In the movie, Ryuk pretty much tells Light what to do where-as in the anime/manga, he mostly sticks to the background. He rarely interferes, and provides some commentary/humor. Oh, and Light has a girlfriend, and he shares the Death Note with her just to get laid, but she can't see Ryuk, because the owner can only see the Shinigami......even though the anime/manga points out that anyone can see the Shinigami whenever someone touches the Death Note. On top of that; Light and his so called girlfriend are called Kira..........*Chugging on a full bottle of sangria*

After a few murders, L appears in a crime scene that happened in a strip club. First, Lakeith Stanfield is a pretty good actor, but I don't see him as L. He's mostly too whiny and he sounds like one of those kids from school who thinks he/she knows everything.  Second, L never reveals himself. He mostly communicates through a laptop with an L on the screen, and a few trusted police officers can communicate with him physically (including Light Yagami later on). Here, he just goes out and about on public dressing up like a piss poor character from Watch Dogs. The hunt for Kira is nowhere near as exciting and intriguing as the anime/manga (in fact, I had a hard time trying to stay awake). So skipping ahead, L's assistant gets killed before he reveals L's true name to Light, and his so called girlfriend double crosses him by writing his name on the Death Note. The police starts to chase Light, and L goes after him in every clichéd movie chase you've ever seen. Light somehow escapes from L, and takes his double crossed girlfriend go into a Ferris wheel where the girlfriend dies in a mere amount of minutes. Light survives, his father finds out about Light's true identity and his ridiculous plan, and L is determining whether or not he's going to write Light's name on a Death Note page.

This is by far the worst adaptation movie I have ever seen. Williem Dafoe as Ryuk and the gory scenes were the best, but it's not enough to save this unbearable movie. As much as I don't like number scores, I'm giving Netflix's Death Note an epic fail. :fail: 

Have you seen this movie?  What are your thoughts and/or opinions on Netflix's Death Note?

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Well we all saw it coming but I'm not gonna say anything until I've watched it for myself looks well just have wait until that Akira or full metal alchemist movie comes out.

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Just watched it on Netflix. It's, actually not as horrible as I feared. Even though the way people die in this film is more like Final Destination with its ridiculous circumstances and is fucking dumb as hell, the way the Death Note is used in this film is clever, like usual. However, Mia being unable to see Ryuk even though she used the Death Note, and the "if your burn the note with a person's name already in it, they will live" rule are complete bullshit!


William Dafoe as Ryuk is perfect. He's pretty much the only guy that's faithful to the anime. It's what I expect Death Note to be like in a different country other than Japan and if the people using them are different from the original anime/manga/live action Japanese films.


Only problem is whoever made this film just had to make this a remake of Death Note in US, and completely changed a lot of the characters. Light Turner that's pretty much not an egomaniacal genius killer but instead a teenage emo teen which is not as insane as Yagami but instead more like a reasonable Punisher esque person that only kills criminals and not the police?? Mia Sutton that is a complete evil bitch that uses Light for her own gain?? An L that is more like Marcus from Watch Dogs 2 but a lot more vengeful which makes him the same as Light Yagami?? WHAT ARE THESE HORRIBLE CHANGES??? These characters are NOT the same as the Japanese counterparts at all! It's like that Godawful Dragon Ball Evolution film where Goku is a whinny high schooler with teenage drama bullshit! What have they done to you people?? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE???

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