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City Shrouded in Shadow. The unofficial sequel to Raw Danger.

3 posts in this topic

This game is apparently in the same vein as Raw Danger, a rather obscure PS2 game about a bunch of characters escaping a city that's currently under tsunami attacks. The great thing about this game is that it has SOOO many dialogue options to choose from when interacting, and a lot of them has options that makes your character do completely ridiculous stuff, like sniffing an unconscious person for some reason.

It's a pretty good underrated game where choices you made actually matters. As in if you do 1 specific thing, the future event will be completely different and you'll play as a different character kind of different. 



Anyway, there's an upcoming game that's going to be like that. But the setting is really cool. Ever want to know what the civilians has to go through in Power Rangers when the rangers are fighting various monsters in the city? Well you can experience that right here! And this game actually has famous Japanese monsters and heroes as cameo appearances. So you can definitely see Ultraman, Godzilla, Mothra, and even Evangelion Unit-01. Like, damn. That is one heck of a crossover.


Such a shame that you can't actually play as the monsters and heroes. This is a perfect setup for a fighting game after all! 


Unfortunately this game is only coming in Japan on October 19. It's very unlikely that this will have an english version. URGH, I want to play this game, but I can't get the Japanese version since this game is all about choices and I can't read kanjis!! Guess I have to learn Japanese. :D 

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I suppose it can still be purchased with a Japanese account, but not knowing the language will be an issue. Allot of the Japan only games still come with English susbtitles though, so maybe there's still a chance here. Looks cool though.

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I hate to be captain negative but I'm actually not convinced about this one.  It looks like a rather cheap and directed experience to me.  Even if it did come to the west I would almost certainly skip.

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